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Exemestane (Aromasin) Experiences?

  1. Anyone here who has tried Exemestane / Aromasin? Apparently in bodybuilding circles, it is the "mildest" Aromatase inhibitor (AI), with the least side-effects.

    It seems to be derived from the structure of the hormone 4-androstenedione.

    I'm thinking of trying it before I try letrozole, which apparently is the "harshest" or strongest AI.

    Any particular side-effects / effects to watch out for? What has been your experience?
  2. Exemestane is basically the same in effects as DHT, androsterone, androstenedione, androstanedione, androstenetrione, etc. They are all steroid aromatase inhibitors and pretty comparable in effectiveness in about the same doses.
    Action of endogenous steroid inhibitors of brain aromatase relative to fadrozole. - PubMed - NCBI

    Keep in mind that even tiny doses of exemestane works really well and there is no need to ingest it in monster quantities like the bodybuilders do. In those circles a dose of 12.5mg is considered mild and good for every day use, but in reality exemestane works the same even in 2.5mg doses and in the low doses it has no side effects like suppression of libido. See the last study in the original post of this thread (it is about exemestane).
    Androsterone - A Potent Steroidal Aromatase Inhibitor

    So, 2.5mg for a week is all you need to lower estrogen and not get bad reactions.
  3. @haidut so 2.5mg a day for a week is all one needs? i have 1/2 a bottle of liquid exemestane here so :D
  4. what about exemestane vs anastrozole?
  5. The study showed that 2.5mg a day achieved the same reduction in estrogen as the higher doses. So, I would use the lowest dose possible. Just like other steroids.
  6. What about it?
  7. I know exemestane is a suicide aromatase inhibitor but is one better than the other for overall health at lower doses?
  8. I don't like the *zole drugs. I think they replaced the much safer older drugs based on DHT (i.e. Masteron). But everybody is different so people should use what works for them.
  9. Does that include letro-zole? Reading the studies, while exemestane seems to have least side-effects, it seems anastrozole is the most risky AI, and letrozole may be the one that has the most benefits. For example, letrozole has been shown to inhibit seizures and to improve memory (and I haven't seen studies showing this for exemestane):

    Administration of an inhibitor of estrogen biosynthesis facilitates working memory acquisition in male rats. - PubMed - NCBI

    Effects of letrozole on hippocampal and cortical catecholaminergic neurotransmitter levels, neural cell adhesion molecule expression and spatial le... - PubMed - NCBI

    Aromatase inhibition, testosterone, and seizures. - PubMed - NCBI

    Aromatase inhibitors as add-on treatment for men with epilepsy. - PubMed - NCBI


    What do you think haidut? Could letrozole be better than exemestane, even though its a bit more "risky"?
  10. I come from bodybuilding powerlifting background. I had extreme problems dropping fat. Even 2000 calorie diets would not do it. I barely made weight at my last competition despite starving for 8 weeks. I'm 265 and capable of lifting over 800 if thats any context.

    I was chronically using AI like this to control my rampant estrogen. Obviously with learning about bioenergetics I understand why this was the case. I would feel absolutely awful on anything less than 25MG a day.

    It got to the stage where I was using letro and aromasin and just always felt watery and miserable.

    Even since Peating I had problems with it.

    However. A course if antibiotics did wonders early on. And then 4 weeks of sub 5 grams fat daily diet really kicked it on its ass.

    I've been taking Estroban as well. And will be adding 11keto Dht when the arrives. Running in my love handles and chest where prone to estrogenic fat storage.

    I would go down that route. Estroban. Low fat diet. Dhea or even Dht if you want to mess around with it.

    I just think there's so much you can do to control estrogen without drugs.
  11. Bumping this thread.... Have been on TRT for a bit with a testosterone cream. Moving to injectables most likely tomorrow.

    While I really like the idea of androsterone as my AI- will this have DHT like effects on the hair even in low doses? Say 2-5mg per day? Thinking I'd like to keep the DHT hair loss sides to an absolute minimum and would just continue with arimidex rather than androsterone/exemestane if these could lead to more DHT.

    I know DHT is awesome overall, but TRT with injections itself should give me a pretty high level I'd say in the high end of the range. Compounded T cream (T in 800 range) put me at 150% of the range for DHT (125 range 20- 75).

    I know that injections should probably get me lower on DHT as long as I don't go too high on T.
  12. What exactly did antibiotics do?
  13. I was using exemestane for a while at 6mg every 3rd day. I began using Pansterone on scrotum and found that it was equally effective at eliminating estrogenic symptoms and producing androgenic effects (stronger erections, desire for passionate sex, no satisfaction from masturbation, diminished anxiety). I've since stopped using exemestane.
  14. I am pretty sure letro has the worst effect on lipids/triglycerides and is the strongest of the bunch. It will crush your estrogen levels to nothing which can be just as bad as having high levels.
  15. Im taking anastrolize but might switch to letozole

  16. How much testosterone and how often are you going to inject?
  17. Try iron legions invictus. Its a TD with bloods backing it lower E2 levels. It is non steroidal and wont mess with your lipids.
  18. Which do you prefer haidut, Arimidex or exemestane
  19. I messed around with AIs and ended up passing out and having to go to the ER with a heart rate of over 120 and an inability to breathe. Be careful with messing around with hormones... Your body tightly regulates them and has them at certain levels for its own reasons.
  20. Interesting observation: I notice that many followers of Peat (including my rat unfortunately) don't really regard the legality of their actions in their pursuit of better health, especially when it comes to obtaining controlled prescription medications to test on their rats.

    Bromo, Diamox, Cypro, Letro, T3, etc. My rat has amassed quite the collection.

    The personality traits that attract these rats to Peat must be the same ones that drive them to disregard all conventions and any trivial concerns of legality.
  21. What's your point with that? That it may be better to use legal things, because they are safer?
  22. No point at all, just an observation.

    Which is why I prefaced the post with "interesting observation"
  23. As far as I know it is not actually illegal to purchase any of these of even use them (in the USA at least). Of course, it is highly unadvisable without a doctor's advice. But if it was illegal to buy or use them a site like mine (or the hundreds of others who also sell research chemicals) would not exist. I doubt Sigma Aldrich is illegally selling on a mass scale :):
    Interestingly, it is technically illegal for a US citizen to buy any of these from a foreign company/website, but I would defer on the legality question to a lawyer. But of course I do not encourage any illegal behavior in any way and advise people to always consult with doctor or pharmacist before experimenting even with vitamins.
  24. which were you taking? and how much?
  25. it was a long time ago but i think it was letrozole, and i think i took just one pill.
  26. Did you test the 2.5mg thing?
  27. Were you using XTANE?
  28. no
  29. I was using the generic exemestane from Research Stop.
  30. Which brand then
  31. dont remember. It was just liquid exemestane
  32. I've been using 6.25mg/day(Phizer brand).
    first couple of days,I felt like crap but i'm on a day5 and feeling better.
    energy boost is notable and my concentration have been improved significantly. I felt more calm and relaxed on 6.25mg Proviron btw.
    the problem is that It seems like exemestane is causing excessive diarrhea for me and I'm not sure I can be able to continue taking it.
  33. apparently the stuff can cause kidney stress
  34. Have you ever experienced digestive issue from exemestane?