Eat No More That 1 Tsp Fat With A Meal To Prevent Inhibition Of The Oxidative Burning Of Sugar?


Apr 8, 2020
Coconut oil does increase sugar oxidation, but in high doses impairs my ability to tell when im in oxidative or fat burning mode.

"Coconut oil does increase sugar oxidation": I readed that.
OK, Then, I would like to understand that: Coconut oil is a fat; Fats inhibit glucose oxidation [Randle effect]; Why would coconut oil stimulate the burning of glucose? The fat of the coconut is it fat but not impacted by the Randle effect?

I think what Peat has said is that it only takes a small amount of coconut oil (eg 1 tsp) to improve glucose oxidation. It takes a larger amount of fat (esp. long chain fats), either from more fat in diet, or liberated from tissue by stress conditions, to have significant Randle cycle effect. I think this means one can eat enough coconut oil to assist metabolism while eating an overall low-fat diet.

OK @tara; so it is correct to say that:
1 - Any fat [SFA, UFA, coconut oil], in large quantities produces the Randle effect, which means, the inhibition of the oxidative burning of sugar;
2 -But coconut fat, in small quantity in relation to sugar, promotes the oxidative burning of sugar [because of its stimulating effect of the oxidative enzyme] and, to some extent, compensates the Randle effect that all kind of fat [ including coconut oil] promotes;
3 -
I can conclude:
It is a good idea include in every meal, sugar and a little coconut oil to stimulate the oxidative burning of sugar?
To eat fat without sugar is a bad idea [because we will have the Randle effect}?

Can someone give me some evidence where peat says this?
(not that I don't believe it but would like to read the context for myself)


Jul 9, 2020
I think he meant a teaspoon of coconut oil with meals would actually improve glucose oxidation, by diluting any liberated PUFA in the blood. It is true any fat—including saturated fat—will trigger the Randle effect. However my understanding of it is stress hormones are the biggest trigger of the Randle effect, and are likely more important then restricting fat. Most people's issue is the inability to burn glucose efficiently because of these hormones. If you burn the glucose more efficiently, then it take less time to utilize the sugar, which results in burning the fat faster too.

As far as the maximum threshold of fat per meal without inhibiting glucose, it's a grey area. And really just depends on the individual's hormonal profile, metabolic flexibility, etc. Someone who's not burning glucose well, and/or has higher levels of adrenaline and cortisol, should probably restrict fat more then someone who's not stressed. Because it will take them longer to process the glucose, and that's if it gets processed at all. Someone who's really poor at burning glucose will likely just convert it to lactate.

Personally I find I can handle up to about 20 grams of fat per meal without much issue, but I typically eat significantly less then this just for safe measure.
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