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  1. Newbie here...to the forum, not to Ray Peat. ;) I actually discovered it doing a search for Progest E. I started about 5-6 years ago with a nutritionist who lives and breathes Ray peat. He translates the Ray Peat articles for me.<L> I was very skeptical at first, been through a lot of "diets", but you can't argue with results.
  2. Jenn, what results are you seeing? Have you been limiting PUFA's that long? Who is this nutritionist?

    Sorry to bombard you with questions. It just would be awesome to hear from someone who has been limiting PUFA's for an extended amount of time.
  3. Hi Jenn!
    I second the bombardment! :D
  4. Here is the website: http://energyconcepts101.com/ It's a husband/wife team.

    When I first started, I didn't have any issues (NOT! Just wouldn't admit them)
    I went to a free "meet and greet." I had had my fill of FOO FOO, if you know what I mean and was very leery. A friend in my "health" food coop referred me. Another member of the coop had referred him to her...his entire business is word of mouth. She had recovered from cancer using his recommendations. He said something that made sense, something about availability of nutrients vs. labeling. I made an appointment for my son, not me.<L>

    My son had had chronic diarrhea that I could not help him with....all of my suggestions failed. At the appointment, we gave a urine sample and he took our temperature and tested reflexes and had us hold our breath. Kept talking about the importance of CO2, not O2....thought he was a little bizarre, but the rest seemed ok.<L> He was talking WAY over my head at the time. Long story short, we had the appointment on Thursday, by Monday my son was "normal" eating mostly potatoes cooked in coconut oil and OJ with bubbly water. We ate mostly potatoes with coconut oil for 6 months. It was going into winter and we felt better eating the potatoes and were able to keep warmer better eating potatoes. I learned how to make jello and gummi candy with juice and gelatin. Started drinking coffee with gelatin/milk/sugar/salt after about 3 months of heavy epsom salt supplementation (for BM and magnesium). Used to be a sip of even a small amount of caffeine would keep me up all night, now a cup of coffee with gelatin/milk/sugar/salt is a bedtime snack for a good nights sleep.

    Currently, my moles are fading in color and/or disappearing/shrinking. One hasfallen off, the othernext to it is 1/4 the size and is a light brown instead of black/brown. I have a brown blob under my left eye that appeared all of a sudden when I went "Pritikin" in my 20's. It has now changed shape, looks like a heart since the color disappeared from the bottom corners. My brain functions better, I rarely loose my temper any more (potassium deficiency causing blood sugar issues), depression is nothing like it used to be. My memory is getting better. My back pain is almost non existent, I still don't trust it though, but at least it's not constantly spasming anymore. Sometimes I get frustrated with my level of healing, because I am not there yet....but the body heals according to it's own agenda. I had white hairs that turned normal for a while, then I had to go back to work and they turned white again.
  5. Jenn, thanks so much for sharing your story.

    Are you tracking your temps? Just wondering if they stay up all the time now. Or do you still have times when they fall. Did you ever supplement with thyroid?

    And thanks for posting the nutritionists website. I am going to give their site a good look over when I have more time.
  6. Oh gosh...I still have a long way to go. All my life my temperatures were low. If my temperature was normal, I was running a fever. I have run temperatures from 92-104. 96.8 is my "normal" if I am feeling good/warm. I supplement with Cynomel, when I remember. I forget. I take pregnenelone too, when I remember.<L> Initially, I was not healthy enough to benefit from a lot of supplements.