Eggs without PUFA


Nov 25, 2012
No. Cooking in coconut oil helps, as does buying pastured eggs and avoiding the "Extra Omega-3!" brands.


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Is it impossible to create a diet for chicken without PUFA? Do they convert saturated fats to PUFA? What if the temperature of their environment is increased (Ray Peat mentioned that pigs with sweaters have less PUFA)?

Or, are PUFAs essential for chicken? (I guess that's plausible since they have lower body temperatures)


Jul 26, 2012
Los Angeles
feed them a diet of coconut, grass, fruit and bugs and they will be very low in pufa.


Jul 22, 2012
cliff said:
feed them a diet of coconut, grass, fruit and bugs and they will be very low in pufa.

Yeah, I saw an ad for exactly such chickens on the internet.
I eagerly went to the site, they were Really expensive.
(I can't remember what the site was called now.)


Feb 24, 2013
Eggs are always going to have some pufas. Chickens allowed to forage eat bugs (grasshoppers, grubs, beetles, vegetation (pufas), fruit, carrion, kitchen scraps....whatever they can find. They are little opportunistic eaters. Summer eggs are a reddish yellow, winter eggs are pale, though sometimes still orangish. They don't convert pufas into saturated fat like ruminants...but their digestion allows them to eat a wide variety of foods, some fresher than others.


Aug 28, 2012
cliff said:
feed them a diet of coconut, grass, fruit and bugs and they will be very low in pufa.

Was thinking of doing this and thought Copra meal would be an efficient way to utilize this. But there's a study that even as little as 10% copra meal caused chckens to lose weight apparantly through the inability to digest the fibre. Very expensive to try it with coconut flakes etc. Mine do get fruit and lots of worms (i keep a worm farm for them) and other bugs whilst free-ranging. Need alternatives (to coconut flakes/flour etc) that are cost effective and easily digested.

edit: found more info. it seems the hens were youn gin that study. found this from another study, sounds good regarding copra meal. :D

The objective of this work was to evaluate the effects of coconut meal (CM) inclusion in commercial layer diets and feeding time, on egg components and yolk fatty acid composition. The experiment followed a factorial design 5x2, with five levels of CM inclusion (0, 5, 10, 15 and 20%) and two feeding time (14 and 28 days). Parameters evaluated included: egg weight, and albumen, yolk and shell percentages, as well as solids, lipids and fatty acid profile of the yolk. The inclusion of CM and feeding time affected the yolk content of myristic acid which increased with CM level and with feeding time. The levels of stearic and oleic acids in the yolk varied with feeding time and were higher in the eggs after 28 days. Polyunsaturated to saturated fatty acid ratio in yolk decreased, when dietary CM levels were higher than 10%, and increased with longer feeding time. The use of CM in laying hen diets does not influence egg composition but increases myristic acid content of the yolk.
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