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Estrogen Increases Lipid Synthesis And Induces Platelet Aggregation


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
This is basically verbatim what Ray has been saying for years. Paraphrased, it would mean that estrogen makes you fat and gives you strokes and heart-attacks. The latter is all too well known by many young women on birth control pills like Yaz. Again, vitamin E reversed some of these effects.


"...Platelet lipid biosynthesis in relation to aggregation has been studied in female rats treated with ethynylestradiol and fed laboratory chow or a vitamin E-deficient diet. In both normal and vitamin E-deficient rats, administration of ethynylestradiol highly significantly (p less than .001) increased the biosynthesis of total lipids but mostly of lanosterol (+ dihydrolanosterol) by thirteen-fold in normal rats and by nine-fold in vitamin E-deficient rats. The increased lipid synthesis was associated with a higher response of platelets to thrombin-induced aggregation. Concomitant administration of alpha-tocopherol acetate in both normal and vitamin E-deficient rats depressed markedly the enhanced lipid synthesis and aggregation induced by estrogen. Administration of ethynylestradiol lowered considerably the level of vitamin E in plasma but not in platelets. Treatment by tocopherol partly corrected the low plasma level of vitamin E resulting from estrogen administration. In vitro addition of lanosterol to platelets highly significantly increased the response of platelets to thrombin- and ADP-induced aggregation. This hyperaggregability was almost entirely inhibited by preincubation of platelets with tocopherol acetate. In the present in vivo and in vitro studies, alpha-tocopherol was able to neutralize most of the adverse effects of estrogen on blood platelets."

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