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Gift For Ray Peat #2

  1. $1,457 donated so far!!!! Wow!!!

  2. Aaaaaawwww....nice!!!
  3. upload_2016-12-18_18-59-0.png

    Excellent writer (also very popular). It's literature but with a greater purpose: stories are there merely to carry a meaningful message. @Such_Saturation, I think that you'd like this guy (a lot).
  4. That's a lot to read, my dude :bear:
  5. Then forget it, because his stories usually make sense by the end, but if you skip to the end you miss the context and it's less interesting..
    If you didn't read, you must be wondering: what that has to do with a gift for Ray?
  6. @Amazoniac @Such_Saturation might not have wondered, but I sure did - LoLoL - hint, hint, *stilldo*.
  7. I read it :cool
  8. Me too ❤
  9. It should be the last pages of your self-synthesizing program. :ss
  10. *touché* nice.
  11. So apparently a whopping >2k total was sent to Peat, with this reply: