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Found The Root Cause Of My Hairloss And Now Im Pissed

Discussion in 'Hair & Nails' started by Hairlosssucks, May 4, 2018.

  1. Im pissed off with myself and doctors, because all i had was a vitamin d deficiency and minor iron one.

    This chronic telogen effluvium didn't have to happen. Me being dark skin didn't think to get out in the sun nor did the doctor. I've been supplementing for 2 weeks, my hair fall has returned to normal. I can no longer pull out my armpit hairs. My hair on arms is curling round back to its original shape. My hairs on my head are curling back to its normal texture.

    Now since i was shedding for so long some of my hairs have probably miniaturized and some of my follicles are stunted in their growth. Will never be able to return to its original density.

    FFS none of this had to happen.
  2. What are doing differently?
  3. benaoao

    benaoao Member

    Look I’m a pharmacist and we’ve been brainwashed during pharma school into thinking a poor digestion/bloating/reflux is because of TOO MUCH stomach acid and not too little, and therefore you should take antacids/PPIs or just suck it up princess, because it’s just how it goes when you age digestion and metabolism aren’t good.

    Only very recently have I understood how TOO LITTLE stomach acid (Hypochlorhydia) is the root cause / the first step on the chain that leads to so many digestion and inflammation related issues. And when you’re aging the stomach produces less acid and will benefit from a “help”.

    The list is too long: vitamin deficiency, leaky gut, bloat, GERD, auto immune diseases, cholesterol, thyroid and so on.

    I’m half pissed half happy about it. Look forward with confidence that you’ll be healthier for longer. Pissed because this whole stomach acid crap has been known for one god damn century, and all we do these days is sell pills that only make the matter worse. I’m thinking of taking notes of doctors who prescribe shitty PPIs long term and give them a call. Stop slowly killing your patients if you’re about healing people not cashing in checks.

    Dr. Royal Lee from the September 18, 1933 issue of The Vitamin News

    Vitamins need a very acidic stomach to be digested. Connecting the dots... This led me to eat even less fat, even more fruits and tubers, and stop it with the junk. Supplementing taurine, enzymes, eventually betain HCl before a heavier meal. Lemon, Apple cider vinegar and other more natural ways of dealing with this issue come to mind.
  4. biffbelvin

    biffbelvin Member

    You would be a good candidate for a transplant if, in a years time, you have no additional hair loss.
  5. sunraiser

    sunraiser Member

    You’re right but your coping mechanisms are temporary and not addressing the root cause. Iodine, B1 and zinc plus properly salivating food are imperative for properly digesting food, removing endotoxin and inflammation and properly taking in nutrients. These nutrients are involved in stomach acid production but don’t work alone.

    In turn you need all the other thyroid minerals to properly metabolise the above. Red light and sunshine are essentially surrogates for them.

    Intracellular magnesium is imperative for many of these nutrients to be metabolised, but forcing it with P5P will not lead to robust health. You must have good intake of pro thyroid minerals through food with minimal supplementation, listening to dietary cravings for whole foods to restore this balance. Salivating food is imperative, too, though it won’t be enjoyable unless you have at least some iodine intake. (225mcg brought back some semblance of saliva for me).

    You cannot cannot cannot hope to recover until you restore a sense of natural intuition and weather the storm slightly. Sugar will only increase the need for alkalising minerals so while it might make you feel better in the short term it’ll make you far worse in the medium term.
  6. OP

    Hairlosssucks Member

    Im just supplementing with vitamin d3 and iron atm t bring my levels back up.
  7. dbh25

    dbh25 Member

    How low were your Vitamin D and iron levels?
  8. OP

    Hairlosssucks Member

    Didn't bother getting them printed out, doctor said i needed to supplement asap, chances are if you're dark skin and had become a bit of a recluse like me you could be deficient.
  9. lampofred

    lampofred Member

    No worries man... Even MPB is reversible if your metabolism is fast enough and you have enough CO2, so I'm sure hair loss from a vitamin deficieny will definitely reverse, especially since you're following Peat principles.
  10. RisingSun

    RisingSun Member

    Why dwell on the past when future shows bright promise
  11. Sunny Jack

    Sunny Jack Member

    The iron deficiency part of the cause is interesting. I wonder if some guys here who continue to experience MPB while following Peat/Roddy advice are assuming that they need to deplete iron without checking if their levels are in fact too low.

    Anyway, thanks for updating us!
  12. dbh25

    dbh25 Member

    What did your doctor recommend for optimal Vitamin D, iron and ferritin?
  13. Luckytype

    Luckytype Member

    Do you have any actual numbers here?

    Chances are vitamin d is likely a single missing (bit still vital) link in a much larger chain.

    You cant just go megadosing D without watching other things...
  14. pinacolada

    pinacolada Member

    My doctor suggested I take 1g of vitamin K for every 20kui of vitamin d. What else were you thinking?
  15. Luckytype

    Luckytype Member

    As far as hairloss?

    You absolutely have to consider other energetic things. Is your thyroid function good and calories good?

    Also everyone has to keep in mind the long term. there is a really solid chance that the actual energetic situation in your body was one that in many people would cause things like hair loss, but because the body is so incredibly resilient maybe it took two or three or four years.

    in that time chances are there are ton of other things that have been slowed depleted stopped and just by chance you are noticing it now

    I know for a fact my body was hanging on by a single shred for probably three or four years and they were earlier times in my life when my stress was much higher than when my hair fall started that my body should've probably quit on me
  16. pinacolada

    pinacolada Member

    No not hairloss. My vitamin d was low.
  17. Luckytype

    Luckytype Member

    Crap, sorry my mistake. If you can get UV and do something like 50k a week it will change quickly. Do a quick search on my threads created. I was able to basically double my D in less than 3 months by UV once a week and using D, but with liver, 5mg a week of K and vit E
  18. pinacolada

    pinacolada Member

    Great thank you!
  19. Luckytype

    Luckytype Member

    Yep and for whatever its worth, i wasnt sure how my absorption of the supplement would be so I split it 5000 in the morning and 5000 in the evening 5-6 days a week. The evening was sometimes on my skin if I felt like it but usually just orally. The thread explains it a bit more
  20. BrianF

    BrianF Member

    I think the answer to that could be racial. If you are of Northern European descent, you will almost certainly never be deficient in iron. Especially Scandinavian and Celts. The OP states that he is dark skinned, without much else to go on, that suggest non-european heritage and might well be quite deficient.