Hair Loss Restriction Or Even Starches?


May 17, 2020
I never had problem with hair loss until 30 age, now I am 32 age. Last two year I unfortunately changed my diet I ate everything as always but I added newly all sprouted legumes nuts seeds, fatty fish, overal more fats, more proteins but I started eat less starches sugar fruits dairy becouse I thought it is darkness for me...all unfortunately becouse of my nutrition teacher :(.
I started becouse of health problems in my skin eyebrows started doing dandruff and it falled, it was very strange (truth is I never felt healthy from my 15 age dry skin hair, so evidently I did something wrong all my life).
So last year I see my hair lines noticable thined and shifted. I had restriction in food mostly 3 big meal sometimes plus snack, so only 1000-2000 kcal a day. It was horific I thought I was sick but I starved I could not move and choosed bad food as I wrote legumes etc. I thought it is healthy. Thankfully I discovered Peat and used his advices (daily carrot, liver, many dairy and fruits, white fish, collagen, cafe, salt, rice potatoes, increased caloric to 2500-3000kcal... and it seems after 1 month my hair stoped fall, better energy.

So from my experience the most important think is not be in restriction. So basicaly if I would have to eat every day I do not know for example rice and chicken and get with it 3000kcal it would be better for my health than 1500kcal from the most proper food.

I would like to ask what do you think is the main reason of hair loss:
Is the reason mainly becouse of caloric restriction or I should have fear even from starches like buckwheat, corn pastas, millet, oats, legumes...? which is potencial inflammentory as pufa.
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