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Glycine Can Completely Prevent Esophagus Damage Caused By GERD


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
As discussed in another thread by forum member @denise, using PPI drugs is really to no benefit for preventing inflammation of the esophagus and subsequent development of Barret's or even cancer. The GERD damage is based on an inflammatory reaction, as I mentioned in another post. As such, it would be plausible that anti-inflammatory agents could prevent that damage caused by GERD. The study below shows that it is possible to completely prevent the damage and inflammation caused by GERD by simply ingesting a dose of abut 10g glycine. That would correspond to about 40g gelatin, which is quite doable. Interestingly, the NSAID indomethacin had NO protective effect, while glycine in the HED of about 10g provided complete protection.
So, maybe the next time your doctor suggests PPI you can show him/her this and wait for the tirade :):

Orally administered L-arginine and glycine are highly effective against acid reflux esophagitis in rats. - PubMed - NCBI
"...To further investigate whether the protective effect of L-arginine is due to its physicochemical properties or mediated by its biological actions, we repeated the same experiments using D-arginine. As shown in Figure 3B, D-arginine (250 mg/kg) also provided good protection against the acid reflux esophagitis, the inhibition being 89.0%. Likewise, glycine (250~750 mg/kg) dose-dependently reduced the severity of the esophagitis, and the lesion score at 250 and 500 mg/kg was 37.1±14.7 mm2 and 12.6±4.1 mm2, respectively (Figure 4A). Complete inhibition by glycine was observed at 750 mg/kg (Figure 4B)."
Dec 25, 2014
Does it reverse the damage?

well if it's inflammation (as opposed to burn from acid) then stopping the inflammation and allowing the tissue to heal would fix the damage. But I'm not sold on the idea, acid definitely has an effect on the esophagus.


Feb 2, 2020
well if it's inflammation (as opposed to burn from acid) then stopping the inflammation and allowing the tissue to heal would fix the damage. But I'm not sold on the idea, acid definitely has an effect on the esophagus.
Hi Pimpnamedraypeat, I´m not sure what you mean by this. Do you think there´s better things to do?
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