Extreme Reaction To Only Little Selenium/ Sub Acute Thyroiditis ?

Mr. Sick

Apr 21, 2017
Hello guys, nice to be here.

I have a huge problem I can't wrap my head around.

short version:

At the end of january I took only 100 mcg of selenium yeast to boost my thyroid a little, since my country is rather low in selenium.
So I took it at lunch. And felt great the whole day. Energy/talkative etc. But the very first night I noticed that it has gone wrong (again). i couldn't fall asleep until 3 in the night. The next 6 days were similar. Only 3 days after, my pharyngal got red and swollen. Doctor got me two prednisone (cortisone) pills and it was back to normal. But a slightly swelling returned. And stayed with me for the last 3 Month. On some days i couldn't really feel it. On other days it feels like I am sick, even though I am pretty sure that I don't have an infection (no green/yellow spit etc.)
I kinda feel sick since then. I had my thyroid checked mid february: TSH 2,5 / CRP 0,06 (<0,5) / Thyroid antibodies well within range. (He was too greedy to check for thyroid levels)
Got another test in early april: TSH 1,6 / CRP 0,07 / Thyroid antibodies well within range.

Well I feel ***t. I feel weak in my legs. My pharyngal is annoying. I have spikes in resting pulse and blood pressure. sometimes the pulse is as high as 100 (I think 70 was normal for me). Most of the time it's pressing against the 80 mark. Since 3 days it's more like 85. My systolic blood pressure is usually low, 100 - 110. Now it spikes to 140 sometimes.
I don't sweat most of the times. Instead I feel rather cold quite a lot. I don't have diarrhea but since 2 days stool is quite "soft".
Another big problem: Since 3 days I have an anxiety-like feeling.

i know stuff like being cold doesn't sound like hyperthyroidism but I really think this is my problem here. Notice how my TSH "improved" in ~45 days. Is it possible that some people are wsx more sensitive to thyroid hormones so they get symptoms even when they are still in (upper) range of thyroid hormones? Maybe because thyroid hormones stimulate the production of adrenaline/noradrenaline?
Also I want to add that there also seems to exist something like silent thyroiditis, which seems to be a light version of the subacute thyroiditis. Silent thyroiditis has no thyroid pain and I found a study with 5 people who had it and there crp was said to not be elevated.

And unfortunately, I have a back story with sub acute thyroidism.

Last year january, I took 150 mcg selenium yeast for several days. i felt quite energetic and good, but my throat got swollen a little. So i though I maybe need some more Iodine. I bought some at the drugstore. 150 mcg. But what I only noticed afterwards: it was sodium-iodate, not iodide.
i got a very strange feeling where my thyroid was, which I never felt before. Not good. went to doctor:
TSH was 1,7 / CRP was 1,88 (<0,5). She said everything's fine, I just have a cold.
I cought a bad virus after and had very stressful time. In mid march last year, I had to go to the hospital with catostrophic inflammation markers and resting pulse of 110........

Nobody knows why sub acute thyroiditis (de Quervain) occurs, but you can read everywhere that a virus infection and severe stress is supposed to be the most probable cause. Well, I had both. And if it wasn't this, I suspected the iodate.

And now I ****88 my health up so bad.....

Anybody got any ideas what is happening? I searched the whole web, forums and professional sources, I seem to be the only one on this planet that reacts badly to one small anount of selenium one time.
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Mr. Sick

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Apr 21, 2017
Another big symptom I forgot to mention: insomnia returned. I really have troubles sleeping at night the last months. it's gruesome. I can fall asleep but I wake at 2 to 4 in the morning and cannot go back to sleep. Odd enough: As soon as it's daytime I feel really awake. It's a little bit unpleasant. It's like you are so awake, that there is some slight pressure on your eyes, hard to describe. And there are still symptoms of sleep deprivement.

I had several essential and toxic metals checked. Copper was the only one that was deficient. I startet supping 2mg a day and sleep improved trmendously. I thought things started to get better. Until I had some kind of anxiety (or thyrotoxicosis?) shock 5 days ago with high pulse and blood pressure for many hours. Since then, it's worse.

I also tested for bioavailability of vitamin B1, B2 and B6. B6 was very good, but I was deficient in B1 and especially in B2. I think this could be another sign of increased metabolism due to thyroid since B1 and B2 are highly involved in metabolism and energy.


Oct 6, 2012
Have you tried getting your copper from eating liver and selenium and iodine from oysters and shell fish? If your copper was low, what were your levels of zinc, selenium, manganese and your alkaline minerals?

Mr. Sick

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Apr 21, 2017
Have you tried getting your copper from eating liver and selenium and iodine from oysters and shell fish? If your copper was low, what were your levels of zinc, selenium, manganese and your alkaline minerals?

Hello Ella
I try to eat liver at least every 2 weeks, but it doesn't really go that way in the end. After my experiences, I am not sure, if I will ever even touch selenium rich food.

Unfortunately, I don't have a blood sample from end of january, where i took than selenium pill. But here are the whole blood values from end of march:
copper 0,67 (0,7 - 1,39)
selenium 98,6 (85 - 147)
zinc 5,1 (4,5 - 7,5)
manganese 10,0 (8,3 - 15)

alkaline minerals are electrolytes? I only have:
Magnesium 31,4 (30 - 40)

Mr. Sick

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Apr 21, 2017
Update: It's going downhill.... I await the results of yet another test but it looks like the thyroid isn't the problem here. At least not directly?

On top of that I had to start the beta blocker Propranolol 6 days ago, because the symptoms got really bad. The good news is, that propranolol is basically easing all the symptoms. If I take 10mg 3x a day, I can have something like 7h of sleep (maybe not the best though but this is a major improvement)
If I take only 5mg 3x a day, I still awake after 2 hours and cannot go back to sleep even though my heart rate is only around 70.

because of this and because all these symptoms fit, I suspect Noradrenaline/Norepinephrine to be the problem. http://www.livestrong.com/article/138774-high-norepinephrine-symptoms/

But I am completely lost in dealing with this. Go-to-supplement is supposed to be Magnesium. But I cannot tolerate Magnesium. I tried ddifferent forms during the years but paradoxically it always gave me insomnia after a few days of supplementing.
Theanine might also work. I should give it a try soon.


Mar 27, 2018
I had an EXTREME reaction somewhat similar to what you have described here from supplementing just about 2 mg of iodine (iodoral type supplement) (Swanson triple iodine complex) very scary stuff this was about 6 months ago still slowly recovering
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