Has anyone ordered Progest-E from Electrical Body? It’s been 4 days and they still haven’t shipped.


Jul 29, 2018
I ordered Progest-E from electricalbody.com on Saturday. I’ve gotten no email saying that they’ve shipped it. I’ve emailed them twice today and called them as well and left a message. No response. Has anyone else ordered Progest-E from them before? Are they a reputable vendor?


Nov 6, 2015
Yes, I've ordered from them many times in the past 6 or so years. Never had an issue. Maybe memorial day is a factor in the late shipping.


Aug 10, 2012
I have ordered from them for years too. Yes, like Thunder says... Some people I know took their vacation this week. You'd expect them to have a notice up though.


Jun 13, 2021
Hi guys.

i just received my bottle of Pro-Gest E and (attempted to) rub it on my gums. The consistency is nothing short of awful. It’s the kind of thick oil that you can’t even wash off your fingers with soap and water.

Only after I chased it with an alcohol-based tincture I was also taking did it thin out in my mouth. Similar to how washing oil paint off of paintbrushes with turpentine vs soap and water.

Suffice to say, not a nice first experience!

Is this normal? Is there a better way to take it? Sorry if this has been asked before. I’m pretty new here.


Jun 13, 2021
All that said, do t know if it was the other few supplement I was taking before I went out for the day (andrographis), but I was remarkably mellow and carefree on my usually fraught drive to Asheville on crazy I-40, and all day! This a first for a very long time.

Just an observation!
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