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Excess Salt Reducing Libido?

  1. I seem to notice that days where I eat less salt that my libido is higher - could be that days where I crave less salt it is higher, no idea. Anyone know if there could be a connection here?

    Edit: actually I don't think it's the thing about craving less, the days I ate less were because I didn't have salt and didn't have a choice, I usually chase every glass of OJ / milk by shaking some salt into my hand and then into my mouth.
  2. no...there is no known correlation.
  3. @FredSonoma do you still think that salt lowers libido?
    I also seem to notice this but I still can't confirm...
  4. Anybody?
  5. @haidut - the master, mentioned that salt is required for optimal serotonin transporter activity, and thus LOW Sodium, would actually raise serotonin since sodium is actually a required mineral for this transporter to function properly.
  6. Nope the more sodium I get the better my libido
  7. I have no idea honestly... haven't thought about that in so long and literally read this post with zero recollection I wrote it lol
  8. Ok
  9. Salt gives me all kinds of problems, probably because it causes my cells to take up too much water.