Gut Microbiota Mediates Intermittent-fasting Alleviation Of Diabetes-induced Cognitive Impairment


Aug 6, 2017
Gut microbiota mediates intermittent-fasting alleviation of diabetes-induced cognitive impairment

Here, we find that a 28-day IF regimen for diabetic mice improves behavioral impairment via a microbiota-metabolites-brain axis: IF enhances mitochondrial biogenesis and energy metabolism gene expression in hippocampus, re-structures the gut microbiota, and improves microbial metabolites that are related to cognitive function. Moreover, strong connections are observed between IF affected genes, microbiota and metabolites, as assessed by integrative modelling. Removing gut microbiota with antibiotics partly abolishes the neuroprotective effects of IF. Administration of 3-indolepropionic acid, serotonin, short chain fatty acids or tauroursodeoxycholic acid shows a similar effect to IF in terms of improving cognitive function.

What is the common thing between 3-indolepropionic acid, serotonin, short chain fatty acids or tauroursodeoxycholic acid?

Either way, this is more evidence for the view that like physical exercise, the digestion should also alternate between work and rest. Full and empty. Fast and feast.
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