Fruit/Sugar And Candida


May 16, 2018
Do people have issues with sugar and candida? In particular, sugar from fruit? I was low-carb for many years, and I had major health issues, but I figured low-carb was helping me. But then last year, I did the unthinkable -- I went on a fruitarian diet. I didn't quite do 80/10/10, but more like 75/12/13, and I wasn't entirely vegan -- I used colostrum, which I need for my immunity. I felt amazing -- much better sleep, tons of energy, I was able to finally build muscle, etc. Who would have thought that fruit would do that? But I started losing my hair (which had been a problem even before fruitarian, but it got waaaay worse after I started eating fruit). Since my hair loss has gone up and down over the years, I figured this may not be due to fruitarian (it could just be its normal variability), but it was just getting worse and worse, so I figured I was probably having nutritional deficiencies, and I stopped the fruitarian diet after 8 months, but still continued to eat one fruit meal per day.

It's been 9 months now that I'm back to eating a non-fruitarian diet (with one fruit meal per day, so about 1/3 of my calories are from fruit), and the hair loss hasn't gotten better -- it's only continued getting worse. Suspecting candida as a major contributor to this, I've been doing candida treatments, and they seem to help in reducing my hair loss, but as soon as I stop treating, the hair loss increases again, which tells me that candida is a major issue for me in terms of the hair loss.

Here's what I'm wondering -- is fruit making it impossible for me to get my candida under control? I've tried stopping or cutting back on fruit a couple times since all this started, and I feel like ***t without it -- horrible sleep, no energy, etc. So my body is saying it wants fruit, but is it making me have out-of-control candida, or is the candida being stubborn for some other reason? Nowdays, low-carb is all the rage, and fruit/sugar is made out to be a bad guy, esp. for candida. But I'm not sure I buy that.

Anyone have experience with fruit and candida and whether I'm screwing myself up by eating fruit (and therefore sugar from fruit)?

Please note:

1) I am not looking for (or welcoming of) suggestions about hair loss in general. I guarantee you that whatever it is you want to suggest, I've already been down that road. In this thread, I am only looking for a discussion about fruit and candida (as it relates to hair loss).

2) I am not looking for (or welcoming of) suggestions for how to treat candida. I am only looking for a discussion about fruit and candida.


Sep 25, 2019
I have spent a lot of time following a mostly fruitarian diet. I was vegan for 8 years. Now I am getting about 1/3 of my calories from skim milk. I think a lot of fruit is beneficial, but you have to go extremely low fat, especially low PUFA. I think you should keep fat under 5% of calories, if you are going to eat a lot of fruit. I say this because eating fruitarian almost always means eating frequently, and so you want as little fat in your blood as possible, because fat will slow the time it takes to get sugar from the blood to the cells, and that is when candida will proliferate.


Feb 23, 2020
How do you know that your problema are fue to candida overgrowth?
Did you do some lab test for diagnose It?


Nov 21, 2019
Since peating with lots of fruit my scalp flaking won’t stop. Unsure if this is candida. I will try topical miconazole soon and see if it stops. If it does, it might be the fruit. Do you have tons of scalp flakes, too?
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