Getting Over Long-Term Effects Of Nembutol (Liquid Pentobarbital) Overdose

Dec 25, 2014
Hello fellow peaters,

I have a friend who attempted suicide with nembutol about a year ago. He has since suffered from lethargy, diminished brain capacity, and other symptoms associated with barbituate overdose.

According to mainstream sources his diminished cognitive capabilities would point to long term cholinergic deficiencies. But ray peat

I have done research on the matter and steered him towards pregnenolone and DHEA, as well as coffee.

He might also be suffering from toxidrome; a chronic overload of toxins caused by the overdose.

I was wondering if there were any measures that could be taken to return him to a healthier more functional state.

Any recommendations welcome.


May 3, 2015
An overdose would really affect your friend's liver. Sounds like you and your friend will have similar issues.

Ray Peat tends to recommend the same things for most problems. OJ, milk and coffee during the day, milk and honey before bed, cottage cheese, roast potato with cream, butter or coconut oil, grated carrot with salt and vinegar, gelatin and gelatinous cuts of meat, not too much exercise and bag breathing or acetazolamide for increased CO2.

Avoid PUFA, raw cabbage, most raw veggies, muscle meat, grains not treated with soaking or souring...
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Sep 19, 2016
Id assume these issues are from ischemia as barbituates are cns depressents. I dont know the exact mechanisms for pentobarbital, but the good news is that all peat based help will help in some shape or form.

Id reccomend caffiene and aspirin primarily, maybe with some vitamin k2. Itll speed up bloodflow, raise androgens, lower cortisol and stress hormones, raise pregnenolone and progesterone as well as being cheap.

Coconut oil and activated charcoal will help with any liver damage. People say that saturated fats raise endotoxin, but it actually just helps process more endotoxin out of the system rapidly. Activated charcoal will prevent endotoxin overload.
Coconut oil and caffiene have been used to increase liver glycogen storage, and to heal liver damage (especially in the case of alcoholic fatty liver disease).

Id start with in the morning
100-300mg caffiene
325 dissolved aspirin
1.5mg k2 via kuinone or an equivalent k2 dosage through thorne

3tsp or more coconut oil throughout the day

1/4 cup activated charcoal at night

10-20g gelatin would help too with any fibrosis in the body

As for healing the brain directly, youre on the right path with the pregnenolone, but be careful with DHEA. Too much can cause estrogen to rise and thus be detrimental. Id think maybe a 1:5 ratio of dhea to pregnenolone would be a good ratio, but i havent put in enough time to be confident with that awnser yet.

If taking any drugs/steroids, nutrition needs to be on point otherwise stress hormones will be raised and cause damage to the body.

Good luck
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