Fish heads and chicken necks, oh my!


Nov 1, 2012
I picked up fish heads and carcass for .75 a pound and made fish stock. I made New England Clam Chowder with the stock which everyone ate. I really like it when the whole family eats pro-thyroid food. All except my daughter who didn't eat it because of the dairy. Today, I decided to try another recipe using the fish stock. I had not noticed with the clam chowder because of the hnh that the stock is VERY gelatinous. So, besides thyroid, it has gelatin! The only drawback is that it is fishy.

The chicken necks were .99 a pound. When I started cooking them, the smell reminded me of my mom cooking turkey neck for broth to use in her stuffing at Thanksgiving.I guess fowl necks all smell the same?

Thanks to Jenn and Mittir for recommending these great and inexpensive foods!


Jun 12, 2013
I finally got hold of a chicken neck - when I bought a whole chicken the other day, the neck was inside the body cavity. I already cooked the chicken, but kept the neck back to try for the thyroid in it. I couldn't find this recipe you were talking about. But by making a broth, the thryoid will be in the broth?


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Nov 1, 2012
That is what I buy, Daimyo. Mittir mentions buying more of the chicken to make sure thyroid gland is included.

Mittir said:
I was using store bought neck to make chicken soup and noticed the
intensity of effect was varying. Chicken's thyroid glands is at the base of
the neck. If they cut the neck little bit above then thyroid gland might be
missing. I am planning on using the whole neck including ribcage for future soups.


Feb 9, 2014
Anyone know how much PUFA a is in chicken necks? I looked it up and one website said 0.5g for the meat of the neck and the orher website said 1.5g PUFA. I try to keep PUFA a very very low, as I am on a very very low fat protocol right now. But I suppose I could always take the thyroid out and leave the neck behind and just boil the thyroid to get the hormones out without any PUFA.

Anyone knows how heat stable thyroid hormone is?


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Nov 1, 2012
I cool the broth and remove the fat that solidifies on the top. I use the broth in soups but discard the rest or give it to my dogs.
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