Gum Arabica In Chewing Gum

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  1. lepetitcheval

    lepetitcheval Member

    Jul 2, 2013
    Hi All,

    Any research or enlightened thoughts on the potential for ingestion of gum arabica in these xyltiol gums? If one does not swallow the gum then does the gum arabica make it into the inner workings?

    Inb4: I did look through Toxinless (which is an excellent resource - Thank you Dan Wich) but it's bereft of a gums subsection.
  2. schultz

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    Jul 29, 2014
    I have started chewing gum again, specifically the pur brand. I'm not worried about the gum arabica. I tend to only chew it for a few minutes and I am using it as sort of a portable tooth brush, not for recreation or anything.

    If I see evidence of minute amounts of gum arabica being absorbed or ingested and causing problems I will probably stop, but for now I will continue to use it :cigar:

    EDIT: It's a good way to keep my daughters teeth clean as she thinks it's a treat. Once the flavour is gone she throws it out... which is like 1 minute lol.