Glucose Causes A Very Strong Blunting If Cortisol Response To Weightlifting, Ameliorate Growth


Sep 25, 2017
Influence of weight training exercise and modification of hormonal response on skeletal muscle growth. - PubMed - NCBI
( The most important parts are at the end)

With approval from the Institutional Review Board of the University of Southern
California, fifteen apparently healthy young men (18-25 y) recruited from the
University community volunteered to participate in the study. After explanation of
the study protocol and requirements, written informed consent was obtained
before testing began. All subjects had some recreational weight lifting experience,
but none were competitive lifters, or had participated in a weight lifting program
in the previous six months. All subjects were reported to be non-steroid users, and
had no history of any endocrine disorders, glucose intolerance, or chronic disease
that might influence their responsiveness to strenuous exercise.
Exercise Conditions
On an initial visit to the laboratory, each subject was tested for maximal strength
on Universal (Universal Gym Equipment, Inc.) equipment for the nine exercises
utilised in the protocol. These exercises included; bench press, seated rows,
shoulder press, lat pull downs, triceps extensions, biceps curls, leg press, leg
extensions, and leg curls. One repetition maximum (1RM) was determined as the
maximal amount of weight the individual could move through the full range of
motion only one time without change in body position, other than that dictated by
the specific exercise motion. No less than one week later, seven subjects returned
to the laboratory for the first of two exercise sessions to complete series 1 of the
study. Following a four hour fast, the subjects completed (on two occasions
separated by one week) the weight lifting routine, performing 3 sets of 10
repetitions of each exercise at 75% of their 1RM. One minute of rest was allowed
between sets, and two minutes of rest between exercises. Randomly assigned, one
session included the ingestion of a non-caloric placebo beverage, and the other
included the ingestion of a 6% CHO solution (Gatorade) - each a quantity of 8.5
ml per kg of body weight. The total volume of fluid was divided by 28 servings,
allowing for between 22.5 and 30 ml (1.5 and 2 Tbs) depending on body size to be
ingested between each set of exercise.
All exercise sessions were performed
between 1500 and 1600 to minimise the influence of diurnal variations on
hormone release.
For series 2, eight subjects began a 12-week individualised progressive
resistance training program one week following testing for maximal strength.
Training consisted of the nine exercises (previously mentioned) performed on
three alternate days per week. To the best of their ability, the subjects completed
three sets of 10 repetitions of each exercise at 75% of their 1RM. One minute of
rest was allowed between each set, and two minutes of rest between each exercise.
When the subjects were able to complete 12 repetitions on the third set, the
resistance was increased (approximately 50/0). Throughout the training regimen,
the subjects ingested (as randomly assigned) either a non-caloric placebo
beverage, or a 6% CHO solution (Gatorade) at regular intervals during each
training session - each a quantity of 8.5 ml per kg of body weight. All exercise
sessions were performed between 1500 and 1600 to minimise the influence of
diurnal variations on hormone release.

Important parts:
weight lifting exercise with 6% CHO ingestion significantly(p < 0.05)
elevated blood glucose and plasma insulin levels above baseline, as well as that
OCCUlTing with the placebo. This resulted in a significant blunting of the cortisol response
(7% with CHO compared to 99% with placebo).

Weight training exercise with CHO
ingestion resulted in significantly greater gains in both type I (19.1%) and type II (22.5%)
muscle fibre area than weight training exercise alone.

The bad side of the study was the small sample size (15 men) but since the difference of cortisol levels is huge I found worth posting

Edit: Forgive the bad grammar, my spell checker keeps trolling me


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Sep 7, 2016
nice!! but of this study a joke??? I coulda told ya this 100 years fact this was known a long time ago...thanks for posting!!


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Sep 25, 2017
About the dosage 8.5 ml x 70kg = 595ml

1 Gatorade (6%) contains 591ml = 34grams of glucose
So just 2 or 3 tablespoon of sugar would be enough
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