Fruit's Impacts On The Liver


May 16, 2018
Has anyone had issues with fruit messing up your liver? I'm in a terrible quandary about fruit. It makes me feel good, but I'm concerned that it may be having a negative effect on my liver. After many years of low-carb, in 2017, I did an 8-month stint of a 80-10-10 fruitarian diet. Felt great, but had some issues, and I wasn't sure if it was from the diet, because I simultaneously had a mold exposure. My liver enzymes had previously been normal, but they became elevated. I have since then gotten rid of the mold and stopped eating fruit, but my liver enzymes are still elevated, so I'm not sure if fruit had anything to do with it. But a lot of studies say that fruit messes with the liver and can contributed to non-alcoholic fatty liver. But I don't know if these studies are based on actual fruit or high-fructose corn syrup. So I'd like to go back to eating a lot of fruit as my primary carb source, but I'm worried that I'm messing myself up.


Sep 1, 2017
St. Louis, Missouri
This is mostly anecdotal, but I think a 80-10-10 fruitarian diet is not wise from my own personal experiences. Fruit is absolutely a wonderful food, but it is absolutely possible to over-do it. Between lack of macro and micronutrients (yes fruit has lots of micros, but not everything we need like B12, zinc, copper etc...) Not only that, I think it's lacking in glucose. Most fruits have a > 1:1 fructose to glucose ratio and I don't feel right even with a 1:1 ratio, I feel best at something like a 1:2 ratio (personally) which means I eat starch now too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with fruit, but I think getting 80% of calories from fruit is just way too much.

For a while I was liking a 70-80% carb diet (but with 50%+ from starch) and now I'm realizing while better, this is also not quite right. I thought dietary fat was bad. The real issue is mixing fats with carbs in the same meal. Taking fats out of your diet also introduces deficiencies, like the fat solubles. Plus, dietary fat is needed to produce various hormones in the body. There may be some merit to short term very low fat diets as intervention, I'm not sure, still forming an opinion on this, but I don't believe it's a long term strategy.

All just my 2c. As always, do what feel right to you.


Apr 13, 2019
I think overall a good ratio of macros would be 60% carbs 20% fat 20% protein. You could go lower fat and a bit more carb like 65, 15. But you still need saturated fats at certain levels. Carbs mix 50/50 starch and fruit. Minimize pufa is more important and then protein intake try to eat some with good amino acid ratios or add some gelatin once in awhile at least.
Nov 21, 2015
I just ate a bowl of home stewed fruit with about 20g of collagen. I feel full an hour later and not at all hungry, which is very unusual for me.


Thread starter
May 16, 2018
So how much fruit is too much? Is one fruit meal a day consisting of 7 bananas too much? And would you consider that to be partly starch?

And what sorts of starches do you recommend?

I feel so much better eating carbs, but I can't figure out why my liver enzymes are elevated (which they weren't when I was eating low-carb). And it's also tricky figuring out how to time my macros around each other. Fruit isn't supposed to be eaten with anything else, and starches shouldn't be combined with fat or protein, etc.
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