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Elevated ESR And HCG Levels Are Strong Predictors Of Impending Cancer Diagnosis


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
I am posting this study for two reasons. One of them is to corroborate a statement from Peat on the role of inflammation in cancer and the diagnostic value of "non-specific" (as the medical industry likes to call them) inflammatory biomarkers such as erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR).

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate - Wikipedia
Bleeding, clotting, cancer

"...It is commonly known that the ESR (red cell sedimentation rate) of cancer patients is always high. Thus far, completely unagglutinated blood has been found only in strictly healthy animals and men. No severely ill person has yet been seen who did not have intravascular agglutination of the blood and visibly pathologic vessel walls." Melvin H. Knisely, et al., 1947)."

The second reason for posting this study is that it demonstrates the strong link between hCG and cancer. This hormone is currently all the rage in anti-aging circles, is commonly injected by athletes for performance enhancement reasons, and is also standard treatment for age-related hypogonadism in both males and females. The fact that urinary and blood hCG are standard diagnostic measures for testicular cancer (aside from pregnancy) appears to bother neither the doctors prescribing hCG injections nor the people demanding such injections. However, the link between hCG and cancer goes well beyond the testicular cancer in males and ovarian cancer in females. Elevated levels of hCG have been reported in many other cancers, yet, just like other "non-specific" cancer biomarkers such as ESR and LDH, the likely pathological role of this hormone is ignored.

Human chorionic gonadotropin - Wikipedia
Human chorionic gonadotropin - Wikipedia

The study below did analyzed the link between a number of biomarkers and subsequent cancer diagnosis in patients who presented with "non-specific" complaints and found that ESR and hCG were the strongest predictors of already established/diagnosable cancer. Hopefully, this will pour a bit of cold water on the enthusiasm for (ab)using hCG and its related (in regards to anti-aging and performance claims) "cousin" hGH in the (false) promise of health and/or longevity.

Routine blood tests and probability of cancer in patients referred with non-specific serious symptoms: a cohort study

"...Twenty-five of the blood tests had an estimated LR of cancer above 1.0 when abnormal (Table 3), which resulted in post-test probabilities of cancer ranging from 13.4 to 44.4%. The highest post-test probability of cancer was found in patients with high human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) (44.4%), high M protein (37.4%) or high cancer antigen 125 (CA-125) (36.8%). In men with high hCG and women with high CA-125, the predominant cancer types were of non-gonadal origin."

"...The most frequent abnormal blood tests among cancer patients were high inflammatory markers (CRP or erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)), high monocyte count, anaemia, low lymphocyte count, hypo-albuminaemia and high alkaline phosphatase (Table 3)."

"...A recent Danish study of patients referred by their GP for diagnostic workup at a diagnostic centre found proportions of anaemia, high ESR and alkaline phosphatase in patients who were later diagnosed with cancer that were similar to those reported in our study [34]. This study used the same cut-points as our study, and the authors found a LR of cancer of 1.8 among patients with anaemia, a result that is very similar to our findings."


Apr 30, 2015
I had esr and crp tested this last summer.

Did the study give any numbers on what cancer diagnosis looked like in those tests?

13 MM/hr for ESR
6.4 mg/l for CRP.


Dec 9, 2019
This makes... no sense at all. HCG and HGH have been used for decades with immense success as long as doses are kept physiological. Their elevations in the event of a stress don’t mean they’re bad, it is dumb to call them negative or harmful when they’re part of an overall hormonal response to a metabolic deregulation.

Weird to read this in a forum that says LDL is great and DHT is awesome, but keeps on blaming others hormones that are ramped up following similar stimuli. Where’s the logic? As if things were as simple as HCG = bad E2 = bad GH = bad DHT = good come on now.

HCG+HGH blows any other androgen replacement therapy out the window. Whatever happens in cancer patients means that the body indeed tries to repair damage up regulating beneficial hormones.

y’all blaming firemen for a fire, it’s everywhere the same on the internet for Christ’s sake


Dec 9, 2019
I wish anti aging doctors were as smart as this man from Poland. This is medicine.



Jan 25, 2014
HCG+HGH blows any other androgen replacement therapy out the window. Whatever happens in cancer patients means that the body indeed tries to repair damage up regulating beneficial hormones.

Do you have any evidence to back this claim up? Like a trial with HCG + HGH compared directly to TRT, DHT supplementation, or any other form of androgen replacement?


Nov 28, 2016
I wish anti aging doctors were as smart as this man from Poland. This is medicine.

I assume this information is relatively unknown in the USA where I live. So, in your opinion, what might be the best resource for a longer-term protocol for using HCG in treating someone over 65 already in great physical shape, who wants to preserve muscle mass and QOL as much as possible?
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