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Eating Shrimp Every Day

  1. Would it be harmful to eat shrimp (small ones) every day?
  2. Depends on the amount one would be eating every day. I think 4 oz a day is probably safe.
  3. The idea of the the rotational diet would disagree.

    Rotation diets may help prevent the development of allergies to new foods. Any food, if eaten repetitively, can cause food allergies in allergy-prone individuals or people with “leaky guts.”
  4. Thank you both. @zewe that's an interesting view.
  5. Microplastic contamination in brown shrimp (Crangon crangon, Linnaeus 1758) from coastal waters of the Southern North Sea and Channel area. - PubMed - NCBI

    Pretty much all seafood is unoptimal for frequent consumption at this point as we have contaminated the oceans with xenoestrogens. I don't think they have ever been optimal though, as heavy metals are concentrated in oceans, which I hypothesize is the main reason why the Bible classified it as an "unclean food". Another was pig, which do not sweat and so retain more toxins in their meat than other animals.
  6. Very interesting @Elephanto - had not thought of this angle. Makes sense.
  7. How does someone with a high metabolism get enough zinc without regular seafood/oysters?
  8. I’m gonna State the obvious here and say good quality cuts of beef. My fav is same-day rib-eye :)
  9. Bible right again!

  10. what do you mean by "same day"?
  11. Oh I meant cut the same day by the bucher. Even 1 day makes a huge difference in taste and smell. However they can legally sell it for three days after.
  12. I'd choose shrimp over dairy any day. Estrogen = shrimp has ALOT less. Nutrients = Shrimp wins. PUFA = shrimp has less.
  13. Yes. The ancient texts are vaguely talking about technology that polluted the oceans, that is leftover from ancient mining, in a childish form unfamiliar to tech of course.
  14. I'd probably eat shrimp more frequently. I think I will. Everything is tainted, and this isn't necessarily an argument. Shrimp are low on the food chain and therefore don't concentrate a lot of heavy metals, presumably, if they are wild.

    I have been thinking about shrimp lately, and how to prepare them so they are appetizing. I had lobster today and it was amazing. I think shrimp can be amazing too, and I'd consider eating it most days.
  15. The ultimate combo? Shrimp and oyster mushrooms
    Oysters are the cross between common and powerful when it comes to dealing with microplastics and while i dont think its extremely easy as compared to purchasing, it is very easy to grow them.
    Fungi & The Plastics Problem