Full-text access to JPET?

Dan Wich

Jan 22, 2013
Does anyone have full-text access to the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics? I'm working on a summary of the safety of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose in supplements, and the Dow Chemical Generally Recognized As Safe notification with the FDA has some odd references to a study on it.

Based on the abstract, it seems like the FDA notification is glossing over the results of the study, so I'd like to read the full text to make sure I'm not missing something. Anyone have access?

Dan Wich

Thread starter
Jan 22, 2013
Huh, that's weird, I only get a prompt to purchase journal access at that link. If it's giving you the full text, would you mind sending it to me?


Aug 9, 2012
there ya go.


  • J Pharmacol Exp Ther-1950-Hodge-112-7.pdf
    599.9 KB · Views: 33

Dan Wich

Thread starter
Jan 22, 2013
Thank you, Kiran! It's obvious (if not suprising) that the Dow report oversimplified these experiments a bit.
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