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Getting Tinned/canned Oysters And Mussels In Non-PUFA Oil?

  1. Anybody manage to find mussels or oysters tinned in an oil that isn't PUFA? All I can find is crap like sunflower and cottonseed. :cry:
  2. Fresh from your local fishmonger? I can see other problems than pufa, such as source of the food and cooking methods. It's not surprising you can hardly find them canned. It would cost a huge lot for a canned product, definitely not something that a grocery shopper would pay for. Its more like something you'd get at a restaurant for the sea taste, and canning defeats this purpose.
  3. Yea, looks like I'm going to have get some fresh ones. :roll:
  4. In Canada where I live, Walmart, Superstore and Coop now carry Cloverleaf oysters packed in water. I do not know if Walmart carries them in the USA.

    Whole Pacific Oysters | Clover Leaf

    2 cans a week is good for zinc and no added PUFA.
  5. Just checked Amazon and no cloverleaf oysters there. I'm not in Canada.
    Seems there have been a lot of contamination problems with the fresh ones here.
    Can't remember what brand we've used, but the bumblebee packed in water sound good.
  6. Crown Prince has smoked oysters with garlic and butter. I made them into a soup with mushrooms.