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Fluoride And Mexican Coca Cola

Discussion in 'Additives' started by charlie, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    All this talk about fluoride got me to thinking. Does Mexican Coke have fluoride in it? :confused
  2. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Ugggh, so I called the 1-800 number on the bottle and talked to a nice gentleman. He said since they use the local water supply, that whatever is in the water supply would also be in the coke. He said there are several places in Mexico that bottle it, so it would be hard to pin point what comes from where.

    So, I guess, yesterday, I enjoyed my last bottle........... of coke!. :banghead :cuss
  3. j.

    j. Member

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  4. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    It probably comes back to the same thing, what water supply are they using.....
  5. ratcheer

    ratcheer Member

    RP has mentioned - in a radio interview I think - that Mexican Coke will usually NOT have fluoride. Not many places in Mexico fluoridate their water.
  6. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    Ratcheer, welcome to the forum! :welcome

    That would be some great news if so. But, the guy on the phone said most likely it would have fluoride. Maybe he doesn't know the entire story, I dunno.
  7. FunkOdyssey

    FunkOdyssey Member

    I can imagine much worse things than flouride in local mexican water sources.

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  8. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    :rolling I have some coke for sale, cheap. :drinkingbuddies
  9. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    That was what came to my mind when I thought about this.
  10. slayers

    slayers Member

    its almost impossible to tell if it contains it
  11. PeatFeat

    PeatFeat Member

    I too avoid fluoride at all costs due to my slow thyroid. That being said, I don't think an occasional coke made with fluoridated water is going to do much harm. Being too strict with any diet or eating style can have it's negative effects, which i've learned. Don't deprive yourself of something you enjoy for a relatively insignificant reason. Trust me, the stress would likely do more harm than good. Besides, we don't even know for sure if they use fluoride in their water.
  12. charlie

    charlie Administrator

    PeatFeat, thats some good advice about not "stressing it". I do have my one coke a day which I don't stress at all. I actually quite enjoy it. :)
  13. pboy

    pboy Member

    Anyone ever tried using a home carbonation machine to make their own soda?

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