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Dried deer penis / brain tingling

Jun 15, 2022
Hi everyone. I am having an issue hopefully someone can help me with. The last day has been pretty weird. I had some trouble getting to sleep and finally fell asleep around twelve. I ended up waking up at 3 and could not get back to sleep. I have a tingling sensation in my brain. That is pretty much the only symptom besides sleep issues.

I ended up taking a nap for three hours and going to work late, and I still have this light tingling sensation in my mind.

One possible cause could be stress, although I have not had anything like this before.

Another thing I am worried about is that I made a powder with some dehydrated deer penises from deer I have hunted. I put the powder in a bag, but made a smoothie and kept the residual dust in the smoothie cup.

Ideally I would like someone to tell me that this is normal and just stress but if it could be something more serious please let me know. I am not a fan of hospitals and that would be my last resort.

I also drink lots of raw milk and eggs. Thanks.
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