Drug Shortages Forcing Hard Decisions On Rationing Treatments


Jan 21, 2016
Nothing new for most of us but pharma drug Shortage are coming / are here. Glad IdeaLabs and Health Natura are producing. As of today I am having issue filling Synthroid for 90 days but NatureThyroid is not an issue at Walgreen’s in a metroplex of 7 million people.

"At medical institutions across the country, choices about who gets drugs have often been made in ad hoc ways that have resulted in contradictory conclusions, murky ethical reasoning and medically questionable practices, according to interviews with dozens of doctors, hospital officials and government regulators.
Some institutions have formal committees that include ethicists and patient representatives; in other places, individual physicians, pharmacists and even drug company executives decide which patients receive a needed drug ? and which do not.
Doctors and hospitals often do not tell patients about shortages and the resulting rationing because they do not want them to worry, especially when alternative drugs are available, or because they feel it would stir up too much anger."
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