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Emotional Well-Being: How Important Is It To Ray?

  1. Emotional Distress can wreak havoc on you no matter how well you take (try to) care of yourself. I literally feel my metabolism turn toxic when I'm troubled. What are Ray's thoughts when it comes to the mind-as-healer/slayer topic?
    Or, anyone else's. I begged the folks in an emergencey room one night to give me a CBC - I was feverish/sweating/rapid heartbeat. I'm sick of the familiar "you have an anxiety attack/disorder blah blah. Wouldn't you know it - CBC indicates Hypothyroid. When i felt O.K., my Thyroid levels were O.K.
  2. Me too. I feel better emotionally the longer I follow Ray's advice on different things. I re-read his latest NL again last night. For me, it takes time, re-reading things, and listening. Somebody else will have gotten something I missed. Thanks, that's great that you got your CBC in the emergency room. Really courageous.