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    Apr 17, 2013
    Hafa Adai. I live on a 33 mile island in the Pacific and have survived the radiation threat from Japan's Tsunami and lately Korea's missile threat. I am a 4 generation hypothyroid sufferer (my grandmother, mother, me and my 6 sister and now my daughter). My Aunt Sharon met Dr. Peat in the 70s, and he and his book Nutrition for Women saved us from the fate of our grandmother who died of heart problems due to an untreated thyroid. I couldn't get a Doctor to treat my subclinical hypothyroidism, (even with a 97 degree temp) so I flew to Bangkok to Bumrungrad Hospital and met a great endocrinologist who put me on Acella and cytomel and it saved me from lethargy and anemia and has lessened my migraines. I am wondering if the bumps I get on my neck and around the hairline are a allergic reaction to the Acella?? I still suffer from a related auto immune rash that I get on my legs and torso within a couple minutes of exercising. First it feels like pin pricks on my arms and then it gets raised welts and itches. (My doctor here on Guam had me take 6000 mg of Vit C and Claritan to stop the rash. I had to stop the Claritan as it dried my sinuses. I lessened the dosage to 1000 mg and the red rash came back. So I will try upping it to 2. Of late I have also been having terrible swelling in my lower legs and my under eyes look like blown up balloons. I have been drinking the baking soda in OJ for 2 days but I still have really swollen eyes. I am going to bathe in epsom salt and baking soda and try adding salt to pineapple juice. I am wondering if soaking in the ocean everyday will also help? Thank you for this wonderful forum!
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    Feb 7, 2013
    :welcome2 to the forum km!

    So glad you have joined us!
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    Jan 22, 2013
    Hafa adai! I am half Chamorra on my mothers side. I couldn't resist saying hi even though I'm a longtime lurker. I rarely post. :D
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    Feb 4, 2015
    Your aunt met Peat in the 70's? That's awesome.

    I also like how you said that "Nutrition for Women' helped you and your family because many people here don't like when I bring up some of his dietary recs. in that book, many of which he did not mention in the 1992 addendum.
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    Dec 16, 2014
    Bumps around the back hairline are related to digestive issues, in my experience, especially if they're a bit large.
    Eating some carrots can help if you're not already doing so. Looking for food triggers is also a good idea.
    Your rash could be related to stress, since you mention exercising. I'd suspect involvement of excess lactic acid and estrogen.
    Perhaps you might want to experiment with a good vitamin e supplement and increasing levels of Co2.
    Aspirin is another thing I might give a try if I was in your place but be careful. Read about the implications of using it beforehand.
    Vitamin C supplements might contribute to your problems since they're known to contain high concentration of heavy metals.