Have You Guys Heard Of Alpha Gal ( Allergy ? )

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  1. michael94

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    Oct 11, 2015
    Not a serious thread but I never heard about this “illness” before, which is an allergy to all mammalian based meat? Huh? Reall strange... Supposedly caused by a tick bite. just wondering if anyone has ever heard of it
  2. Juniper

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    May 26, 2018
    I’ve heard of it. My hometown is a tick hotspot, and I personally know of three people who contracted the meat allergy. One has had it ongoing for years and will go into anaphylactic shock if they accidentally eat red meat. The other two have it but I think it might have been milder to start out with and/or is fading for one or both of them. My understanding is it comes from the Lone Star Tick.

    Growing up we had dog ticks and deer ticks and I don’t know when the Lone Star Tick showed up (maybe a decade or so ago?) they are aggressive little buggers. The other thing you can get from the Lone Star is STARI. STARI is similar to lymes disease but supposedly without the risk of long term neurological problems. STARI causes a very angry red rash, whereas the lymes may produce a red bullseye rash, but not anywhere as painful/ itchy/noticeable as STARI.

    I contracted lymes 2x and STARI 1x, but each time caught it early so no apparent long term damage and thankfully no meat allergy. I’m lucky I was in an area that has dealt with lymes for so long because the doctors are fairly well versed in treatment and testing of tick diseases. I take artemisinin occasionally to hopefully keep any possible lingering spirochetes in check.