Fasting Blood Glucose Down From 200 To 120 With Magnesium

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    Aug 9, 2013
    A few days ago I randomly decided to take my fasting blood glucose. It had been consistently 110-120 in the past, which is a bit high already. This time it was 200, and was around 190 the next day.

    I was pretty shocked, and worried. Tried some niacinamide and aspirin, and it didn't come down really all day on either of the days. Well, it went down to 140 after the gym and 500mg of niacinamide on one of the days.

    Then I read Haidut's thread on calcium antagonists Calcium Antagonists May Completely Reverse Diabetes, and realised two things: (1), i've been taking quite a lot of egg shell calcium in the last 2-3 weeks which I normally do not do and (2) I'd started drinking coffee again recently and to counteract the acidic stomach reactions to it, had been taking Rennie tablets quite absent-mindedly, which I didn't know are 850mg of calcium carbonate per tablet! Some days I would be taking 2. So i guess I could have been heaving up to 5000mg of calcium per day :/

    So I took a large amount of magnesium bicarbonate water yesterday (haven't used magnesium in a long time), and this morning the fasting glucose was down to 120.

    Now, this is only a few days, and I had been a bit sick for those days, as well as gone to the gym quite heavily on both days, so it may not be a fair test.

    But i'm going to stop the calcium and up the magnesium for a few days and continue to monitor.

    What's also funny, is that they say that if you have a fasting blood glucose above 140 for 2 days, you HAVE DIABETES, as if that's it forever. And then the next day I'm below that level. Haidut also posted an article about blood glucose variability in non-diabetics, which was interesting.

    Edit: I also tried 200mg of thiamine on the 2 days when the range hardly came down. One day it stayed in the high 100s all day, before and after meals, even with thiamine, aspiring and 1000mg of niacinamide.
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    Jan 4, 2017
    I've been experiencing dizziness with too much sugar from sodas, things that antagonize estrogen, or things that raise metabolism. The only thing that helps consistently is Magnesium. It's been a few weeks doing this and it never seems to fail. I wonder if I was having blood sugar issues all along too.

    Kale and broccoli help my dizziness too. I'm guessing from the magnesium and other minerals in them that help blood sugar be in range.
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