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EM Radiation From Headphones - Demonstration

  1. Wow.
    Timely for me.
    Conversation with my youngest daughter this morning along these lines.
    Thx for posting.

    Thoughts on ear buds?
  2. Speakers or his alternative/suggestion for porn (people complain about the quality of the sound from those).
  3. Good to know. I favor earbuds anyway. :thumbsup:
  4. Regular ear buds are just as bad according to the video. Probably worse because it goes deeper in the eardrum.

    You need an "air tube" headset.
  5. Apple AirPods emit a lot of EMF according to this video ....

  6. Wow
  7. I'm an audio/mixing professional and this becomes even more of an issue because in the consumer world, some times health related things become hot-topic and therefore a selling point. And sometimes these mainline hot-topics can be beneficial (think coconut oil craze now). So you can easily buy cheap earbuds that are radiation free. But to buy professional headphones for actual work: that's more boutique, and they don't necessarily cater to these things like "radiation-free" headphones. In the audio world mixers are increasingly using headphones and I have stayed away from them for this exact reason.
  8. ow ****, i asked headphones for christmas
  9. I think part of being a healthy individual is being able to pick and choose unhealthy aspects in life to cut out. For instance, i have to use a microwave at work. There are no if's and's or butts about it. I also will always use headphones when i work out.

    With that being said, I never eat PUFAS unless i simply can't avoid it, i never do endurance training, i take very beneficial supplements, etc. Modern culture is filled with very unhealthy characteristics all around us. We will never be perfectly healthy, but being neurotic and trying to avoid everything such as cell phones, headphones, microwave is no way to live IMO. Limiting the use of such things? Sure, logical. Eliminating completely? Neurotic and unreasonable IMO.
  10. yeah ur right I just don't now how harmfull EMF is
  11. yeah, its scary ***t. Cell phones are terrifying. I put mine on airplane mode every night next to me. But i personally can't imagine my life without it - work wise, socially, etc.
  12. it's obviously not posible to cut everything out but it seems like when technology came out the global health deteriated and autism skyrocketed
  13. Although the video below promotes a product, it shows how effective the air tube is at reducing EMF.. I am tempted to buy an air tube headset one day and see its effects..

  14. Most in-ear monitors (IEM) use balanced armature transducers that require far less electricity to operate compared to the dynamic transducers that are used in headphones and earbuds. This would equate to lower levels of EMF, although I suppose you also have to account for the fact that they will sit closer to your head. Also, Ultrasone makes full-size headphones that are shielded to reduce EMF exposure.
  15. Guys, calm down.

    The trifield XE100 meter, that is used in the video, has issues giving biased readings. It should be tested with a more professional meter.
  16. It also intensifies with volume, and the guy set it pretty high.
    But it's useful to visualize that something right beside your head can emit a significant amount disturbing radiation, and to seek alternatives out of precaution. To be honest I was expecting this thread to fly straight to our dungeons, without connections.
  17. Regardless of the tolerance of a measuring device, it's still happening. For me it's not a necessity to wear headphones for work stuff. For casual listening, radiation-free FTW.
  18. Of course, the thing is worrying. Maybe that explains why I never liked using big headphones, they made me feel very uncomfortable. I think I once read the trifield giving readings 10x times higher than the reality.
  19. Travis and Such have this problem, they attribute to EMF but it's just the fact that no headphone on the market fits their head with comfort. They claim it's the system trying to compress repress their nature. Perhaps this is your case as well.
  20. Air tube headsets are readily available, about same price as a quality brand regular buds.
  21. I wonder if this caused the magnitude of the levels. I used a Trifield on some cheapo Logitech USB headphones with a normal volume level, and got nothing on the meter.
  22. Daaan! That's good to know. Would you still avoid them?
  23. I've decided not to worry about gadgetey type output: if you compare all the levels I found, it seems like gadgets (or at least *my* gadgets) are pretty innocuous.

    Although my testing approach was just "hold a Trifield up to the thing", which I'm sure is flawed. I'm pretty ignorant on the EMF stuff, I just wanted to make sure there were no off-the-charts sources.
  24. Indeed, but Rayzord mentioned it's particularly concerning when they're close to the head. This is the case with headphones and there's also the length of exposure. I ***t my pants I bit from this issue, but that's why I use diapers.
    It didn't emit anything at all for some time?
  25. I too tested my headphones with my tri-field and at normal volumes the needle doesnt really move that much above background. If you crank the volume up like he does in the video, so you can hear it a couple of feet away, the needle will move. The key thing to notice is that when he tests the air-tube ones at the end you cant hear the music at all.
    conclusion -- everybody's got something to sell. (except me and my monkey)
  26. How much for the monkey?
  27. Do you think that the hollow ones are worthless?
  28. lol, he's not for sale either

    I dont know. If you listen to your music loudly I guess it would be useful. Also I remember reading that a normal earbud used to speak on a cell phone can transmit the emf from the phone to your ear. But then again it could have been written by this same guy.
  29. Speaking of monkey, what if you had the option to choose between a hollow one, a normal one, and a banana?
  30. That is awesome work to share. However I don't think your device is for high frequency signals - so your readings for WIFI and phones are low but that's just because your device isn't meant to measure them.
  31. I would opt for the hollow one and loosen my diapers a bit.
  32. The free apps for EMF exposure seem more relevant. I just played with a few and I got "medium" exposure rating throughout my house (no difference if my own WIFI is on or off) and "high" when I went close to my WIFI router. That's quite worrying - it means neighbours routers give me same level of exposure as mine in the same room: there is no way to escape in most rooms!
  33. I have foam insulation in the walls. That blocks phone and wifi signal. Wifi will still come through the door. I have 2 thin sheets of sound deadening material nailed onto some wood to put over the doors to block noise, it also blocks wifi coming through the doors.
  34. Did you insulate just walls or do you need roof too? I wonder how much it costs on average to insulate a room (size: bedroom or living room, not a small room), and whether you really need to cover everything (seems like you did by including the door) to get most of the exposure reduction.
  35. you can just paint your walls with an electroconductive paint.
  36. On that note, anyone put some thought into good habits for shielding from mobile phones? I don't mind switching the airplaine mode on when I'm in transports and carrying the phone near me (in a pocket), but I reckon that switching it off results in a surge and that's the harmful bit to avoid. During the day my phone sits a feet away from me on my desk.
  37. They sell ferrite cores to stick around your cables

    By the way, the trifield EMF setting is single axis so you get a different reading depending how it's facing the source
  38. For those that own the Trifield meter, would you recommend it?
  39. It's fun to play around and you can definitely find out what is doing what in your house, but that's it. So yes I recommend it unless you look at the price of other meters and think "hmm all things considered, this is cheaper than a tire cap on my Lamborghini and I still have all 4 caps"
  40. Suchzord, do you know why the warranty is so modest?
  41. It has a warranty? :ss
  42. Just the walls. There is fiberglass insulation above but I don't think that's relative in my case. Might be if there are emitters above you.
  43. Such, your readings match those of Dan? And did you find anything unexpected?
  44. Which readings?
  45. My chickens have the opposite problem only earbuds will work for my ladies. They prefer the classics for laying and heavy metal for foraging.
  46. :lol:
  47. I use headphones when exercising. Can't really give that up. Does anyone know if the wireless ones are allot worse then wired headphones when using wifi? Or is it all the same because your using the phone/wifi anyway?
  48. Get airtube ear buds, done.
  49. Has anyone tested Ultrasone headphones with their meter? Curious about how effective their shielding is.
  50. I actually used to have a pair of ultrasone pro 900's several years ago. They had a metal plate in front of the driver with small holes for the s-logic. They claimed to reduce emissions by up to 98%. My biggest gripe was that the sound could be changed if you slid the headphones around or put them on backwards. They cost nearly 500 dollars but damn they sounded good. I've been using speakers for a while but I've been thinking about a pair of headphones when playing games with my friends because they always complain about sound picking up from my speakers through the mic. All the emf stuff has been really off putting though. The air tubes sound interesting but I wonder how that affects sound quality. I actually totally forgot about the shielding on ultrasones. I'll have to look into them again.
  51. @InterrogaOmnia
    Really glad to hear that you liked their sound quality. I recently tried a pair of the tube earphones and was disappointed. So I think I will try to get some shielded ultrasones.
  52. I have the GQ-390 and tested my ear buds. Some interesting things:
    • It would stick to around 4 V/m when volume was at 20-30%.
    • At 100% volume it would be around 60 V/m
    I now listen to things on low volume.

    I'm going to invest in air tube headphones.
  53. this is a sane perspective & thinking that goes with everything in life. Before electromagnetism or worrying about eating fats with too many double bonds humans worried about other stuff on the danger list that we don't worry about today like being eaten alive if we took the path through the jungle instead of the safer but longer path around it or something like that. I can totally agree as to living by eliminating everything dangerous then it's probably easier to just suicide.
  54. What about sewing a cloth "cage" completely around the headphones and some of the cord, using one or two layers of some kind of EMF blocking cloth such as swiss shield? Would that work to cut the EMF dosage to the head?
  55. You could try this Official Site of Stillpoints - ERS (EMI/RFI Suppression) Material. It doesn't require grounding, weighs less than metal shielding, and is probably fairly acoustically transparent.
  56. Thanks very much for posting this, @cats ! This fabric seems like it could work. By any chance have you tried using this material? Any impressions?
  57. You're welcome. I've handled it so I know that it's quite light and shouldn't add any noticeable weight to headphones. It should be installed under the pads of the headphone rather that over them since it would probably cause uncomfortable rubbing against the skin. I can't speak to the the effectiveness of the shielding as I don't have a device to measure EMF, but they do publish attenuation figures on the website. They've been selling it primarily to Hi Fi enthusiasts for many years, so it seems they are happy with it.
  58. Thanks for your reply @cats - i think i will contact them.
  59. I use the hollow tube earbuds. I can’t say anything about their EMF production, but I think they sound just fine. They compare well to normal earbuds.