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Nov 29, 2017
@Cameron thoughts on aspirin and body building? I want to keep using it but I’ve been scared off of using my regular dosage due to possible effects of muscle building (or lack there of)


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Jul 14, 2018
@Cameron thoughts on aspirin and body building? I want to keep using it but I’ve been scared off of using my regular dosage due to possible effects of muscle building (or lack there of)
I think it’s effects as an anti estrogen and anti inflammatory are very helpful however I doubt it’s going to have serious performance enhancing action. Like bcaas aspirin can help shift a slight benefit in good hormones and lower stress and catabolism when trying to recover. Aspirin can really help with sleep when taken before bed with some sugar. Good sleep less stress less estrogen less catabolism less inflammation is a great start for aspirin and it’s benefits for an athlete.
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