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Has Anyone Cured Their Hair Loss

  1. Without the need for constant maintenance afterwards.

    E.g living life like without constantly worrying about the odd pufa causing a shed.

    Furthermore how do we get back to that state. How come some people will never lose their hair?
  2. i've noticed a ton of velus hairs growing but nothing terminal yet. At least something is growing o_O
  3. The better your mitochondria are and the more pregnenolone, progesterone, GABA you are producing, the less careful you will need to be with diet, which is why kids and naturally healthy people can eat whatever they want with no ill effect.

    The problem is that I have no idea how to drastically increase mitochondria aside from moving to a high altitude. If it's possible to figure that out then it means the end of all degenerative disease. Lowering baseline nitric oxide is probably the key to doing this but that's easier said than done.

    So for now it's just avoiding PUFA, minimizing anything that increases prolactin (such as oversleeping, alcohol, fapping), drinking coffee, taking aspirin, trying to avoid hyperventilating, all pretty much for as long as I am able to maintain the willpower.
  4. What about co2 bagging, especially around the legs and torso(more blood interaction)? Does it lead to systemic effects?

    I’m doing it daily after my work outs (after showering, leaving my lower portion of the body wet/damp.
  5. I'm sure it does have beneficial systemic effects, but I think baseline mitochondria levels depend on maintaining chronic high CO2/low nitric oxide/not an excess of oxygen, so the mitochondrial benefits of an acute CO2 increase would probably be short-lived. The other benefits (like vasodilation and blood circulation) would probably be more apparent than any mitochondrial benefits.
  6. You guys ever notice the shape of the forehead seems to have a lot to do with whether a male has a lot of hair. I see tons of super unhealthy men with good hair. If you've not paid attention to this phenomenon, start watching for hair and forehead shape.
  7. Very close. I recon my hair/health will be perfect if I stay consistent for the next 6 months.
  8. Any pictures of before and after?
  9. Yes. Bald men have a slopped forehead, and woman and bald-free man have a flat forehead.
  10. Exactly, and what does that tell us all about the desire for a big fluffy head of hair on a real Man?
  11. Has nothing to do with masculinity or genetics. My skull shape starts changing if I spend too much next to my phone or any other very high radiation area, so it's probably related to excess excitation, stray electrons, and high serotonin. Red light directly on my skull for several minutes or holding a full breath of air for at least 2 minutes to quench free radicals and increase GABA quickly changes it back to a square shape. Of course, it's so quick for me because I notice it right away and increase light/CO2 to reduce prolactin and increase GABA asap, but if it's possible on a small scale like this, there's a good chance it's possible even when things have progressed further.
  12. @lampofred on the topic of regrowth, I came across two of your older posts on coffee and the benefits you noticed to your hair.
    Help Deciphering Labs, Hair Loss, Feeling Pretty Desperate :(
    Thoughts On My Hair Loss Regimen?

    I was just wondering how long after starting drinking that much coffee did it take you to see full regrowth?
    I started taking caffeine about a month ago to improve liver health (400mg, twice a day now, but started at 200mg), and coincidentally have noticed some hair regrowth recently. I'm curious to see if I end up following a similar timeline as you.
  13. It was pretty immediate, hair started growing in within days near my hair line. There was no "it gets worse before it gets better". When you're drinking that much coffee protein intake does need to be high though or your body will start using hair for protein. It took a few months for density to noticeably increase all over to the point that other people started noticing.

    It got really stressful to drink that much coffee so after several months I weaned down. I guess the very high metabolism in those few months worked to reduce PUFA and excess copper, so even though my hair density has reduced again, the hair line and crown are still filled in and I lose 0 hairs in the shower.

    I think mental overactivity plays a major major part in hair loss (which is why some people can eat absolutely whatever and still have good hair, because they are very calm and relaxed mentally), so what I've been trying to do is start doing two hours of eyes open, no thought, hypoventilation meditation. I think that would be really good for hair.
  14. Agree with all of the above. I think sugar with coffee is super important, and both amplifies the metabolic boost while damping down the adrenal response. I was chronically drinking black coffee for years and, felt on edge the whole time. I've just reintroduced sugar again and the difference is night and day. The sort of frantic impatience is replaced with calm alertness. It can definitely help for hair, but those extra calories are essential.
  15. IMG_6381.jpg IMG_6391.PNG
    Hair has thickened, and scalp condition is much much better.
  16. @lampofred , thank you very much for sharing. I definitely see how protein will be especially critical for this.

    Also @rawmeat that looks like an incredible improvement. Would you mind sharing how long you felt it took and what were the main things you found to be helpful?
  17. How much coffee were you consuming a day?
  18. Also @rawmeat that looks like an incredible improvement. Would you mind sharing how long you felt it took and what were the main things you found to be helpful?[/QUOTE]

    Yes, things have gotten better in the last few months.

    Most important things for me:

    1. Consistency--Eat well. Get on a daily routine!! Get outside in the sun. Stimulate your brain with real activities instead of melting in front of a computer.
    2. Having a clean scalp. I buzzed my head, and this helped me clean it much better. Drying my hair completely after a shower is important because the water is hard where I live which causes a scalp buildup. I use nizoral 1x/week also. I will be trying a topical of niacinamide and taurine in the near term. I sometimes use coconut or olive oil in my scalp with a drop of iodine after a shower.
    2. Massaging/brushing about 15 min/day and a 10 min inversion/day.
    3. Aspirin!!! 81-325mg/day. An absolute must.
    4. Caffeine. Have 2/day. Each coffee will contain ample milk, sugar, and 1 tbs of gelatin.
    5. Some sort of exercise everyday to get blood flowing and improve lymph flow. I like lifting or playing ball. Not to mention I've gotten much stronger and leaner in the last 3 months.
    6. Liver and oysters every week. Vit A makes my skin perfect.
    8. Temps and pulse (98+ and 70-90)
    9.******* Trust & stick to a plan for months and stop worrying*******.

    I've also begun to start thyroid now that I've read Broda Barnes' book. Too early to say if there have been benefits.
  19. Around 12 to 20 cups a day pretty consistently for about 6 months, 20 cups on days that I could eat a lot and handle the increase in stress hormones, 12 cups for days I didn't have that much food or couldn't handle it anymore, probably 16 cups a day on average.

    After 6 months I couldn't handle it anymore and went down to 7-8 cups a day and I'm trying to maintain those levels currently. But I skip several days and drink only 1-2 on each of those days if I feel it building up too much in my system and I start getting jittery.

    Peat apparently drank 40-50 cups a day regularly for a while, so looks like as long as you have enough food, it's not bad for you. The lower your aromatase is, the better you can handle coffee without jitters. So his aromatase must have been absolutely nonexistent.

    2 aspirins a day along with vitamin K were also very important for me.

    Was an absolute must for me as well. Congrats on the amazing results.
  20. Awesome, thanks for sharing your routine. I personally barely notice thyroid. I think caffeine acts as a synthetic thyroid so if you regularly drink coffee both T4/T3 levels will already be increased /normalized. (I heard that from Haidut on one of the Danny Roddy podcasts).
  21. 40-50?? Common man: how is that even possible?
  22. No. I've not made any progress in my hair loss, it's just been a steady decline. I'm convinced however that I would be in a much worse position where it not for me actively pursuing better health.

    One of my close friends is, interestingly, in a parallel situation to me. We have similar problems with anxiety, balding, sleep quality etc. etc. Over a year ago we were in the same position, but now he's worsened whilst I've got better (just not with hair). It's unfortunate and i've tried to intervene where possible, but it has given me a yardstick to me reflect on my personal progress.

    What I've found is that for as long as I can remember I've cycled between high-energy and low-energy states. At the moment it probably works out to 4 days high energy and 3 days low. Previously however it was 2 days high to 5 days low. When I was depressed at 18 and 21 it was most definitely 7 days low.

    Just to clarify these are what i mean by high energy/low energy states.

    High Energy
    • Charismatic, Sociable and a Drive to socialise/be outside
    • Lots more energy and Endurance with respect to exercise. Stronger, muscles feel like they have slightly more volume
    • Less Anxiety, generally calmer
    • Stronger Discipline with respect to responsibilites/routine and leisure (i.e. I'll paint, rather than play video games)
    • Shed virtually no hairs
    Low Energy
    • Mild anxiety and less comfortable in social situations
    • General Aches and pains, particularly in back and joints (sedentary job)
    • Tendency to stoop and general stiffness
    • Very Mild sense of hypoxia, as if i'm breathing slightly inefficently chronically
    • Low Discipline and energy, don't want to exercise (even though it helps tremendously)
    • outlook on life is dampened
    • Shed dozens of hairs

    I'm still trying to work out how to shift myself to a high energy state for a greater proportion. My gut reaction is that if I could maintain the High Energy state long term, then some hair regrowth would occur, but that's easier said than done.

    I find that I get tonsil stones quite often, and these usually correlate with the aching/fatigue. I'm convinced that if I didn't have a thorough oral hygiene routine (Dr Ellies) I'd be getting tonsilitis regularly. Ironically, if that actually happened I could argue to my GP to get my tonsils removed. Though that's not necessarily a solution.

  23. I couldn't imagine drinking 20 cups in a day. I don't even know if I consume 20 cups of any fluid in a day. Were you drinking it as iced coffee at any point?
  24. That's what he said. And he also said at a certain point an entire box of Folger's lasted only a few days for him (but not currently). It's pretty crazy but I highly doubt he is someone who would feel the need to lie just to shock people.
  25. I made it about 2.5 times as strong as regular coffee so it ended up at around 8 cups. On some days I just used a caffeine pill to replace some of the fluid but I would not recommend that at all. High coffee never gave me problems aside from stress from the high metabolism but the pill did because it has none of the nutrients and antioxidants that coffee comes with. I also drank dark roast which is less stressful than the light roasts because of more nutrients and slightly lower caffeine content. No never drank iced.
  26. That’s fine — it’s just one of those weird dogmatic things that you see around here, like taking 1 gram of aspirin daily or sleeping under a lamp. Who is doing this and does it feel good? My guess, based on RP principles, is that type of extreme behavior indicates its own stress and that is not good. I’m going to eat a shrimp taco right now.
  27. Your analysis of high vs low energy is 100% right. It's very noticeable in others also, when you're looking for it.

    I think becoming high energy just requires practice, and constant experimentation. Even just changing up one thing at a time. I've been peating just over a year and feel like I've made a breakthrough only in the last 4-5 days. I had estrogen symptoms last night which I thought was odd, so I'm cutting out milk today (just an example).

    I think I have always overlooked the importance of diet. Now I'm convinced it's essential to start with diet. Metabolism is central to everything, and diet is central to metabolism. Just keeping sugar high, and starch (& pufa) low have made a huge impact for me. I'm feeling noticeably more energetic and stable in general. 5 days isn't a lot of time, but that kind of consistent energy is unheard of for me.

    I wouldn't ignore the role of supplements either. They're not a magic pill, but they can help. 6-keto P4 and Pregnenolone seem to be working pretty well for me. 6kP for lowering cortisol and stabilising blood sugar, and Pregnenolone raises my alertness and gives me deep & restful sleep.
  28. does years of using sucralose in whey protein shakes lead to significant negative effects on the mitochondria?
    Also, I thought olive leaf extract positively affects mitochondria, and thats why it helps CFS?
  29. I think that LLLT devices are the most promising alongside topicals such as Morr-F (finasteride + minoxidil), biEstro maybe, HGH perhaps, and a diet that focuses on high magnesium and vitamin K - moderate calcium and vitamin D. The idea is to reduce muscular tension, stop skull growth, reverse calcification, improve glycolysis, oxygenation and blood flow and boost follicle regrowth. Dairy sounds like an absolute no go.

    A hypothetical pathogenesis model for androgenic alopecia: clarifying the dihydrotestosterone paradox and rate-limiting recovery factors - ScienceDirect

    ^ my favorite publication to date. Too many super insightful parts to quote.
  30. Rob is a nice dude. His Perfect Hair Health book (2016), despite the corny title, was extremely well researched and thorough, with emphasis on many of the same things Danny Roddy talks about, including the importance of thyroid, vitamin D. Don't agree with everything in that book, but it's hard to argue that dozens of his readers have regrown their hair with the ideas in the book, and for about 2 years from 2014-2016 he stopped selling his book to offer exclusive email and skype support to his early readers to try and get them to achieve regrowth.

    I think Danny is right that actively trying to injure the scalp could be extremely deleterious in a low-energy state, by increasing nitric oxide and worsening fibrosis, but general massage and other approach to relieve tension are probably very useful. Thyroid and intestinal health are still fundamental to the problem however, so if you don't deal with the systemic issues you're never gonna get anywhere with massaging your scalp.
  31. Yeah agreed. I’d say thyroid and all things pituitary in general. Age related GH decline isn’t helping anyone. For some reason peat dislikes GH but there again, hard to argue with (moderate) GH users getting improvements in all aspects of life including hair thickness, skin elasticity etc.
  32. I for one agree with Ray on HGH, I think it's mostly a decline in the anti-stress steroids DHEA, Progesterone, Testosterone etc. that we see with age. A general slow-down of the metabolism.
  33. Why low calcium and vitamin d? Don't you need those especially to balance phosphorus and for the thyroid? Do calcium and vitamin d cause hair loss?
  34. Dairy is on the contrary very important. The calcium keeps the parathyroid suppressed and it’s one of the key things to prevent hair loss, and it’s an easy way to get protein with a good calcium to phosphate ratio. Of course if you’ve got trouble digesting dairy, better fix that first
  35. Dairy is ambiguous imo. It helps some, but is terrible for others.

    Sunlight/Vit D will have congruent impacts (possibly even better than milk) for keeping parathyroid suppressed.
  36. Of course many people don't digest it too well. But reintroducing it slowly and finding a better source of milk than the commercial type usually is all it takes to solve the issue.
    And in the absence of dairy, it becomes very difficult to balance calcium and suppress parathyroid. Eggshell powder can be rough on the stomach but if you can grind it till it's dust, then it could allow someone to do well without dairy.
  37. I wrote “moderate” calcium, not low.

    1-1.5g is enough. I get it from leafy greens (kale has virtually no oxalates) and fortified OJ, or mineral water high in Ca&Mg. I keep Ca:Mg in a 2:1 ratio at most. Vitamin K is crucial on top of vitamin D. No one wants calcification in the bad places. Doesn’t happen with sunlight. Happens with abusing vitamin d supplements.

    Dairy has growth factors in it. Elevating igf1 trigger somatostatin by way of negative feedback. Could it further skull growth and increase pressure on the hair follicles? While inhibiting hair stem cell proliferation and differenciation (from GH)? How about sebum over production? BCAAs seem to promote insulin resistance. Is that remotely desirable?

    A Bimodal Association of Vitamin D Levels and Vascular Disease in Children on Dialysis

    Vitamin D in Vascular Calcification: A Double-Edged Sword?

    Vitamin K Reverses Arterial Stiffness - Life Extension

  38. I had lost a bit more then half an inch of hairline in classic MPB and I've 80% recovered it over two years.

    Diet interventions beyond not under-eating were mostly irrelevant, as best I can tell. I was probably tending to under-eat for some years. Quantity of food (and stoking the furnace via exercise) dwarfs any neuroticism about PUFA and so-forth. I eat high quality Maine sardines all the time, for example. I am confident they make me feel better, PUFA and all.

    The single most effective thing for general health and hair for me has been sunbathing. I think I have an especially high requirement for sun. I am of northern european extraction and live at ~39°N but still find I need as much midday sun as I can possibly get. If it's above 50F and a clear sunny day I will blow off a meeting to skip out to a park and take my shirt and shoes off and lay on a picnic table for 45m around noon. In summer if the sun is blasting on a Saturday or Sunday I will religiously spend the whole day outside walking, bicycling, sailing, drinking beer by a pool, whatever, wearing as little clothing as possible. Non-negotiable. Plans will be changed to take in sun. Even when visiting down around ~25°N I never wear sunscreen, walk around shirtless, never wear sunglasses.

    Prioritizing physical fitness over other concerns. A lot of the takes on exercise in these parts are bollocks. The hormetic theory of exercise is correct. Power law training is correct: mostly go very easy, but very occasionally you need to force yourself to go very hard. With adequate recovery time, every now and then, it is very good to repeatedly sprint up a hill for half an hour until you puke, or force yourself to walk 20+ miles in a day even though everything hurts, or spend an hour doing as many pull-ups as you can possibly do. People telling you to avoid this sort of thing are wrong. In order to build health you need to force yourself to do physical activity you might not instinctively want to do, both daily easy stuff like walking and occasional puke sessions. I am very confident that people telling you to never force yourself to exercise unless you feel like it are wrong. Even a cancer patient needs to exercise.

    Massage and derma-needling work to break up scar tissue. Derminator once a week is as effective as daily massage, in my opinion, and worth the investment. Neither are probably strictly necessary, but it certainly can accelerate things. Really big solid chunks of skin would flake off my scalp a couple days after needling while the tissue was remodeling.
  39. So basically just those lone few things enabled you to grow back most of your hair?
  40. Wholly agreed except the part about exercising till you puke. I think for many athletic people that’s a sort of wishful association with the teenage years where “going all out” would leave you feeling satisfied at a primal level. Going into adulthood most people “around these parts” are experiencing significant amount of stress and there are very tangible reasons to avoid intense exercise. A cancer patient absolutely should not be gearing up to do an iron man. Yes exercise is part of the recovery and building muscle helps shift the body into an anabolic state, but going to failure, despite the psychological boost it may provide for the really motivated people, is deleterious in every way, activating the entirety of the stress response, and sending shockwave throughout the body emanating from the injured tissues. Ultimately, if you enjoy the physical activity it’s gonna activate massively different physiological responses which can be super beneficial. Bouldering, walking on trails, playing tennis, exercising the power lifts or sprinting etc. are all going to be positive, in a low stress situation with a good metabolic rate. Flipping tires till you puke when your body temperature is 96.5 for the sake of an hormetic adaptation isn’t gonna end well.
  41. I am no spring chicken and am speaking from experience of having gone from feeling run down to feeling very good. The idea that I needed time without appropriately dosed difficult exercise delayed my recovery substantially. I was harmed by advice against difficult exercise that is commonly parroted in these circles.
  42. Buzzing my head and keeping sebum to a minimum stops my hair loss. Not the best look for me but it beats the stress of seeing hair everywhere.
  43. Lampofred,

    Were you taking your coffee with milk and sugar like others seem to recommend? Or was it just plain black coffee? Also by cups of coffee per day, do you mean cups in terms of measurement?
  44. There is a reason why this advice is “parroted in these circles”. You may have benefited from intense exercise but to dismiss all ideas against so condescendingly is not helpful to anyone “around these parts”.
  45. I did at first but over time my glycogen stores got good enough that I didn't have to worry about running out of sugar and would just drink black. By cup I mean 1 full tablespoon of ground coffee. I use dark roast coffee which is bit lower in caffeine (60-80 mg per tablespoon) and richer in antioxidants and is better at raising blood levels of vitamin E, as opposed to light roast which is 80-100 mg caffeine per tablespoon.
  47. Has anyone tried topical finasteride and/or dutasteride?
  48. Thanks for answering my question. I've been trying to figure out how to regrow my hair, and I love my coffee and I eat mostly organic, so your method sounds very do-able for me. Guess I should just start increasing the amount of coffee Intake. I probably get around 8 cups a day at the moment.
  49. I agree with you on the reduced stress that shorter hairs brings because your not seeing it shed everywhere.

    Could you please explain your process/methods for reducing sebum? What do you use to clean your hair/scalp? My hair is thin so I don't have the option of doing the whole nopoo thing as it looks unkept and thinner. My scalp and face have always been oily, but I can't figure it out why in the last several months I've had issues with acne popping up all over the top of my scalp. Not on the sides or anywhere else on my body tho.
  50. The one thing that can really work, is Rogaine/Minoxidil. I don't know why it gets a bad reputation or people believe it doesn't work or it isn't enough.

    There's a reason why they sell it in every pharmacy and supermarket etc. People have been using it for for 30 years and don't post about it online.

    I believe that if you start using it when you realize you may be losing hair, you will keep your hair. And you can regrow most of your hair too. It depends on how far gone you are.

    If you can brush your teeth twice a day, you can apply Rogaine twice a day.

    That is the cure to hairloss for now. So anyone who is losing hair.........should get on the Rogaine, and then figure out the nutrition part of it etc.
  51. I'm starting to think hair loss represents a depletion of calcium stores in the body. I think calcium is closely related to "kidney yin" and things that raise phosphate (which is the main calcium antagonist) tend to worsen hair loss.
  52. Sunlight and natural shampoos. Condition once a week. I also tend to be oily and I feel like calcium/taurine/vit k have been helping with that.
  53. This is gonna sound strange but there’s a bro-science statement that goes around involving getting some sun on your testicles and being extremely good for hormonal health as a male. There was a study done that found testosterone increased 200% more in subjects who “tanned their balls” in comparison to 120% to those who just got a regular shirtless tan. That’s where this idea stemmed from.
  54. Thanks. What natural shampoos have you found best?
  55. What a sad little post.
  56. MorrF (topical finasteride with minoxidil sans alcohol) is highly ranked in hairloss forums. And those are the most neurotic of all. Easy to grab from India’s eBay

    Regarding exercise: people train like weaklings and have severe cases of fuckarounditis, whether they are 20 or 50 it’s everywhere the same. Just don’t do lower rep ranges as you get older. Do your compound movements, with barbells or dumbbells or machines, 5 exercises per muscle group per workout, push/pull/legs every other day, 1 hard heavy set and 1 backoff pump set per exercise, get stronger, leaner, and more muscular, become efficient and the hormones will follow suit. It’s not rocket science at all.
  57. The thing people get wrong about exercise is the power law nature of appropriate training. Mostly it should be quite easy and not a stressor. It's a thing you do every day, like showering. But every now and then, you should go hard and puke.

    People tend to get this exactly wrong and go for "jogging" or "I *lift* thrice weekly". It's this middle ground of chronically stressing your body that causes the problems.

    Lift every day. Walk every day. I bicycle every day, everywhere. Just mostly go so easy it's not a stressor. Hasn't stopped my average speed from climbing up to 21 mph on the ten mile routes I go. Not stressful, because I've built tolerance over six years. Be in touch with your body and go hard when the moment comes, though. Sometimes I'll be doing the five mile commute to work and just decide to peel off and do hill repeats, or I'll cut out early and do 50 miles, and puke. That's where the hormetic adaptations come in. Anyone telling you that there's no payoff from going hard and then properly recovering is wrong. You feel better and better as you push up your limits. Atrophying to weakness and sloth is horrible.

    Reiteration: What people get wrong is 90+% of the time exercise exertion should be trivially easy. Maybe once or twice or thrice a month depending on stress levels you should go very uncomfortably hard. You need both modes. Most people get it exactly wrong and chronically grind away at a stressful level week after week that isn't even hard enough to be useful.
  58. Couldn’t agree more

    When it comes to lifting, my time under (insanely hard) tension is probably 5 minutes thrice weekly. 10 sets to failure per workout / 3 workouts per week. Going super hard should make you feel good, sleep like a baby, wake up diamond cutter.
  59. @rawmeat Curious if taking NDT (natural desiccated thyroid) helped at all, on top of your regimen above?
  60. @lampofred How does aspirin contribute to regrowing hair? Why is it essential?
  61. This thread has been focused on stopping hair loss, not regrowing hair. Asprin can be helpful in stopping hair loss.
  62. I think the opposite is true. More coffee more hairloss. At least for me. In my contry elderly people often have lunch outdoors in some cafe/pub. I can see lots of balding men drinking coffee. Generally coffee is consumed with milk and sugar here. Some guys opt for drinking mate and their hairline is much better
  63. Legit. Drinking coffee with sugar is the standard in people unconscious of their health, so why doesn't drinking coffee has protective hair effects for them?
    Maybe PUFA / estrogen / cortisol are too much to handle. Most of them also drink their coffee to compensate for their poor energy levels, either in hypo-caloric state or oftentimes fasted.

    Poor or short sleep >> Poor recovery, energy >> depend on coffee to get by and function >> stress exacerbation >> cascade of spiraling negative effects
  64. The only thing that I've noticed actual hairs (not just the small white vellus ones) is progesterone (based on what I've read testosterone would probably work too but obviously it cannot be acquired). The amount needed seems to have the "anti-male" effect (not feminizing though), takes a few weeks to revert after ceasing. I noticed increased vellus from topical caffeine, but that is all.

    If I eat a lot of pufas for a few days I start shedding again and get really bad acne. So pretty sure peat is right haha
  65. I'm not sure about that. I know if I eat a lot of peanut butter I break out but I eat small amounts and stuff with almonds occasionally, there is like a threshold. I noticed the shedding after eating restaurant food for a few days so it was probably seed oils.

    I noticed vitamin e seems to prevent the side effects if only some pufa (like 10g) is eaten but after a few days it doesn't prevent
  66. haha...I mean really elderly and old people. Some of them 70 - 80 yo. If they made it so far drinking coffee , their health maybe is not so bad. And generally they are conscious of their health at this age. According to some studies people drinking coffee are generally more health conscious. It is just being healthy in a "peat" way maybe contributing to hairloss.
  67. I've often wondered that too.

    About 8-9 years ago, I completely cut out milk from my diet. Since that time I've focused on intense compound workouts at the gym and consumed a significant increase in protein. Wouldn't you know it my hair loss accelerated in that time frame. I've also assumed my body has been leaching calcium from other areas of my body (would explain spacing in my teeth that has happened) and displacing it elsewhere.
  68. I'm thinking of giving progesterone a shot for my thinning hair. Could you please elaborate on how you used or applied progesterone for your regrowth? Your tips would be so appreciated. Hopefully, you are maintaining your reap as well.
  69. Its very sticky and annoying to use and has 'anti-male' effects with the amount that seems to be needed topically. I stopped using it tbh due to other priorities, unless you've only lost a very small amount of hair it'll probably take several months or longer to have a very noticeable effect. I think progesterone with a small amount of dhea might be better but I haven't used it enough to say. If I give it a serious trial I'll try to post results.

    For now just using topical solban and redlight
  70. I can’t believe I’m not the only one! And I’ve made the same “gym” mistakes... high phosphate high cortisol high adrenaline, low calcium. And we wonder why even recreational weight lifters go bald, all genders!

    I think you and @lampofred are onto something. And me too ahaha.
  71. You do realize that there's a lot of recreational weight lifters that have their hair. Some in really good shape
  72. I'm in the same boat. Also low sugar.

    I was receding before, and in that time frame i started thinning out everywhere, much quicker than the mpb progression before. I think I became hypo in that timeframe, and am recovering from it atm
  73. Any idea what would case both thinning (on all scalp surface) and recession of the temples? Is the cause singular or maybe 2 or multiple causes?
  74. I feel like recession has to do with androgens and head shape. I receded at like 18 like crazy when I also got body hair on my back and ***t like that, with crazy libido and everything.
    Thinning out more with thyroid/metabolism.

    This is just a guess though. There are probably common causes as well.
  75. That would mean that men who never have vertex thinning but no hair in the front (you see them every once in a while) even when they get old have healthy metabolisms
  76. you might wanna realize that I didn’t equate “lifting” with “hair loss”, in case you didn’t notice we were discussing poor nutritional choices considered “healthy” by mainstream sports nutrition!
  77. Interesting. I may be going off on a tangent here, but..
    Can thinning happen / advance without shedding?
  78. Yes, Im nw2 and have never experienced massive shedding. Maybe one time when I tried minoxidil, but I was aware of it. I don't even lose hair when taking a shower.
  79. Full body workouts 3 times a week for a year-two to build the foundation of strength then two times/week to maintain and build slowly is enough imo. I'm still making little gains even years after I started doing fullbody training. The key is recovery and a ton of calories.
  80. yes. but thinning manifests itself as weaker hair in my case, not in less hair. eventually they get so weak that they dont have a cosmetic effect anymore.

    for example right now im 2 month into rogaine and although i shed like crazy (100s of hairs each day) my hair status isnt getting much worse or stays the same and new hair are popping up on my hairline. gotta be patient here since my hair is getting stronger, but looks slightly worse than before because i actually have less hair due to sheds, but stronger

  81. Yes that is the way! A ton of SATFAT for recovery
  82. I made the same mistake around the age of 20, stopped drinking milk for 5+ years, and coincidentally stopped playing the sports I enjoyed so much as a teenagers, and got almost no sun for 5 years straight. Wouldn't you know it I lost almost all my hair by the time I was 22. Thank god I woke up after 25.
  83. Oh the sunlight thing too. That's been missing from my in-week routine for a good 7-8 years because of corporate life.

    Are you back to consuming milk then?