From Crippling Anxiety/Not Function To Feeling Better - But Still Confused


Jul 11, 2019
Hey everybody,

I have tried pretty much every diet under the sun for the past ten years on a quest to find the perfect diet for my body/mind. When I was 20 I ate pretty much whatever I wanted and felt great - no anxiety, had a job, etc.

Right around age 21 some very stressful stuff happened to me that threw my life off it’s Course. I dealt with this through extreme dieting and after a few years of doing so - I could barely even function. My anxiety was so bad that I rarely left the house. I lost my job, my savings, my friends, everything other than family in the process. It’s taken me close to ten years to realize that this may have all been caused by a vegetarian diet, an obsession with trying to fast often, veganism at times, and bouncing back between diet to the next - from keto to high carb , to meditarraren etc.

For the past ten years of my life I have been in a mental Hell hole constantly worrying about whether I’ll be able to pay my bills and even afford food. On top of that I can’t handle communicating with people for longer than 2 minute periods otherwise I get so anxious I feel I’m going to faint ( unless they are people I know well )

About a week and a half ago I started peating after having a strong urge one morning to go out and buy whole milk and mix large amounts of white sugar in it. Milk was something I loved growing up and I hadn’t had a glass of it in over 8 years. Long story short - it made me feel incredible and has every day since. My mental chatter has gone away significantly even though it’s no where near perfect. Can anxiety be caused by calcium deficiency ?

My diet probably isn’t perfect right now but I need to get this stress and anxiety and Hell life situated otherwise I feel like no amount of food , even a perfect diet is going to save me from what my body has endured.

Is there anything wrong with drinking a gallon of whole milk a day ? I’m thinking’s I’m getting too much calcium but I feel like my body is begging me for it.

Aside from that I’m eating what meat I can afford and white bread because it’s cheap. I supplement magnesium and vitamin e. White rice and carrot salad often as well with lots of butter.

I was concerned that the sugar was going to really impact my health because I’m tired after eating, although not horribly tired and I can still function well - especially for the first 45 mins after sugared milk. I’m thinking that maybe my stress is just lowering and because of that I’m tired because my body and mind is finally in less of a fight or flight mechanism ? I feel really good doing what I’m doing but I wanted to check and see what you all think.

Coming from a high pufa diet of soy , fake meat and soy milk , peanut butter etc ...

Thanks in advance
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May 12, 2015
San Diego, CA
Sorry you had to go through all that. Sounds terrible, but I’m glad you are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel!

My 2c: The milk is proving nutrients that you have been missing for some time due to extreme dieting / diets. The calcium can be one, but likely not the only. I’d throw eggs in the mix too to give you some high quality bioavailable nutrients.

The extra sugar is likely just bringing down your stress hormones, and allowing you to feel a little calmer / more at peace. Carb deficiency (outside of keto, where the body adapts to it) always raises the stress hormones, can make people feel “On edge”, and give insomnia.

However, I do not think that piles of white sugar and white bread are going to be sustainable. You might feel good now, but you’ll eventually run into other nutrient deficiencies (thiamine, other b-vitamins, potassium, etc.) that can impact your health / mood.

I know its tough with your budget currently, but whenever you are able to, I’d swap out the white sugar, white bread, and white rice with more whole food sources such as fruits, brown rice, honey / agave, etc.

You’d probably do well on a whole-food based high carb, moderate-to-high protein (from animal sources) diet, I would guess.


Jun 13, 2019
It’s fine if you crave it. if you find your mental capabilities stabilizing you can switch to 1% milk for long term sustainability


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Jul 11, 2019
Thanks for the great input guys. I am still drinking lots of whole milk with white sugar and am feeling quite good. Gaining a little weight but I figured I would. Time to get more exercise! And as for the tip about changing my sugar source - I will be doing that after I finish this 4 lb bag of Domino.


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Aug 9, 2020
Have you tried using aspirin? Of any supplement I've tried aspirin has helped my depression immensely. Though do remember to have adequate or more Vitamin K1/k2 if using it regularly. And glycine?? I think it was.
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