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Fat On Breast Area, Enlarged Areolas, Large Lower Lip, Prostate "issues"

Discussion in 'Male Issues' started by DavePalumbo, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. DavePalumbo

    DavePalumbo Member

    Oct 1, 2017
    I am in my mid 20s now.
    Since exactly the time entering puberty my fat storage changed permanently to be on my breast area.
    No matter how thin or overweight I get, the visible fat is predominately on the breast area.
    When I reach a certain weight then the fat begins to also sit on my upper arms, shoulders, my thighs and thereabout.

    I thought it was estrogen causing the breast fat issue so I took an aromatase inhibitor and crashed my estrogen (join pain, insomnia, anxiety, burning skin, etc.) for a week. I took a dht gel and repeatedly, for multiple weeks, crashed my estrogen again.
    This did nothing to solve the fat storage issue but I did find out that my estrogen may be low because elevating my estrogen makes me feel good (masculine, confident, etc.), and estrogen lowering drugs or antagonists even in small amounts produce strong side-effects.

    My prostate has also been sensitive my entire teen years up until now.
    I don't have issues with urine control, flow, etc., (except when I take large dosages of pregnenolone) but I do feel like there is a lump in my end colon which gets worse after ejaculating (because the prostate temporarily swells).
    Sexual abstinence only makes this prostate issue worse. I'm talking 3 days to a week to longer.

    One interesting this is that my areolas tend (obviously some is temperature dependent) to be slightly enlarged. Applying dht to my nipple areas crashed my estrogen severely but did not shrink my areolas whatsoever.
    My theory is that the enlarged areolas may be caused by progesterone or prolactin?

    My lower lip is somewhat enlarged as seen in some big-boned, fat guys, also seen in some acromegaly patients. My upper lip is like you'd expect it to be for a male.
    I do have signs of acromegaly (enlarged hands and feet, underbite, wide shoulders, tall, etc.) but I suspect those to be simply a bizarre combination of inherited traits. I did have a brain mri to test for a brain pituitary tumor and nothing was found. I have also had a hormone test done (stupidly I ejaculated before taking the test in the early morning) which showed slightly elevated prolactin (normal levels for post-masturbation prolactin elevations) but nothing even close to excessive or acromegaly levels.

    My head is a bit egg shaped. Hate to say it. Very likely to be inherited from my father.
    Forehead is long and sloped, jaw prominent. Why mention this? I've seen a connection with other physical and mental traits in men. Men with long and sloped foreheads tend to be gay (but I am hetro) or feminine. Eggy heads tend to be seen in women with high progesterone, I think. It looks sort of manly but then not totally.
  2. A.R

    A.R Member

    Oct 14, 2016
    You could try low dose 3mg< Progesterone. Ray peat says at this dose, progesterone can shrink the prostate, and not interfere with testosterone. Also you can try zinc supplements(if you haven't already).