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Gelatin gives me diarrhea

Discussion in 'Gelatin' started by zernebogus, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. zernebogus

    zernebogus Member

    Well the title says it all, however i eat it,either powdered or homemade it just makes me bloated, sleepy and gives me diarrhea. What could be the problem with it?. Everything i've read says that it is supposed to helpmydigestion. Should i just stop using it?.
  2. cliff

    cliff Member

    have you tried dissolving it in warm water?
  3. zernebogus

    zernebogus Member

    i always dissolve it in warm water.
  4. bradley

    bradley Member

    try the hydrolysated collagen
  5. Chemi

    Chemi Member

    Late reply though; It gives me diarrhea when I don't dissolve it in boiling water and cool it down into a jello block. Just a teaspoon of gelatin powder upset my digestion, though when I eat lots and lots of my gummy sheets with half a cups worth of gelatin it was perfectly fine.
  6. gretchen

    gretchen Member

    I've had diarrhea from gelatin as well a few days ago. However, my bowels are great today. Could be the high dose of aspirin (3 325mg tabs) I took yesterday. Salt might help also; dissolve some in water then drink some juice. That always seems to help.
  7. Destiny

    Destiny Member

    I had this happen with gelatin that I didnt dissolve properly in boiling hot water first. Like just rinsing it down with cold water or even mixed with warm water that was not hot enough to dissolve it though.

    I really like the hydolysate form when I dont want to eat or drink anything hot that would dissolve the regular gelatin first or I simply dont want the gelatin taste/texture :) The hydrolysed one is great, I even mix it in my corn cereal with cold milk and it blends right in.
  8. Winblo

    Winblo Member

    Gelatin also gives me terrible diarrhea. I can't even take a 1/4 tsp of it without getting diarrhea. And I always dissolve it in boiling water first. Gelatin also seems to give me severe heartburn!! When you can't even tolerate a small amount of it what are supposed to do. And why does gelatin affect me so negatively?!

    I am going to try the hydrolysated collagen and see if I can tolerate that any better. But if I can't tolerate that I am not sure what I am going to do.
  9. Winblo

    Winblo Member

    I just wanted to post a follow up to my post above.

    I have been taking the Great Lakes hydrolysated collagen for about a week and a half now and so far I am tolerating it very well. :) The regular gelatin gave me terrible diarrhea and nausea but the hydrolysated collagen does not upset my stomach/intestines at all. So, I couldn't tolerate even tiny amounts of the regular gelatin but I tolerate large amounts of the hydrolysated collagen just fine.
  10. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Winblo, thats great!

    Funny thing. I just got regular gelatin and have been nauseated since I got it. Didn't put 2 and 2 together but now that you said this, I suspect its the gelatin making me sick to my stomach.
  11. Swandattur

    Swandattur Member

    So, does gelatin as opposed to collagen (which is uncooked) feed some sort of bad gut bacteria some of us must have? I'm wondering why gelatin causes problems. Gelatin seems to cause my nose to get stuffy. I guess that might be the histamine in it. Come to think of it, histamine could cause the intestinal upset. Histamine seems to be one of the inflammatory bad guys in the serotonin/estrogen hormonal overbalance problem.
  12. Mittir

    Mittir Member

    Gelatine feeds bad bacteria. But hydrolysate collagen/gelatine are broken down into smaller parts and easier to digest.
    They use different methods to do this. One easy method is using enzymes like papain from papaya to break proteins in bone broth or gelatine mix.
  13. Swandattur

    Swandattur Member

    Mittir, Thank you for the information. I bought some of the Great Lakes brand collagen hydrolysate, but hadn't tried it yet, since I was afraid it might cause the same problems as gelatin does for me. I think I will go ahead and give it a try, now, in small doses at first, and see how it goes.
  14. BaconBits

    BaconBits Member

    I also noticed that I felt bad after beef gelatin. I could be that there are some kind of toxins inside the bone marrow or is the process used to make beef gelatin. It think they use acids for making gelatin out of bones and bovine skin and alkalines for pig skin. Type A and B gelatin are the industry terms. Pork gelatin is made from pig skin and should not have any toxins from the bone marrow on nervous system, like "mad cow disease" or any pesticides or poisons that could get to the bone marrow.

    Plus the pork gelatin smells much less then the beef and its easier to mask the smell with juice.
  15. Swandattur

    Swandattur Member

    That's interesting about pork gelatin. It would seem safer if they leave off the bones.
  16. FunkOdyssey

    FunkOdyssey Member

    I also tolerate great lakes collagen hydrolysate very well, after negative experiences with NOW brand gelatin powder.

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