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He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti) For Beard Growth : Impressive Results

  1. Hello everybody,

    I've been taking He Shou Wu(the Na'vi Organics's product) since no more than 3 weeks, as I was reading some testimonials online about the faculty of this herb to developp beard growth. Some guys were saying that it has covered up the patchy zones of their beard. And I assure you that they didn't lie. Everyday I seem to have a little add to my beard than the day before. Hairs are darker than ever and patches are covering up greatly, at somes places hairs have never been growing, even in the influence of minoxidil, androgen receptor enhancers, dermaroller or even the strongly effective topical ginger juice. I've been shearching a lot about improving facial hair since some years and I think that i've finally found the answer to my quest. Beard is now very nearly full, progress seems to never stop and it have been only 3 weeks. I have no doubt that with a few months of it, I will be able to have a full, dark, dense, and thick covered beard. Like if I was moving from Keanu Reeves type beard to Leonidas.
    By the way, this product also gave me the most enjoyable state of my life probably since my teen years (i'm 23, now). But you have to use the traditionnaly prepared form which removes the excess of emodin in it, toxic for the liver. The prepared form, on the contrary, is pretty good for the liver, and especially for kidneys. About hair growth, studies show its ability to put dormant follicules into anagen phase and strong antiinflammatory abilites (it lowers detrimental inflammatory markers to hair), also stimulating SSH and WNT.

    Patchy beards holders, trust me and try it, you won't be disappointed.

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  2. do you use it oral or topical?
  3. I've had a similar effect with megadose vitamin D3 (300 IU/kg/day or more; 10 IU D3 : 2 mcg+ MK-4; 400-600 mg (chelated/TRAACS) magnesium; good multivitamin) and weekly dosing of 75 mg pregnenolone + 25 mg DHEA (both micronized). I did iodine protocol along with it sometimes. Maybe that added something.
  4. What brand did you use?
  5. I did use the Na'vi Organics brand, but the most important is to get PREPARED He Shou Wu (traditionnally boiled in a bean stew for 5 days).
    I use half a teaspoon (1000 mg).

    @jack_zen I use it orally, but I'm thinking about finding a way to create a topical solution. If someone has any idea...
  6. Wouldn’t mind having a less patchy beard, will probably give it a try. Thanks for providing the publications. Wonder if Lapodin wouldn’t have similar effects or if the Pterostilbene compound plays a major role in the beard related effects.

    Do you really experience beard-hair growth on spots where they weren’t any before ?
  7. Yes man, it is like I will need some more weeks to get them really terminal, but old vellus hais are now quasi black, and zones in which beard wasn't growing are developping a little more everyday, they just grow a little less faster than the terminal ones. It's so much stronger than minox, however which gave me good results in one year. I will take pics monthly.

    It would be great if we've found a safe and natural alternative to minoxidil, even better and faster working. I hope we should create an experiment thread to compare our results and the efficacity of the plant.
  8. It will take me some time to read up on it for msysekf, getting legit stuff and begin but I’ll give it a try
  9. Only positive effects from oral use. One of the best supplements I've ever used. But you have to use the prepared one, because the full extract is toxic, even if solded everywere.
    The tinkture seems to be a good idea, but the best option is to use it topically and orally. I will buy a tincture without alcohol and will test that.
    PS: results have been coming since the first week. You don't have to wait a lot to see minor changes.
  10. Very nice! Maybe I will use in the future, I'll have the God of War beard before 30
  11. @SuperHeavy

    the Na'vi-extract you wrote about is full spectrum, so I take it there is plenty of emodin in it too. The Herb-Pharm (A brand I really trust and like) neither is labeled as if there are any measures taken to remove components like emodin ... and indigo-herbs tinctue also doesnt indicate any such measure. The latter also has only 25% alc. and would be very useful for topical application. I think its valid too, as is their powder
  12. The thing is that the Na'Vi is traditionnally prepared in a stew. The bad thing is when it is pure powder, unprepared, no matter the spectrum.
    The bean stew removes the emodin.
    The Herb Pharm is "Prepared from the dried root of reynoutria multiflora plants which are processed with black beans (phaseious vulgaris) according to traditional Chinese methods" so it is good.
  13. So, is this essentially an MAO-B inhibitor? Anyone have/had before/after hormone labs? Is it due to increased DHT?
  14. Lol I know bacchieon was in on this
  15. That would mean more dopamine, right?

    I've used this herb in the past( over 2 years ago). I used the indicated dosage for 10 days until the bottle ran out. The increase in libido is huge.
  16. Yea, more dopamine.

    It'd be cool if someone managed a before/after hormone panel.
  17. I have also the pro-dopamine and libido effect. Head hair have been growing very fast, but I have already a impressive amount of hair. In China, it is used to grow hair on bald men, and to improve « essence ». All feeling of derealisation is gone since I take it.
  18. Years ago I tried many of the top brands around on the market, and noticed very little. I noticed slight effects in energy (the vision and stimulation), which I assumed to be the MAO-B inhibiting effects. Other than that, it was definitely feminising (it’s full of phytoestrogens). By feminising I mean feeling less androgenic. Libido was nothing different. And it always gave me insomnia as well (probably from the stimulation). Lastly, it’s a cooling herb. Yin Jing. So it’s not pro-thyroid. It made me feel cooler in temperature, personally (whereas a panax ginseng or cistanche will warm you up). Maybe that would compliment the metabolically stimulating supplements that many take here which are very thermogenic (t3, etc).
  19. Cool, thanks!
  20. anybody tried this for beard growth?
  21. Yep I've taken 1 g orally everyday for about 4 weeks now together with topical minoxidil. Sadly it doesn't seem to do much of anything for me in regards to beard growth, I haven't seen any new vellus hairs or any faster transition from vellus to terminal hairs.

    I think I'll stop he shou wu for now as I don't feel any benefits from it and one of the main compounds, emodin, has potent 5-ar inhibiting effects which could potentially mean that the hair follicles have a harder time to go from vellus to terminal Emodin Has 5ar Inhibitor Properties, So Does Riboflavin

    It seems like nothing works except for minoxidil + optimizing androgen levels and avoiding things that mess with DHT and androgen receptors. Luckily I don't seem to get any side effects from the foam version of minoxidil so I'll stick with that regimen for now
  22. So who else took this. Anyone notice estrogenic symptoms
  23. I use only organic products but I haven't heard about Na'vi Organics, though I think my brother should know about it because he used to work as a barber, he also has a magnificent beard.
    So he told me that this thing may help but just don't forget about using more trivial stuff like combs and beard moisturizers, even shampoos with minoxidil can make a small difference...