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Golden Barrel Brand Granulated Beet Sugar


Feb 17, 2022
Going to try this brand. I was emailing the golden barrel company and they said it is grown in Minnesota. Does not appear to be Organic and i'm hoping that doesn't matter after the refining.

They were kind enough to send me a sample pack and it was pure white, zero smell, and tasted just fine.
Shipping was insane on one of the supplier's site, shipping was equal to the price of product, but I have found a company that has free shipping although they increase the price of the product a bit, but still not too bad for shipping 50lbs.

67 federal reserve notes for 50lbs.

Warning. Where I live they sell a White Satin Brand of beet sugar in 50lb bags, grown in idaho and it suuuuucks. It smelt like crap.

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