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Easy Ways To Lose Weight On Ray

  1. easy ways tto lose weight on ray
  2. Don't overeat. Learn to eat only until you're not hungry anymore. This is the main thing. People chronically overeat for various reasons that are primarily psychological. I think they mostly interpret the stress of boredom as prompt for eating. The correct solution is to eliminate the boredom.

    The second thing is physical activity. I don't know anyone totally sedentary who doesn't at least have a potbelly. Ray Peat has a gut, though I grant you he's geriatric. If you want to be relatively lean you're at least going to have to walk daily, or something like that.

    I don't think diet composition tricks really enter into it for any significant number of people. It's simply: Don't stuff your face, and spend a good hour a day up on your feet moving about.
  3. Evidence of the gut?
  4. low fat , low phosphate , no wheat or soy lecithin

    have a nice day
  5. @Stryker Have you noticed any bacteria overgrowth or "cold/flu" symptoms on a low fat diet? How low in fat do you go ( not including medium chain triglycerides ) Thanks!
  6. Get a high calcium to phosphate ratio. Ray says this. And keep the fat low. Once I got my calcium-to-phosphate ratio up, I started shedding pounds, about 1.5 lb /week. Doesn't mean you can eat fat with impunity. You have to keep that relatively low, but I don't watch it closely, but I do watch calcium-to-phosphate ratio closely.
  7. no never , i have abit of white tongue but i think thats mostly from tobacco causing dry mouth

    at one stage i was having 5 grams a day which was about 1-1.5% of total calories , i think that was abit low and i tell people i know to stick around 0.20g per lb of lean mass
  8. What does your diet look like?
  9. Very low fat diet, and very low starch diet helps me get lean if I keep an eye on calories. I lean out at just above 3000 calories, and maintain close to 4000 calories eating this way. When I say very low fat I mean around 20 grams or less per day. Also, lots of walking and full body sun exposure during the hours vitamin D is available helps a lot.
  10. right now ,
    low fat milk
    jasmine white rice
    caprylric acid
    beef liver
    red bull
    strawberry nesquick
  11. So basically no meat except for the occasional liver? I'd love to be able to tolerate so much liquids I could get all the proteins I need from the milk alone.
  12. pretty much , i have occasional chicken breast and trim cut beef steaks ..
    the milk i use is 64g protein per liter
    so 3 litres a day supplies much more than enough protein for me
    aswell as 5.2g of calcium.. which i find is a often overlooked nutrient for weight loss
  13. what about supplements?
  14. daily ones that i will continue to use based on positive outcomes and worth the cost have been

    magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate

    acteyl L-Tyrosine
  15. Intersting stack. Doses?
  16. tyronene - 16mcg
    Kuinone - 3mg
    androsterone - 3 mg

    magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate - 300mg
    Allithiamine - 50mg

    Phenibut - 1.25 gram
    Mildronate - 1 gram
    acteyl L-Tyrosine between 350mg and 1.5 grams ...depends
  17. Why T3 only and not TyroMix?
  18. as above mentioned by other members , lower fat intake.and make some bigger muscles as ray said.

    and also smaller and more frequent meals is good , if you find sweet point of how much carb is enough just to replete glycogen stores.
    also other reasons for smaller and more frequent meals: Dividing any food into smaller meals can lower... | Ray Peat Forum
  19. Personally I felt as though any amount of t4 didn't improve how I felt in anyway
  20. I see; have you gotten bloodwork to measure your free T4?
  21. How many grams of fat a day? Also, does that nesquick not have iron fortification?
  22. I have to agree with the this. It's so important not to overeat as well as not snacking when not hungry, not even fruit or a piece of chocolate. Always wait for hunger first. For me also it is avoiding raising my blood sugar too much. For example if I'm hungry and eat fruit on its own, I'm even hungrier, so now I pair it up with a slice or two of low fat cheese. Check out book called "Don't go hungry for life." Helped me a lot with eating only when hungry.
  23. I agree with you. I have not read the book so probably they talk about it in there. But eating only when hungry is very loose in terms of what hunger is. For a obese person or overweight that can just be growling in stomach or other odd habit things that are not hunger at all just social triggers or other things. If you are someone that is high stressed and driven by allot of cortisol and adrenaline you will seldom feel hunger since you are using fat as fuel instead of sugar meaning you will have alot of energy present all the time and this suppress appetite and all other cues associated with good health in RP world.
  24. Yes, that's true. I guess it depends on the person, how in tune they are with their body. I can definitely tell when my hunger is suppressed by stress hormones or when it is a genuine hunger. The book is huge and quite in depth and explains it very well. Matt Stone recommends it as a post-recovery book after metabolism has been repaired. However I think it is applicable always since I don't believe in overfeeding to start with unless appetite calls for it which is again going back to the book and listening to your body.
  25. Nah I havnt
    Nope but I just found out that it is coloured with Carmine which could contain aluminium and I will have to look into that

    On average id say I consume about 45 grams of which 1.8 grams are PUFA
  26. That nesquick stuff is so nice. I love it.

    Sounds good. I always get confused with low fat. I'd always take it to be around 10 grams which I think is far too low.
  27. This seems like a very impressive warrior diet regime going on :cool:

    Excellent, and well done! Hope you stay going strong with this.

    Have you ever in your life been obese or lost a lot of weight?
  28. Thank you , I don't think I have ever Been above 10 % body fat except for very early childhood of course
  29. What does this mean in practice? Just drink a lot of milk?

    If I drink more than one quart I get diarrhea. But I guess I could slowly get accustomed to a higher milk intake.
  30. +1

    Don't see how @zztr is making this claim unless he's met Dr Peat. I've never seen any evidence of Dr Peat having excessive abdominal fat.
  31. Uhh, any video or picture of him from recent years? I just used image search to check, and yep, he's got noticeable abdominal fat. Form your own opinion.
  32. "strawberry nesquick. " mmmmm yum
  33. Opinion formed.

  34. Not exactly. A lot of cheeses have a much higher calcium to phosphate ratio than milk. See this:

    Calcium-Phosphorous Ratio Of Cheeses

    So, you want to get high calcium and low phosphate. Phosphate comes from things like grains, legumes, and dark-colored sodas, muscle meat, and probably a lot of prepared/convenience foods because of its use in preservatives.
  35. and carrageenan. But otherwise great regimen
  36. Does your nesquick list carrageenan on the label ? Because mine does not
  37. @Stryker Is there a reason you dont eat much, sucrose/fructose? It looks like the vast majority of your carbohydrates are from glucose and galactose.
  38. would adding some eggshell calcium in cottage cheese help, or is the point for the cal phos ratio to be naturally occurring in the food?
  39. That's what I do.
    ETA: just for improved calcium to phosphorus ratio.
  40. Is there an ideal calcium to phosphorus ratio?
  41. Here's more:

    Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio of Vegetables and Fruits – Functional Performance Systems (FPS)
    The ratio of calcium to phosphate is very important; that’s why milk and cheese are so valuable for weight loss, or for preventing weight gain. For people who aren’t very active, low fat milk and cheese are better, because the extra fat calories aren’t needed.”

    “The foods highest in phosphate, relative to calcium, are cereals, legumes, meats, and fish. Many prepared foods contain added phosphate. Foods with a higher, safe ratio of calcium to phosphate are leaves, such as kale, turnip greens, and beet greens, and many fruits, milk, and cheese.”

    “Recent publication are showing that excess phosphate can increase inflammation, tissue atrophy, calcification of blood vessels, cancer, dementia, and, in general, the processes of aging.”
  42. Thanks, Blossom, I found it in the article you cited. I know calcium should be a little higher. The article says 1.3 calcium to 1 phosphorus should keep parathyroid hormone down.
  43. Honestly, that doesn't seem like a healthy diet to me, at all. Is this a temporary thing? It just doesn't seem sustainable. Yeah, it may work for you temporarily. You may be very low fat but eventually you will crash and burn. I think you need more nutrients and vitamins. My former eating pattern was very low fat, actually very low everything and totally unhealthy (due to my former profession) I was underweight, I eventually got sick and my immunity was shot. Now I am about 10-15 lbs more than I was, yet I feel a whole lot healthier.
  44. Blossom, I posted a few articles yesterday about this in another thread. I am going to make a thread about several articles I've read recently that all point in this direction, particularly having to do with calcium, it's fat, and it's health benefits.
  45. Coconut oil every time with a meal, magnesium chloride and cut out PUFA, starch and grain.
  46. Thanks.
  47. remember things like fructose and nicanamide will lower and extrete alot of phophorus so calcium:phos will be alot better. Anyone has done very high calcium like 5 grams and more a day and noticed if it makes a difference in terms of metabolic rate, fat loss etc. I know RP told me that the biggest things in terms of nutrition that contribute the most in metabolic rate increase said coconut oil and calcium
  48. What you said is another validation of what I read about calcium and fat, especially from things like cheese, milk and cream and how they benefit you in several ways, such as immunity, gut issues and weight control.
  49. @amethyst Thanx. But they are not talking about the very high amount, like RP basics are 2-3grams of calcium a day which are high amounts if you ask regular people/nutrionists etc. But im talking about higher in terms of RP standard which is in the 5-10 gram range of calcium a day. Would be cool to hear people that used those amounts.

    What are the best calcium supplements? i know eggshell calcium should be the best but its hassle to make myself and then there is oyster shells, but i know RP talked about contamination in those like high iron or alminium
  50. I haven't taken or eaten 5-10 grams of calcium so I can't comment on that. But I definitely am seeing the benefit of eating full fat cheese, butter and cream. I used to be afraid of it. But now I am having a few ounces of cheese- the good kinds the articles discuss) and butter on my veggies. What I am saying is people shouldn't be afraid of the good fat...the kind found in full fat cheeses and dairy-it is definitely doable in a eating program. Just don't overeat and you will lose weight, maintain, whatever your health goals are. The thing is also, that the fat keeps you satiated. And the specific acid you get from the full fat cheeses called Butyrate, keeps your gut functioning properly, as it is inflammation that makes one overweight. Well, I am just repeating what the articles I posted, said :D
  51. What are the best calcium supplements? I think it is from food instead of a pill. But that's my opinion.
  52. sure but if trying to get 5-10 grams of calcium a day that requires tons of calories
  53. That's true. It would take a lot of calcium rich foods to get that much. But why do you actually need that much calcium?Wouldn't you be fine on say, 3 grams of calcium? I mean what is your goal?
  54. Just eat more or less the same meals at the same times every day, track your calories and adjust according to your goals. Weightlifting while you are in a caloric deficit is important to preserve muscle mass, otherwise a lot of the weight lost will be muscle not fat.
    All those things mentioned here like Ca-P ratio, supplementing thyroid, minimizing pufa etc. can of course increase your bmr, but there's no point if you don't track your calories since your appetite might increase too.
    Everyone seems to "try to lose weight" nowadays, but nobody wants to actually track their food.
  55. Ah yes. Both the chocolate and strawberry. But I am in the US. Maybe they don't poison where you live as much as here. Cheers.
  56. I appreciate your concern!

    I have been eating LF/VLF for about 3 1/2 years now and imo my health couldnt really be any better.
    I NEVER get sick , I dont experience ongoing fatigue or muscle soreness from even extreme exertion , I have very rare shifts in mood or outlook on life with no signs of aggression , my libido is good , bowel movements are good and by the clock , sleep is excellent ( i use an alarm for peace of mind but if i switch it off i will wake within 15-30 minutes of that time naturally) , i have no worrying skin issues and for someone of my heritage i am quite resilient to sunburn.

    I might end up crashing and burning but that is the beauty of it .. experimenting in ways that are outside the box learning what works and what does not by listening to my body

    If you could spare the time could you go more into detail as to how you think my "diet" is unhealthy i am always interested in hearing anyones opinion and will take anything into consideration.

    Thank you:praying:
  57. No particular reason.. although im inclined to think Glucose is much better when consumed with potassium.

    i think i still average at least 200g of sucrose from table sugar , energy drinks , nesquick and gatorade powder
  58. unlimited milk and sugar and OJ
    Very little muscle meat

    Along with all the other Peat stuff

    I found that I was very slim when drinking close to a half gallon of milk a day, with as much sugar as I wanted. Meat consumption was ~3 small chunks of chicken breast, gelatin consumption probably helps too.
  59. You are welcome :) Well, it is your diet and your eating program, so if it is working for you, what can I say? Since you asked :D how about adding some fruit for the nutrients? And some greens? And of course, dairy, and full fat cheese (in moderation) as I discussed in my other posts. Your brain and your digestive system need the natural fat found in dairy to function at it's peak -see the link about dairy I posted for more info. on that and another thread I posted about dairy. It's really vital and necessary for our bodies.
  60. Thanks , i will read the link .

    I still get 30g of dairy fat per day . aswell as supplemental 15g of caprylic acid which is often said to be the best fat for brain health.

    i do not disagree that you need some fat for good health i just think after a certain point , its use for "function" is complete and anymore than that is simply stored depending on the fatty acid profile and their chain lengths.

    i do believe that having a BF% much higher than mine could be more optimal to health but admittedly i have a certain degree of narcissism :cigar::hearnoevil:
  61. Oh ok, I agree with that. I wasn't endorsing loads of dairy fat, or loads of sugar for that matter. I don't eat that much fat either, but because I know it's good and not something to be afraid of, I'll eat the good dairy fat.I kinda differ on a lot of other Peat-ers on the sugar thing. I don't eat a lot of it. But I still use it in my coffee and I get it in fruit. Ok, carry on with what you are doing ;)
  62. its sad that its so hard to find "clean" foods these days.
    ill probly go back to flavouring my milk with vanilla

    mildronate is like if you mixed allithiamine or high dose Thiamine HCL , aspirin and forskholin (in terms of perceived effects) together into a super compound
    with a bonus of no GI issues , endotoxin protection and reduced iNoS and increased eNoS
  63. Interesting, so it lowers anxiety by raising CO2 and improves mental (and physical) focus and performance? Does it help you do close work at all or with reading?
  64. yes definately that high Co2 feeling you might have experienced in your experiments (nose feels like a turbo vacuum , no need to open mouth , brain feels expanded etc..) is very pronounced on mildronate in my experience.

    and now that you mention it it does help quite dramatically with vision and reading.. i find i dont have to conciously tell my eyes to refocus on something which is actually a godsend at work.

    so far i cannot report any downsides @ 500mg x2 daily
  65. I think in the past you had posted that you were drinking a lot of OJ. Have you since substituted this for Red Bull?

    Thanks for your contribution to the forum.
  66. @superhuman Ray told you Coconut oil and Calcium are the most powerful foodstuffs that raise metabolism ?
  67. That's awesome; I might try it. Haidut said niacinamide works in a similar way and lowers SIRT 1 expression, so I wonder if mildronate does the same.

    Giving the remarkable role of niacinamide in easing anxiety and improving CO2, I wouldn't be surprised if mildronate functioned as a surrogate, and it might be easier on the liver.
  68. sign me up
  69. Thx for the tip Dave. I think Haidut might be coming up with something similar. I'm a little bit chicken and might wait until for that and all the discussions that come of it.
    Bag-breathing this afternoon before heading out for the evening (to train and then party) was very helpful.
  70. Me: Get you. What other nutrients favors burning calories the most?

    "RP": Calcium and coconut oil are the most helpful.
  71. I would recomend simply cutting down on fats the most. Obviously no unsaturated fats, but also lowering saturated fat to about as low as you can. Eat plenty of carbs and coffee and vitamins (k2) and niacinmide and take multiple brisk walks a day. Do eveyrthing you can to boost metabolism, rememebr to sit in front of a bright red light naked twice a day and do your bag breathing.
  72. Would you say though that you should have a certain amount of saturated fat in the diet? I've found my skin is awful dry and I've got terrible acne and I think it's from having fat under 5-10 grams a day
  73. Human breast milk's ca to p ratio is 2:1(according to nutritiondata) , that tells me good ratio probably is around that.
  74. No I don't think try skin or acne could come from low fat, if Im being perfectly honest. The body can convert sugars to saturated fat through a simple mechanism so as long as you are eating enough carbs and getting some cholestrol through a couple eggs or shrimp or liver, all your bases should be coverred. Dry skin/acne seems commonly vitamin A related, have you tried haiduit's retinil product? It is the only vit A supplement I would recommend as I ama fraid all other could be some what contaminated are are generally made with PUFA
  75. i agree with @sladerunner69 . Im not sure where the x amount of fat comes from but its more related to the vitamins/minerals in those foods and not the fat. Ive been going months on under 10g total fat intake without any issues
  76. Stop milk
    Eat cheese

    Stop sugar eat fruits

    Eat every day a pound of brccoli
    It has 0.2 g pufa

    Eat maximum 150 protein

    Eat alot of whole wheat toast
    Like 20 servings a day with some coconut oil

    Stay away from milk or whey protein

    Eat a pound of meat
    Stay away from muscle meat

    Stay positive

    Good luck
  77. If u can buy a cow

    Then drink her milk

    Or dont drink milk

    Its full of poisns

    Whenever i drink even a cup of milk i feel like crap
  78. Some things Ray has said have helped me. He said 1% is the milk he drinks so that he can have a little butter and cream. I listened to an early interview where he gave examples of weight loss with coconut oil. But I think he got less enthusiastic about that or at least didn't emphasize it so much.

    I have to stay away from certain foods that stir up a craving. Every so often I try ice cream again and it never works for me.

    I drink lots of 1% in milky coffee with sugar. Decaf after breakfast, caf before.
    Another thing Ray said is that he has seen people gain weight when they tried to get in every single nutrient. That sure happens to me. I have to not be constantly measuring and focusing on nutrients.

    Then, as somebody else said, compulsive eating for entertainment or to bury problems can put on weight. It is so much easier to think...Oooh, I need some food... And hunger really isn't there. Instead, I need to get moving.

    I feel so much better not being stuffed. It's along time habit, so for some of us needs a constant effort to take action instead of eating all day. I'm off for a walk. Requires a lot of clothes which is irksome.
  79. Good point @Birdie real hunger is not something you think about.

    And eating without a hunger certainly doesn't works,at least for me its like that.
  80. as always these threads get way out of hand and too much bro science and crap getting posted
  81. I agree with the posters who say you gotta move. People who say exercise has no/little bearing on weight loss (and it's all about diet) are full of it. The only time I lose weight is when I start smashing out work outs and do intense boxing sessions. I know prolonged physical exertion has negative consequences, I do whatever I can to mediate that (bag breathing, taurine, red light, aspirin, high quality sleep). The positives however: weight loss (I've never ever met an overweight person who was truly happy, content in their bodies, radiating deep self worth, happy about how they looked in clothes, moving freely and unselfconsciously, happy about how they looked and felt whilst making love), muscle tone, the utter thrill from making progress in boxing and earning the praise and respect from my trainers and the pro boxers at the gym. On the diet front, I keep it simple (whilst losing weight) - fat hovers around 20 g a day, high protein (der), lots of oj, watermelon, coke, occasional egg, liver once a week, lots of coffee with gelatine. Obviously it's all n=1 at the end of the day, but this little recipe is working a treat for me as I want to get leaner so I can become a better boxer and fight with lighter dudes. The end.
  82. How about just eat GOOD saturated yes, saturated fats in MODERATION and fruits and vegetables and some protein and get non extreme exercise on a regular basis. And don't eat empty snack calories (potato chips, crackers, pop corn etc. etc.) Avoid PUFA as much as possible. Then you will lose weight! Wow, what a concept!
  83. Man, I've got say, reading this thread is extremely discouraging. I don't see anything on this thread that remotely works. About 7 years ago I lost 40 pounds or so doing Paleo. I felt great, and was very, very happy with the results.

    But I started reading Peat and got interested in LF, etc. I have starting trying to incorporate his ideas including several stretches where I was very strict. Every time my weight shoots up, and I don't really see any benefits. I drink my milk, coffee, and oj, eat my aspirin and mushrooms and gelatin and some coconut oil. And I am RAVENOUSLY hungry. I am either miserable or way overeating. Doing Peat has left me 25 pounds heavier and nothing to show for it.

    Being "active and on your feet for an hour" does nothing. Thyroid doesn't help. Coconut oil is not slimming. Tropical fruit is not satisfying. Liquid calories don't even make a dent in my hunger. Counting calories only quantifies my hunger. I wish this stuff worked, I really do.

    Starting today, with some regret, I'm back on Paleo.
  84. Hahahha
  85. @Jem Oz Martin Berkhan and 100's of his clients would disagree with your " full of it comment " he regularly drops down to 5% body fat and stays there for months with very very little exercise. 3 ( at most ) heavy, very short weight training sessions per week with zero cardio.
    562830_10150942642022190_254397007_n.jpeg 17190-mb1.jpg
  86. @3ball Rays diet makes you hungrier because it stimulates metabolism. You gained weight for two reasons
    #1 - You refilled your glycogen stores which adds pounds of water to your muscles, which is lost on a low carb diet. ( Which is why on a low carb diet you can lose 5+ lbs within a few days. )
    #2 - You let your increased appetite get the better of you and ate more calories than you needed. Its easy to do when your hungry, I get it. Also the unavoidable increase in stress hormones from a low carb diet are great at decreasing appetite.
  87. what @tca300 said.

    I just want to add once and for all, to everyone on the forum in general that are on the lookout for loosing weight.

    First of all its all about fat loss, not weight loss. You dont want to loose muscle, skeletal, organ etc etc whatever mass. Thats why you eat enough protein and then carbs and do some resistance training.

    Most important of all, you have to track your calories and your weight. Without this you are just shooting in the dark everyday. There is no super food you can add or take away than suddenly you will loose bodyfat. There are things that can do that will have a positive or negative effect on your metabolic rate but if you dont keep track on your everday calories and your weight you have no chance in hell of spotting the trends and knowing if your loosing fat or not and when to adjust.
    Its not about a magic number either, this is what amount of calories YOU need to make the changes in your current condition.
  88. I've said the same thing in different threads here several times. It gets ignored every time.
    Most people seem to hate counting calories and tracking food more than being fat for some reason. Of course weird diets like eating nothing but potatoes all day is going to make you lose weight, but it has nothing to do with it being extremely low in fat, it's just almost impossible to eat a large amount of calories this way. Most of the weight lost will also most likely be muscle mass not fat, because people who try to lose weight by eating nothing but potatoes tend to stay away from lifting weights...
    The whole idea of trying to lose weight without actually knowing how much you eat is ridiculous.
  89. @squanch yupp its very strange but sadly a common theme among many of the "guru" "way of eating" groups where people think its up to something magical pill, potion, food or whatever that is the only thing missing
  90. Do you find that diet sustainable L/T - do you feel a need to binge eat on fatty stuff on such diet?
  91. in the beginning yes i did have weird cravings... but soon found out i just needed more potassiuma.

    very sustainable long term yes.
  92. Daily Phenibut? How long for? I have read some brutal things about Phenibut withdrawals.

    I asked Ray about Phenibut:

    "I think addiction is a problem except when it’s used for a short treatment. I think piracetam is safer."
  93. Thanks for your thoughts, and I've read similar things many times before. But...
    1.) Yes, this is clearly true. But you are only talking about low carb paleo. Paleo diets that are not low carb do not have this issue. I had no shortage of glycogen when I started doing Peat, and I gain weight anyway. I clearly and obviously gain fat. Repeatedly. More than once. Long term. My reading on this site is that this is a very common effect.
    2.) Yes, this is exactly what I'm saying. Peat's principles massively stimulate hunger, certainly in me, and apparently in many if not most people. If it were true, as it's often said, that this increased metabolism would lead to weight LOSS, awesome. But it doesn't work. It is incredibly dis-spiriting to be hungry all the time. That is why counting calories has again and again been shown to be a terrible method for long term weight loss.

    I have been reading Peat and reading this site literally for years trying to find a way to do Peat in a long-term sustainable way that helps me be healthy and manage my weight. I have to conclude that it just doesn't exist. Maybe it's just that Peat himself seems to have never struggled with the issue, so it isn't something he has engaged with very much. But so far, answers are not here.

    I will continue to check in to see if something comes up. Please let me know if someone finds some answers.