Energin - Liquid B-Complex Vitamin Mix

Nomane Euger

Sep 22, 2020
I finished a bottle of Energin a few weeks ago. Have to say I haven't felt anything different from it. And I actually thought I could benefit from B vitamins.
I took regular doses, 1 serving at most, cause it's a hassle to pour all that liquid over your body.
Me just a few days and I get very weird anxiety causing dreams,i didn’t take 25 drops,15 drops two days in a row and at night an evil shaman throw a gem containing my soul in a deep black whole and I feel my soul leaving my body


Jul 29, 2020
I finished a bottle of Energin a few weeks ago. Have to say I haven't felt anything different from it. And I actually thought I could benefit from B vitamins.
I took regular doses, 1 serving at most, cause it's a hassle to pour all that liquid over your body.
Seriously? I deffo did, I miss Energin.
I felt definitely faster/sharper on it, could focus on music practice more, skin better looking, nails growing fast af. Really feel it did my carb metabolism good.


Sep 10, 2014
Not Uganda
- The Vitamins: Fundamental Aspects in Nutrition and Health (978-0-12-802965-7)

"Most foods contain the vitamin as free biotin and as biocytin bound to food proteins. However, in milk, biotin occurs almost exclusively as the free vitamin in the skim fraction."

"In general, less than one-half of the biotin present in feedstuffs is biologically available. Although all of the biotin in corn is available, only 20–30% of that in most other grains and none in wheat is available. The bioavailability of biotin in meat products also tends to be very low."


"At low concentrations, free biotin is absorbed across the enterocyte by two carrier-mediated processes. Its uptake is facilitated by a Na+-dependent multivitamin transporter (SMVT) bound to the apical membrane (brush border).[11] It can also be inhibited by certain anticonvulsant drugs[12] and ethanol or its major metabolite acetaldehyde (Table 15.3). The intracellular trafficking of SMVT involves distinct trafficking vesicles, the microtubular network, and the microtubule motor protein dynein.[13] The process is not specific for the vitamin, as SMVT also functions in the cellular uptake of pantothenic acid and lipoic acid, which it binds with similar affinities and can inhibit biotin uptake. At the basolateral membrane, another Na+-dependent transporter is involved in translocating biotin to the plasma. The SMVT is regulated by protein kinase C, which can phosphorylate the transporter. Suboptimal SMVT expression is thought to underlie the low biotin absorption observed in alcoholics, pregnant women and patients with inflammatory bowel disease, seborrheic dermatitis or on anticonvulsants, or longterm parenteral nutrition. Four SMVT splicing variants have been identified in the rat."


"Both free biotin and nonhydrolyzed biocytin can be absorbed by diffusion, mainly in the jejunum. This becomes physiologically significant only at luminal concentrations >5 μM; even then, biocytin is less well absorbed than the free vitamin."

"A key feature of biotin metabolism is that it is recycled by proteolytic cleavage from the biotin-dependent carboxylases by the enzyme biotinidase. This recycling and the prevalent hindgut microbial synthesis of the vitamin allow quantitative dietary requirements for biotin to be relatively small. Inborn errors of biotin absorption and metabolism have been identified; some respond to large doses of the vitamin."

"Few cases of clinical manifestations of biotin deficiency have been reported in humans. Those have occurred in patients supported by TPN without biotin supplementation, in nursing infants whose mothers’ milk contained inadequate supplies of the vitamin,[43] in infants born with congenital biotinidase deficiency, and in adults eating egg whites. Signs included periorificial dermatitis, ketolactic acidosis, conjunctivitis, alopecia, hypotonia, ataxia, seizures, developmental delays, and increased risk to skin infections. One case involved a child fed raw eggs for 6 years. The signs and symptoms included dermatitis, glossitis, anorexia, nausea, depression, hepatic steatosis, and hypercholesterolemia. The impairments of lipid metabolism responded to biotin therapy (Table 15.8)."

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