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Has Anyone Here Tried "always Liquid" Coconut Oil?

  1. I recently picked this up at the store, and it tastes weird. It almost doesn't taste like fat at all; no matter how much I add to food, the food won't taste truly fatty.

    In addition, it seems more water soluble/hydrophilic. When I added it to soup, it automatically dispersed into the water, instead of clumping up to make huge oil droplets.

    Is this basically the same thing as MCT oil?
  2. the highest value coconut oil is the most saturated
    If its liquid its got substantial amounts of MCT which is fine but not AS valuable as just coconut oil.
  3. A prematurely aging executive who shall not be named thinks MCT oil is much better than coconut oil.
  4. Dave Asprey = George Costanza
  5. lol, exactly
  6. Good MCT oil contains only C8 and C10 or only C8. The oil you bought contains a pretty high percentage of C12 in addition to C8 and C10.
  7. One concern that I would have is that “always liquid” implies a lower ‘melting’ point, i.e. less staturated than regular CO.

    I don’t know if it means that they blend the CO with something else or process it in some way to lower the melting point (almost like the opposite of hydrogenation? It would be interesting to know.
  8. No it’s all saturated fatty acids (caprylic, capric, and lauric). It’s liquid because they removed the longer chain fatty acids (C14, C16, C18, etc.) from the coconut oil.
  9. "Summary of Liquid Coconut Oil

    In summary, what do you have when you take lauric acid out of real coconut oil? You have an ordinary oil that is missing the most unique feature coconut oil is known for, lauric acid. Lauric acid is 50% of real coconut oil, and 0% of liquid coconut oil. The only other place in nature where lauric acid is found in abundance is human breast milk.

    Is it any wonder that “liquid coconut oil” was developed as a by product after coconut oil’s most famous and most valuable component was removed?"

    "So should we really be calling a manufactured liquid oil byproduct with no lauric acid “coconut oil?”


  10. +1
  11. They didn’t remove the lauric acid according to the label. 5E618EF4-3C63-41B6-A7F1-A09AAA79AC51.jpeg
  12. But it must be greatly reduced though since lauric is solid at room temps. Normal coconut oil is something over 50% lauric and single digit % for the capric and caprylic acids. Hopefully they removed the pufas as well. Anyway, I’d use it if the price was reasonable.

    Full coconut oil of someone wants to do the percentages:
    Coconut Oil
  13. Percentages are posted here Coconut Oil

    According to the label it’s about 36% lauric acid. So it’s reduced some but only about 10-15% less than normal coconut oil.