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Experiences With Tianeptine?


New Member
Mar 12, 2017
Looks like this thread is old but still active. That said, I used tianeptine in 2009 when I was suffering from crippling Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder after intense and prolonged emotional trauma.

I ordered from India (live in US) and got 12.5 mg foil packs of tianeptine sodium salts and dosed at 3x daily . I noticed improvement in my symptoms within the first day. I had been living the horrors of DP/DR for nearly two years and was desperate but didn't want to use benzos. I only used tianeptine for a few months and stopped with no problems whatsoever.

Now I am exhausted from dealing with soul numbing depression that has plagued me for years. I ordered tianeptine sulfate, as I have read that it is more effective for depression than the sodium salt variety. I intend to titrate up to 40 mg over a few days unless I see positive results at a lower dose.

Is the sulfate easier to weigh and handle? Does it absorb water less readily than the salts? I purchased a scale and thought I might cut parchment or wax paper to measure it out on and fold it up for transporting.

I don't relish trying to ingest this dry or sublingually. I have Esophagitis and doing so would be foolhardy. So I am wondering if instead of making a solution in liquid (which I understand is undesirable), I could stir it into olive oil and swallow it. That would probably create a suspension and hopefully not alter the sulfer bond.

Any thoughts?

Also, any more word on scrutiny by law enforcement following the death in Texas that was linked to tianeptine? What is the shelf life? I may want to stock up.


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Jun 17, 2017
Ha, yeah, and I believe it should remain active for at least a little while longer because I've read some interesting stuff on this thread and decided to join raypeat forum to reply to this message and to give the rest of the site some exploration as well.
Ginsa I'm sorry to hear about your unique mental health diagnoses, and I know that depersonalization / derealization is somewhat rare as a recognizable entity from what I know so far about common psychiatric practices and mental disorders, generally speaking. But that aside I did want to share a few thoughts in response to your post here.
Firstly, I wanted to say that swallowing olive oil is a good way to make yourself puke, because one time I tried it (possibly in excessive amounts) and was profoundly nauseated afterwards, but I know that I have the Tianeptine sodium in my possession and have had it for a week or two. Furthermore, I've done quite a bit of research on it that I will be continuing, and have interesting links and articles that I could cite any information I provide to this forum for the most part if this thread is, indeed, still active.
But yeah, I can't attest to the sulphate's efficacy, but recently I read a study (citation provided upon request) that mentioned "striking" decreases in serotonin and norepinephrine levels in circulating blood after administration of tianeptine and have been just contructing a growing model of how this stuff works inside my head and for what it can be useful for. It is after all, one of the few resources available to a large portion of the general public as it is so available online.
subjectively, i can say that after ingesting anywhere from 10-65mg ( I don't have an accurate measure ) I have experienced different results at different times and at different periods in a work week and such. I have a few personal accounts that might be able to provide insight into what it's been useful to me for so far and what is hasn't been and so on and so forth so here we go.
Initially, I noticed side effects that included moderate constipation and changes in bowl motility. It's impossible not to connect the seemingly undeniable dots as they appear after using the restroom the next day or whatever.
Also, working as a super-ultra-fast fast food worker with a billion things going on at any second on the job, this drug, after ingesting 15-45mg and after having worked 10-4 already that same day, really spoiled my capacity to keep up with what I needed to be doing and took me far out of my comfort zone. I was slow, my ability to react was blunted, my perception was slightly and superficially distorted by this feeling that I was not entirely catching up with the moments that were passing me, ever so quickly, and my ability to get stressed out over any of this was strangely absent. So I was sort of screwed at first, after showing up at work, but somehow and I did feel blessed by this, everyone around me started switching roles at work, and I ended up in a role, like uncannily fast, that was perfect for the mood / mindset I had incidentally produced by taking this stuff. Granted, I always keep caffeine in my wallet for emergencies, but things resolved on their own for me this time. The take home, TLDR I can offer is, don't experiment with this stuff if you need to be anxious, stressed, and absolutely as collected as possible in your capacity to move at high speeds with many variables all at once for extended periods of times.
Tonight, after a workout that was very comprehensive and challenging for me, to the point of total body exhaustion, and during my first week of returning to vigorous cardio on a daily basis (every now and then separated by a rest day, characterized by 3 miles on the elliptical running high resistance and running hard) and following this with full body resistance training, I was sort of feeling defeated and strained and utterly like crap. Unwilling to even make food, I crawled into bed and was experiencing dysphoria and anxiety. Well, after a very healthy meal I decided to for the first time try 2mg etiz and 50?mg of tianeptine and I have good things to say about the way I'm feeling right now. I am certain that my mood is consistent with the way it should be on a nice Saturday evening now, and expect sleep will come easily. ( I suffer from insomnia and sleep latency issues currently).
Okay. I have been trapped in a habitual computer game-work cycle for a while doing nothing much but either of those things and this has been resolving itself lately by means of neuromodulators. Tianeptine has helped me to feel less anxiety and to feel happier on my days off of work and that can be appreciated on an as needed basis.

Does anyone else find it really special to experience a substance or compound that's safe, readily available, and so noticeable in a different way than caffeine, coffee, cigarettes, nicotine, or anything else that you've had experience with observing the effects of? Because that's something I've noted recently that I like about tianeptine. It has potential as an anti-asthmatic agent and it really improves my gym workouts in a way that is hard to describe but if I'm breathing significantly better while taking it. That might become the go-to use for this stuff in my life in the future. My lungs have suffered serious damage over the years from smoking and whatnot, not to mention exercise induced asthma may be in my genes. So, yeah so far I think I've contributed a lot of what intrigues me about this stuff in terms of how it has affected me and I guess I'll let y'all know more about aerobic exercise capacity on it when I get a chance to try it.
Having been stuck with stupid old coffee and stupid expensive kratom for months and finally having this is interesting to me.
I guess if I had a question, it would be has anyone ever used vinpocetine plus tianeptine? If so, what for? what'd it do for you? and what else can tianeptine be combined with to produce therapeutic effect?


May 8, 2017
Saw this couple months ago (2017), didn't think to post it on this forum, already was assuming this:

The Behavioral Effects of the Antidepressant Tianeptine Require the Mu-Opioid Receptor. - PubMed - NCBI

Depression is a debilitating chronic illness that affects around 350 million people worldwide. Current treatments, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, are not ideal because only a fraction of patients achieve remission. Tianeptine is an effective antidepressant with a previously unknown mechanism of action. We recently reported that tianeptine is a full agonist at the mu opioid receptor (MOR). Here we demonstrate that the acute and chronic antidepressant-like behavioral effects of tianeptine in mice require MOR. Interestingly, while tianeptine also produces many opiate-like behavioral effects such as analgesia and reward, it does not lead to tolerance or withdrawal. Furthermore, the primary metabolite of tianeptine (MC5), which has a longer half-life, mimics the behavioral effects of tianeptine in a MOR-dependent fashion. These results point to the possibility that MOR and its downstream signaling cascades may be novel targets for antidepressant drug development.

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