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Have You Tried Neural Therapy: Injecting Procaine Or Lidocaine

  1. Here is Dr. Peat
    KMUD: Aging and Energy Reversal (2013)

    RP: And there is a little known branch of medicine. I think it was a German who originated it, I think it was called neural therapy, something like that, but it involved finding key points and injecting procaine or other local anesthetic to change the nervous system. And I've seen a great variety of good results from applying any of the local anesthetics topically too. It apparently helps to retrain the memory of the tissue so that it stops producing the recurrent problem such as an ingrown toenail or recurring boils in the surface location. There are a lot of fairly strong local anesthetic ointments sold over the counter. I think benzocaine in the small area is effective and safe but you don't want to use a lot of benzocaine on a big area. The procaine and lidocaine are safer.

    I think this is what Dr. Peat is referring to

    Absolutely fascinating discussion in this paper and timeline.
  2. so what I'm thinking is this. I've done a lot of work with trigger point therapy including and especially Clair Davies work implementing Travell & Simons into pressure points you can work at home, in what was originally an injection therapy.

    Now, take that Davies method and apply it to local anesthetic, massaged into the trigger point, maybe with a bit of DMSO or vitamin E for penetration into the tissue.

    What do you think? I will try this I think.
  3. I've had lidocaine injected into my gums, not as neural therapy but as a numbing agent for dental work and it cleared up GERD for a couple of months.
  4. That is fascinating.
  5. Thanks. I ordered the last copy of the little handbook.

    I've done trigger point therapy too. Big fan of Travell.

    Yes, I use lidocaine. Hesitant to use dmso with the lidocaine, but I use them separately.
    Used them together before Peat got me to thinking about excipients travelling in. But it might be fine together.

    Any results yet?
  6. Andy Cutler said that a single injection of procaine could "reset" the limbic system. Not sure of his references for that, but I've always kept that mentally bookmarked in case I was able to try it
  7. If you're referencing my post, no I'm not thinking of injecting it myself. I don't even know how to administer an injection.

    It would have to be administered by a competent medical professional, who I would hope would be aware of the complications you brought up
  8. I'm referencing whole topic. It's just silly and unnecessarily risky.
  9. Dr Peat didn’t think it silly. It is not an uncommon procedure and many appear to benefit from it.
  10. At least in my country, doctors that are trained in neural therapy are normally fully qualified MD's. They know about such risks, just like probably every doctor that uses anesthesics daily (dentists, obstetrics, dermatologists, etc.). They are not stupid.
  11. I have this strange feeling that if I don't take the obvious bait and remain resolute, something will be made integral again.
  12. Bait ? Bait for what ? Am I look like trying to sell stuff or something?

    I just wanted to show what can happen at worst. You are free to do anything.
  13. Oh no not at all, I mean thanks for the heads up all the same. I agree It's probably best to avoid danger in healthful pursuits.
  14. My bad. Thank you. Best wishes for all.
  15. I’m excited about this. I have the book but havn’t had a chance to study it.
  16. There was a big hype about *caine drugs in Eastern Europe in 70s or 80s. I read about it but now cant find the source of this info. I think some doctor from Czechoslovakia or may be Hungary was a big advocate of it. I remember that all the big guys from communist government were treated with.
  17. So the original formula with procaines has been banned.
    When I looked for Gerovital a couple of years ago, I found the formula had changed.
    I knew some older people who used it enthusiastically back in the 80s.
  18. I know people who have used Gerovital as well with no problems whatsoever.
  19. Check out Dr. Rowen's YT channel or website. He does neural therapy and has had amazing results with his patients.
    For the people that mentioned Gh-3, I believe when orally ingested it ends up being broken down in the body to PABA and DEAE, so it most likely not have the same benefits as neural therapy.

  20. I thought this clip was interesting, perhaps this therapy could help those suffering with marcons type infections.

    I'll try to find the quotes from Dr. Cutler on procaine when I have the chance
  21. Quotes from Andy Cutlers amalgam illness book

    "If you are very poisoned (by mercury), you may have extreme problems with how your brain controls your body. During serious chronic mercury toxicity autonomic nervous system dysfunction is common. This causes you to have cold, sweaty hands and feet, a fast heartbeat alternsting with a slow one, not to sweat, to have low immune reactivity, and to find even the lightest activities overwhelmingly fatiguing. These can be brought under control for a period from days to weeks, and sometimes permanently corrected, by administration of large amounts of procaine. The most effective protocol involves intravenous administration of enough (e.g. 10cc 1% procaine) to promptly render the patient unconscious for a period of time. Intramuscular administration of 3-5ml of (epinephrine and preservative free) procaine may lead to an improved feeling of well being for a few days."

    "Intravenous procaine (not a mainstream thing to do except for certain heart conditions) reset the limbic system and are often quite effective in reducing chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia symptoms for several days to weeks. These can also be self-administered intramuscularly by very daring patients who have doctors who are very daring about what they are willing to prescribe, though very large doses are needed"

    The above are just quotes I found interesting and not things i recommend anyone acting on. I, myself, know little to nothing about this subject but am intrigued
  22. I’ve been curious about neural therapy for awhile. Peat mentions that he thinks injections into the tissue can be toxic and he prefers topical use or drinking it. My doctor was going to prescribe lidocaine to do before my magnesium sulfate injections as those hurt a lot. Was thinking about trying to diy trigger pint or neural therapy w it but seems risky. Also thinking about getting prescribed iv lidocaine