Frozen oyster/shrimp sources?

Dan Wich

Jan 22, 2013
Anyone have any recommendations for frozen-shipped seafood? My local stores aren't reliable for non-farmed, non-canned oysters/shrimp.

So far Cajun Grocer looks decent for gulf shrimp. You can get them for around $12/lb shipped (peeled and deveined, individually-quick-frozen) if you get the smaller shrimp and larger quantities.

Any other suggestions?


Sep 22, 2013
No experience with any mailorder shrimp sources, but just FYI I have been able to reliably find frozen wild caught shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico at the Costco here. They are about $40 for a four pound bag if I remember correctly. Don't have a membership myself but my mom does so sometimes I'll make a trip there with her and stock up. Might be worth a look if you know someone with a membership, but even if you don't here is a potential way around it: ... rship.html


Jun 14, 2013
Tucson, AZ
From what I've been lead to understand, when it comes to oysters "farmed" ones are actually preferred over wild ones for the most part. Since oysters are filter feeders the farmers have no need to feed them anything, good or bad. They probably really couldn't feed them even if they tried since osmosis would wash away anything they put into the water.(ocean) Farming also doesn't damage the reefs of natural oyster beds here/there/wherever which is very eco-friendly. They basically have to dredge wild ones up out of the natural sediment.

There were a few other key points but those are the main two that stood out in my mind. I just googled "farmed vs. wild oysters" or something along those lines. :2cents
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