Has The Time Come?


Aug 17, 2016
Because you can opt out of vaccines. You can't opt out of rape, robbery, and kidnapping. I see you're in Chicago... Just look at the Chicago neighborhoods that became all Mexican.
The mexicans are lovely.
Specifically, the man working on my door yesterday and the rest of his extended family are all very tall and of great physique. The wives too.
This family grew up on a ranch and they are tremendously skilled and resourceful. They are all confident and look directly at you when communicating.
This kind of mexican family is not at all rare in Chicago.
Yes, there are gangs, and la raza, and the clearly hypothyroid downtrodden. But you can also see the health and good early upbringing of so many.


Oct 31, 2012
Charlie, did you assign achillea a fixed number of messages 666 as some sort of message to the board?


Aug 17, 2016
If you have the stomach for it. Here'zzzz the World Economic Forum:

I wonder if we could drop these masters into the riots with their networth written across their chests. And then label them as Covid deaths.
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Apr 3, 2013
If you have the stomach for it. Here'zzzz the World Economic Forum:

I wonder if we could drop these masters into the riots with their networth written across their chests. And then label them as Covid deaths.
Sounds like a plan to me
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