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Dr. William Frederich Koch USA/Brazil, Drs. Erich & Dieter Reinstorff, Germany - Discussion Thread

  1. Very interesting. Would inositol have a place in this?

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  3. The other thread is a "depository thread". Any discussion needs to be in another thread. We can rename this thread if you want, lemme know. :hattip
  4. Hi SS,

    RE: Dr. William Frederich Koch USA/Brazil, Drs. Erich & Dieter Reinstorff, Germany - Continued Research

    Gee, I dunno... I just translated for the "Research Group" mentioned in the thread after being healed of one of the deadliest cancers known with Koch's reagents.

    I'm a Mechanical Engineer not a Chemist or Physician, I grew up speaking German and worked over there about 10 years building industrial process facilities, and translated a lot of technical documents between English and German in the engineering field.

    Good thing I had the university's medical library nearby while I was translating for Dr. Reinstorff , whom I befriended and knew for years till he passed away in 2014 .

    I was a part-time Paramedic in college, though... but that don't count much, just some familiarity with conditions.
  5. Are they doctors and therapists in Germany following Dr. Koch's research?
  6. Yes, Drs. Erich (father) and Dieter (son) Reinstorff were both physicians and researchers in the field of Koch Molecular Therapy
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    Sorry, my question was not well written. I wanted to say if there are physicians nowadays still active in Germany applying Koch's ideas?
  9. @ SS - Thanks, - more to come

    @ Pasrsifal, - yes, I will have a list of those that I know of soon
  10. @ Burtlancast: Typical malicious labeling of Koch as "snake-oil" charlatan...
    It's both hilarious and tragic how the AMA, FDA and Pharmaceutical industry and their shills still poison the public's minds with their blatant lies.
    They would have lost trillions of dollars if Koch were to have prevailed in 1949.
    One of the greatest crimes against humanity is to suppress proven therapies that cure human illness for the sake of enormous profits by other means.
    "The proof is in the pudding"
    In reviewing all Koch's material, one can clearly see he developed a "Magic Bullet" for most viral and neoplastic diseases.
    "None are more blind than those that refuse to see" -
    Koch's reagents save lives and suffering every day in Europe and elsewhere where they are allowed.
  11. Thank you for sharing Cliff. Fascinating!

    Do you still follow Koch's diet? And if yes, are you very strict?
  12. @Ewelina

    Summer of 2012 I had a spot on my arm that changed after a severe sunburn. (Idiot me, ignoring ozone depletion!)

    I went to a dermatologist in August of that year and they said "it isn't a melanoma by the looks of it". No biopsy was
    done to confirm !!.
    (Idiot me a second time for accepting a visual exam "opinion")

    On April 6th 2016 I asked my doctor to biopsy the spot, as it had expanded some. It is definitely a melanoma and now due to the misdiagnosis
    4 years ago, I'm now looking at a possible spreading and metastasis to other organs.

    But, "no fear - Koch is near"... I have been on a Gerson-type diet for 3 weeks now (Koch's is almost identical), distilled water and carrot juice fasts also,
    with colonics 2 x week and will inject Koch/Reinstorff Rhodizonic acid compound N 2ml ampules starting next week, now that I've got a good headstart
    on bodily detox. https://gerson.org/pdfs/Foods-For-The-Gerson-Diet.pdf

    Three 2ml injections, 10 days apart, should knock anything "floating around" in there out of the ballpark. If there are any other complications I'll just
    fly over to one of Reinstorff's associates in Germany for continuation of treament.

    Believe it or not, sometimes that's all it takes.

    - CM

    PS- actually, it is this present problem of mine that prompted me to dig out all of the KOCH/REINSTORFF materiel I have
    and to post it somewhere more useful than inside my filing cabinet ;-)
  13. QUOTE Percival... Q: Do you know if there is a company producing his reagents here in Europe?

    A: Click on " Koch'sche Molekulartherapie" at bottom on this site:

    Präparate - Wulf Rabes Biologische Mittel

    Amazon.de ships to European Union only (10 ampules about $30):
    CARBONYLGRUPPEN comp. SSR Ampullen 10 St Ampullen: Amazon.de: Drogerie & Körperpflege

    A list with prices, of Apothecaries in Germany that sell it over the counter (it is used orally for influenza quite successfully) 50 ampule lots
    Rhodizonsäure cp.Ampullen Injektionslösung (5X10 ST) Preisvergleich

    QUOTE Percival... Q: Are there physicians nowadays still active in Germany applying Koch's ideas?

    more to come later...

    Tijauna, Mexico, Koch Treament Protocols: ( a lot of Amish go there, they prefer Koch's "natural healing" and can't afford surgery/chemo/radiation
    ...advanced cancer treaments have averaged about $10-$15K for 3 week naturopathic stay, compared to say, $250K+ for usual conventional misery.

    Let me add something here quickly... the reagents are NOT isotonic, therefore intramuscular/subcutaneous injections hurt like hell, I've had to do 2 of
    them on myself back in 1995. They are preferably given intravenously by a practitioner. See protocols on the other "Research" thread.
    Dr. William Frederich Koch USA/Brazil, Drs. Erich & Dieter Reinstorff, Germany - Continued Research

  14. Lord, thank you a lot for posting everything here. If possible, keep us updated on how it goes and I sincerely wish you the best!
  15. Hello, thanks for posting all the details about Koch and the doctors following his therapy in Germany. I have a couple of questions:

    The doctors using Koch's therapy in Germany - do they use the exact same substance used by Koch , ie glyoxal?

    What is the price of treatment with "glyoxal" or derivatives?

    Can the glyoxal be purchased without seeing a doctor?

    Is vegan diet necessary during and after procedure, and for how long?

    I think Ray Peat is a bit dubious of "healing reactions" like fever, but nonetheless, do you feel that it is a normal part of the therapy?
  16. Quote dookie:

    Q: The doctors using Koch's therapy in Germany - do they use the exact same substance used by Koch , ie glyoxal?

    A: As far as I know, yes.

    Q: What is the price of treatment with "glyoxal" or derivatives?
    A: The prices for the reagents is posted above. The cost for practitioner treatment in Europe, I don't know.
    There is a link to a Clinic in Mexico with contact info. I learned from Amish friends of the approximate costs I listed above (1999 prices).

    Q: Can the glyoxal be purchased without seeing a doctor?
    A: Yes, throughout Europe

    Q: Is vegan diet necessary during and after procedure, and for how long?
    A: At least 14 days prior to administration, and up to 6 months thereafter.
    ... A juice/water fast for several days prior helps tremendously. See protocols.

    Q: I think Ray Peat is a bit dubious of "healing reactions" like fever, but nonetheless, do you feel that it is a normal part of the therapy?
    A: In the case of the reagents, the body normally reacts with flu-like symptoms for 1-2 days per treatment.
    Fever is sometimes present. See protocols.
  17. Thanks for the information, Cliff. I'm wondering if you've come across Protocel which has been spreading through word of mouth among the cancer community. The ingredients include rhodizonic acid and it seems to work along the same principles as using quinones to catalyse reactions.

    "INGREDIENTS: Protocel’s ingredients are a propriety blend of Tetrahydroxyquinone, Rhodizonic Acid, Sodium, Potassium, Croconic Acid, Triquinoyl, Pyrocatechol, Leuconic Acid, mineral and trace elements including Copper."

    I don't have cancer but I tried a few doses two years ago (because it's reputed to be non-toxic and many have taken it for preventive purposes) and it increased my metabolism greatly. I've been researching to understand how it did it's job ever since. The people taking Protocel don't seem to understand just how it actually works (the explanations used are metaphorical rather than technical) but the use of quinones makes me wonder if it follows the same concept.

    Here's a blog from one of the stage 4 survivors who used Protocel Beating Cancer Without Breaking a Sweat

    Again, not much information on HOW it works other than that it did something good for her.
  18. Daniel Haley has 30 pages on Koch in his splendid book "Politics in healing" where he pretty much demolishes AMA's fairytale.

    They defentely aren't allowed in Europe, i'm afraid.
    They aren't taught in medical universities; so, any doctor prescribing them is playing with fire.
  19. @Peatfit: No, Koch's reagents have been around since the 1920's

    It would be interesting to see what the proportions of the ingredients of Protocel are, and in what dilution.

    Koch's reagents were one part per trillion in sterile water, which seems ridiculously small, but you have to fully understand the workings of homeopathy.
    This 1/trillion dilution is the main reason the medical profession labeled him a fraud. Very few doctors back then understood homeopathic principles.

    Sodium and potassium would have interfered with Koch's reagents, as Reinstorff unsuccessfully tried to develop them into an isotonic solution in order that they might be injected IM or SC without the pain experienced with normal sterile H2O with which theses are normally prepared.

    Interesting link, thanks.

    @burtlancast Quote:
    Daniel Haley has 30 pages on Koch in his splendid book "Politics in healing" where he pretty much demolishes AMA's fairytale

    "They defentely aren't allowed, i'm afraid.
    They aren't taught in medical universities; so, any doctor prescribing them is playing with fire."

    You got that right, in USA at least... - they would lose their license in a heartbeat !
    Politics In Healing: Cures for Cancer banned in USA for political reasons. - 05/01/16
    http://www.encognitive.com/files/cc-10 cancer cures that worked.pdf

    - CM
  20. So sorry to hear about your problem. Let us know how your therapy goes. I (and probably everyone on this forum) wish you speedy recovery and all the best!
  21. @Cliff Myles

    Do you know any of the people who make glyoxal?

    How are you sure of the purity and authenticity of any of the products?

    I think for Koch's reagent, the temperature has to be very controlled when producing the reagent, otherwise it won't work?

    Can any of the labs where the reagent is made be contacted or visited?

    On one of the sites you listed, there are 3 different things under "Koch'sche Molekulartherapie": Rhodizonsäure, Parabenzochinon, Carbonylgruppen comp. SSR. Which one is glyoxal? What are the others?

    Vitamin K and the tetracyclines (minocycline, doxcycline..) are other things that act as "electron acceptors", similar to Koch's reagent. Have you read Peat's articles on his website, like this one: Cascara, energy, cancer and the FDA's laxative abuse. and are you doing other supplements at the moment?
  22. Quote "dookie":

    Q: Do you know any of the people who make glyoxal?
    A: I knew Dr. Dieter Reinstorff who passed away in 2014, for whom I was a translator. He had the REIKO Pharma lab that produced the reagents.

    Q: How are you sure of the purity and authenticity of any of the products?
    A: They would not be allowed to be marketed or used under strict German pharmaceutical laws unless proven so.
    ... if you think the FDA is a b****, try getting something through Commission E, (Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte)
    - - at least they are not politically controlled (yet), and objectively examine each new preparation for effectiveness and side effects alone.

    Q: I think for Koch's reagent, the temperature has to be very controlled when producing the reagent, otherwise it won't work?
    A: I wasn't privy to the manufacturing processes, there are documents that outline manufacture which I was never authorized to release.

    Q: Can any of the labs where the reagent is made be contacted or visited?
    A: I mentioned one with a link on my Research Thread, -be warned they won't talk to you unless you are professionally affiliated and can speak German.

    Q: On one of the sites you listed, there are 3 different things under "Koch'sche Molekulartherapie": Rhodizonsäure, Parabenzochinon, Carbonylgruppen comp. SSR. Which one is glyoxal? What are the others?
    A: That site should have the components listed, otherwise they are under one of the protocols in the other thread. Glyoxylide is in with the SSR.

    Q: Vitamin K and the tetracyclines (minocycline, doxcycline..) are other things that act as "electron acceptors", similar to Koch's reagent. Have you read Peat's articles on his website, like this one: Cascara, energy, cancer and the FDA's laxative abuse. and are you doing other supplements at the moment?
    A: Again, I'm not a chemist, I only posted information here due to the belief on this forum that Koch's reagents were extinct.
    - - Only the Gerson diet and SSR for me (protocol).
  23. @Cliff Myles

    I just remember reading this website where it said that it required some special conditions to make like a temp controlled room. Don't know how accurate it was. I'll post the website if I can find it again.

    How would the German FDA test glyoxal? If it's in a homeopathic dilution would it even be possible to test the presence of the molecule?

    I think a lot of people will be a bit scared to inject themselves with something off the internet especially since there's little information about who made it

    Out of all those sources you posted is there one you trust more for purity and authenticity?

    Are there any side-effects besides the flu like symptoms?
  24. Quote "dookie":

    Q: How would the German FDA test glyoxal? If it's in a homeopathic dilution would it even be possible to test the presence of the molecule?
    A: A one-to-one million, maybe... a one-to-one billion or one-to-one trillion dilution would be doubtful. The labs are inspected and certified.
    - They are usually managed by doctors, the certified chemists work in teams and must cross-check all work. Any deviation from manufacturing
    processes would result in prosecution, fines and imprisonment and facility closure.
    Homeopathic dilution: Homeopathic dilutions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I think a lot of people will be a bit scared to inject themselves with something off the internet especially since there's little information about who made it
    Comment: Remember, these reagents are not available in or shipped to the US. In Germany, a leaflet is enclosed much like those in American pharmaceutical preparations, outlining uses, side effects and application. This information must be cleared with "Commission E" before commercial distribution.
    For influenza, many people simply drink 1-3 ampules to ward off an illness, or lessen the impact if already infected.

    Q: Out of all those sources you posted is there one you trust more for purity and authenticity?
    A: I can't judge, having been away from Germany for 17 years now, but that of Wulf Rabe is the main one that continues to deliver the
    Koch/Reinstorff reagent for German markets. Believe me, the Germans are less likely to have the wool pulled over their eyes in matters
    of pharmaceuticals, (despite the VW diesel exhaust scandal in the USA ;-)))

    Q: Are there any side-effects besides the flu like symptoms?
    A: None that I have ever heard about or experienced myself.

    Comment: I can see a lot of doubt about the efficacy of homeopathic D6 solutions in the cure of deadly diseases. Modern "allopathic" medicine
    has brainwashed us into believing only their "big guns" can achieve anything. It is indispensable to include DIET AND NUTRITION -they are key here!
    In homeopathy, you cannot have one without the other. The preparations simply cause a chain reaction for the body to heal itself.
    "The proof is in the pudding", what more is there to say. My drug costs $10 and does the same as your $250,000 drug(s) for the same cure? Follow the money!

  25. Has Ray ever talked about homeopathy? I think he likes high doses of quinones but here it seems very distilled?
  26. Thanks for posting all this material.

    Hope this treatment works for you now when you need it to again.

    Am I understanding right that you are using this diet for a few weeks before and during treatment with the reagents, and maybe a little while after, and then expect to return to whatever you more normal diet is? Is this what you did during your previous healing and recovery?
  27. Quote Tara:

    Thanks for posting all this material.
    You're welcome

    Hope this treatment works for you now when you need it to again.
    I have no doubt that it will.

    Am I understanding right that you are using this diet for a few weeks before and during treatment with the reagents, and maybe a little while after, and then expect to return to whatever you more normal diet is? Is this what you did during your previous healing and recovery?
    Yes, the Koch diet is almost identical to Gerson's, and must be initiated a few weeks in advance of the therapy along with some colonics. A few days prior to the injection of a homeopathic reagent, a water-and-juice fast is encouraged in order to enable the substances to be more effective. Afterward, it should be continued 2-3 months or more depending on condition.

    When I returned to the US, I pretty much fell into the old groove (some junk food also), became overweight and had problems like high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis. Then, after a severe sunburn 4 years ago, a mole-covered area changed. It was visually misdiagnosed by a dermatologist in August of 2012 as "benign" and grew larger until I had it biopsied by my own physician the beginning of April 2016, with the correct diagnosis of melanoma stage 1a. I don't know if it has had a chance to spread and metastasize, but I'm taking no chances and have changed my diet back to Gerson's quickly for the time being and will inject Koch's Rhodizonic acid comp. N (D6) three times, 10 days apart as a precaution and preventive measure. I probably will take more precautions with my nutrition in the future, my wife cooks "Maine-style" and I'll just have to pass up some of those tasty meals for more healthy fare. ;)

    - CM
  28. @Cliff Myles

    Can you please talk a bit more about the different therapies (which you mention here: SSR, KOCH, AND DR. DIETER REINSTORFF'S PROTOCOL (1996): Carbonyl Group Ampules, Rhodizonic Acid Compound ampules N, Parabenzoquinone Ampules

    Did Koch use all of these 3? Did he use each one for different types of diseases? Is Carbonyl Group (glyoxylide) the most powerful one? Can Carbonyl Group be used for diseases other than cancer? Can all 3 be used together (would that make it more effective)?
  29. Yes, Dr. WF Koch and both Drs. Erich and Dieter Reinstorff used these interchangeably as needed.

    In homeopathy, one dose is given and then observed for efficacy. In stubborn or advanced cases, another is given in combination, then also observed.

    Homeopathic reagents are mostly sterile water dilutions with active substances in various strengths... 1:1 million - 1:1 billion - 1: trillion


    Rhodizonic acid compound:
    Glyoxalum aquosum (hom./anthr.)
    0,5 ml
    Methylglyoxalum aquosum (hom./anthr.)
    0,5 ml
    Rhodizonic acid aquosum (hom./anthr.)
    0,5 ml
    Trichinoyl aquosum (hom./anthr.)
    0,5 ml

    Carbonylgruppen comp. SSR:
    Di (N-succimidyl) oxalate (hom./anthr.)
    2 ml

    para-Benzochinonum (hom./anthr.)
    2 ml

    It is amazing to see all the diseases and ailments that Koch tested his reagents on, and their results. This really inflamed the AMA, as they realized he had developed a sort of "inexpensive magic bullet" for a number of serious illnesses.

    If you have had a chance to read "Survival Factor in Viral and Neoplastic Diseases"** you would think it was a hoax if it had not been documented and witnessed by other credible physicians. The book has been out of print since 1961, and is worth about $600 today if you can find one. I was given one by Dieter Reinstorff in 1995, also with his father's German translated version. There is also a version in Portugese, as Koch continued his work in Brazil afer leaving the US.

    **The full book with illustrations can be viewed here:
    The survival factor in neoplastic and viral diseases : an introduction to carbonyl and free radical therapy : a study of the phenomena of the free radical, ...
  30. @ All reading here, some VERY interesting facts about animal vs. vegetable protein sources and cancer with respect to the discussions.

    Cancer and the Vegetarian Diet
  31. Have you read Krebiozen: Key to Cancer?
  32. And here's Cliff's

    -" The Molecular Therapy of William Frederick Koch by Dr. Dieter Reinstorff (†) , Hamburg, Germany"

    in pdf and word formats.
  33. Here's a very well informed site detailing the latest developments of the Koch therapy in the world:
    Methylglyoxal: Large Response Rate in Very Advanced Stages – Mihaela Catalina Stanciu Foundation for Life

    It's made by a young scientist who attempted unsuccessfully to cure his wife from adrenal cancer. His scientific contacts has enabled him to obtain very hard to get clinical informations on many obscure anticancer substances.

    Methylglyoxal: Large Response Rate in Very Advanced Stages

    Methylglyoxal, a molecule also produce by human body, it is one of the substances with an anti cancer potential that stands out.

    I am enthusiast about it because of the following facts:

    1. It has clear science behind supported by a large amount of academic research
    2. Its anti cancer potential has been already demonstrated in humans
    3. It can eradicate most cancer types
    4. Its anti cancer action was even indicated by a Nobel Prize winner in multiple publications in the prestigious magazine “Science”
    5. It is cheap
    6. Relatively easy accessible and can be administrated orally
    7. Low to no toxicity to normal cells
    I will start this article with a number of major historical facts indicating the potential behind Methylglyoxal:

    • At the begging of the last century …
      Dr. William F. Koch (1885-1967) (appointed Professor of Physiology at the Detroit College of Medicine in 1914, and subsequently became Chairman of that Department) published a paper entitled “A NEW AND SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT AND DIAGNOSIS OF CANCER”. In this paper he was stating the following: “This substance when purified, taken up in water and immediately injected subcutaneously into a cancer patient, causes practically no local reaction; but instead, after about 24 hours, a very decided focal reaction takes place. Wherever the cancer tissue may be, its’ cells are killed, their ionic concentration increases, the osmotic pressure increases, they take up water, swell and disintegrate. The swelling causes pain and the absorbed, disintegrated products are oxidized causing fever.”“Those two things, focal pain and fever, constitute a reaction which lasts all the way from 6 to 48 hours, depending upon the amount of cancer tissue killed, and of course this depends upon the quantity of substance injected. Such a reaction occurs only in cancer cases and only in the presence of cancer tissue. After the cancer tissue has disappeared, no more reaction can be elicited, no matter how large an injection is given, an important diagnostic aid. The specificity of the substance for cancer is evidenced by the fact that while giving these injections in rapid succession (that is daily or every two days for a period of five weeks), a blood count will rise from 2,850,000 to 4,600,000 red cells and the haemeglobin from 37% to 82%. Thus the delicate red cells are not injured. At the same time a mass of cancer tissue, the size of a large cabbage, will entirely disappear, and all the signs and symptoms of the particular cancer will disappear with it, function return, and the patient become clinically cured.“Stomach, liver and rectal cancers clear up the quickest. Uterus cancer responds slightly more slowly. Squamous cell carcinoma responds about one-half as fast as stomach cancer.” (Ref.)With his therapy W Koch successfully treated various cancer types. Here are a few examples of successful cases http://www.williamfkoch.com/web/version2/drkoch.php?id=151.0&dispID=disp(2);%20disp(3). There is so much to say about what happen following the success of Prof. Dr. William F. Koch, and at this link you can read all in details, but on short, unfortunately for the general health, Dr. Koch was never given the research facilities and cooperation by the medical profession he had asked for and wanted.
      Here are a few pieces of information that can give us a view on the drug used by Dr. Koch:
      – Once, Dr. Koch stated about his anti cancer substance the following: “The compound is difficult to make and it deteriorates rapidly. If I published it and quacks or unscientific men started mixing it and treating cancer with it, the results would be disastrous, not only possibly to the patients, but to the ultimate success of the treatment. Improperly mixed or administered the compound would fail to do its work.” (Ref.)
      – In another article this is what I found: It was an oxygen uptake product of some kind. The formula was O = C = C = O. According to the formula that Koch published it was a 10e-6 dilution, i.e. homeopathic formulation. He called this substance Glyoxylide (Ref.)
      – And here is another piece of info on his formula: The theory that Koch had was one in which he equated the dilution of his product to enzymes in the blood
      So, despite offers, he never made the formula for his medicine available to medical groups or drug companies, for fear they would change and pervert it.
      The substance that Koch suggested he was using was O = C = C = O, and it was considered essentially nothing by FDA. Her is a quote “The formula was O = C = C = O, which means nothing, really” (Ref.) As a result, his drug was classified as a fraud by the FDA (Ref.).
      quackwatch.com is stating the following about Koch’s glyoxylide: “Does Koch’s glyoxylide exist? The molecule glyoxylide has been a subject of investigation by chemists including H. Staudinger in 1913 [4] to Berson in 1986 [5]. Recently Sulzle [6] reviewed the literature and considered the theoretical possibilities for the existence of a compound like glyoxylide. He found that all efforts to prepare, isolate, or chemically identify this compound failed. His studies on the theoretical physical chemistry of glyoxylide showed that the substance described by Koch cannot exist in nature. This, along with Jenssen’s failure to find anything in Koch’s “medicine” [3], confirms the conclusion that the glyoxylide which Koch claims to have invented did not exist.” However …
      … Nearly 100 years latter, during 2015, here is a headline from the scientific news: “Existence of elusive molecule confirmed after more than a century”. (Ref.) This shows how scientist at University of Arizona, USA, have discovered a small molecule with only four atoms that was “never been observed, neither as a substance nor as a transient species, despite a century-long history of attempts”. And guess what was the molecule discovered? That was exactly O = C = C = O (OCCO), the same that dr. Koch was suggesting he was using to treat cancer and FDA was saying that it doesn’t exist :). This simple molecule was so hard to find because it splits into two carbon monoxide (CO) fragments after half a nanosecond or so of existence. The discovery was made in Sanov’s lab, when his graduate students were experimenting with glyoxal – a chemical compound with the formula OCHCHO. (Ref.). So Koch’s OCCO precursor is actually glyoxal. OCCO is now called ethylenedione. The relation between Koch’s work and Glyoxal is also shortly discussed here.
      This proves the fact that if you don’t see it doesn’t mean automatically that it doesn’t exist. It also means, quackwatch and FDA were wrong and need to update their statements on the above.
      Therefore, Koch succeeded to find a way to synthesizing OCCO and keep it stable somehow until giving it to the patient or use substances that would trigger its production in the human body (Ref.), and with this cure cancer and other diseases. For more information on Koch’s story please see williamfkoch.com, a site maintained by the Koch family.
    • In the middle of the last century …
      Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
      was the Nobel Laureate in Medicine in 1937 for the isolation and discovery of Vitamin C. (Ref.) he also discovered Iso-Flavones and vitamin P. In his last 40 years, he researched the regulatory processes of cell growth, and thereby the regulation of cancer itself.
      As early as 1958, Szent-Györgyi also worked on Methylglyoxal and together with his collaborators, in their pioneering work on the biological role of Methylglyoxal, had put forward strong evidences for the anti-cancer and tumor growth inhibitory effect of Methylglyoxal. For example, they showed that Methylglyoxal could completely inhibit the tumor development in mice. Here is the ‘Science’ paper published in 1968: Cancerostatic Action of Methylglyoxal.
      Even earlier than that, in 1963, the prestigious magazine ‘Science’ published a remarkable article about his research. In it Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi identified two substances, one called Retine, which inhibited cancer growth (ascites tumors), and the other called Promine, which promoted cell growth and made cancer grow faster. (Ref.) He suggested that these were very small molecules that were highly potent in controlling cell division. His research using mice achieved shrinkage of tumors by increasing the ratio of Retine to Promine with daily injections of Retine. Other researchers obtained similar results and there were no harmful or toxic side effects.
      In another article in Science he announced that they have succeeded to extract Retine from human urine. (Ref.) I find this interesting since urine therapy as an anticancer approach was/is a technique used by some. And here is another article referring to glyoxal offering a hopeful target in the search for cancerostatic substances (Ref.) and more on his view on methylglyoxal (Ref.) In 1967 he announced that his laboratory had isolated and manufactured Retine (retards cell growth) in the form of a Carbonyl compound called Methylglyoxal. (Ref.)
      In an interview in Prevention magazine in 1972 conducted by Jane Kinderlehrer, he explained that he and “Dr. Egyud have found that retine (methylglyoxal) stops the growth of cancer cells without poisoning other cells. When retine is present in sufficient concentration, no cell division can occur while vital cellular processes go on unhindered. And what is a good bit of luck, and not my cleverness, the white-haired scientist pointed out, is that if a cancer cell cannot grow, it dies by itself.” According to the researchers, retine is normally produced by the body and, when it is, it prevents the growth of existing cancer cells. But the body can lose its ability to produce this substance… “Putting the retine back in the body, just as we put insulin back into a diabetics body, can stop the growth of cancer… ” (Ref.)
      Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi acknowledged the work of Dr. William Koch on the same subject saying, “A decade ago, a very intuitive researcher, Dr. William F. Koch, came to the same conclusion about the possible importance of Carbonyls in regulation of cell division and carcinostasis.”
    • At the end of the last century and beginning of our century …
      About 50 years latter Prof. dr. Manju Ray, a very good Indian scientist in Molecular Enzymology and Cancer Biochemistry, build on Methyloglyoxal’s anti cancer effects. In a series of papers, she further demonstrated the potential of Methyloglyoxal. But she did not stop to the theory. Instead she trialed the drug on 19 patients with very advanced stages of cancer and resulted in an overall cure rate of 70 percent in cancer patients who were diagnosed as terminally ill, results presented in 2001.
      In 2006 Prof. Dr. Manju Ray, presented a 5 year follow-up phase II study with methylglyoxal. It showed that of the 46 patients enrolled, 18 were in complete remission (so there were no tumors in clinical scans to see). The follow-up after 5 years of the patients took an average of 4 to 56 months. The results of the study showed that 18 (39%) patients achieved a complete remission, 18 (39%) patients had partial regression and / or stable disease, while 8 (17%) patients had progression of their disease.” After this, another successful clinical trial was conducted (see below).
      With all these results in humans, Prof. Ray clearly underpinned the great anticancer effect of Methylglyoxal.
    Other facts:

    • Methylglyoxal can also enable or increase the effectiveness of DNA disrupting chemo therapy (Ref.).
    • Ketogenic Diet seems to also increase intracellular Methylglyoxal (Ref.)
    • Methylglyoxal can be also found in Manuka Honey in concentration of about 250mg/kg and it is [​IMG]believed to be responsible for the antibacterial and antiviral activity of the honey. (Ref.) Professor Thomas Henle of University of Dresden, Germany announced in 2008 that research “unambiguously demonstrates for the first time that Methylglyoxal is directly responsible for the antibacterial activity of Manuka honey.” MGO Manuka Honey. What is Methylglyoxal?
    • However, note that while the amount of Methylglyoxal present in the honey (250mg/kg) may serve as a good preventive measure, for cancer treatment purpose this is too little. Given the Methylglyoxal dose that is proposed to cure cancer (see the Dose and Administration section below), we would need to eat kilograms of honey each day, which is not feasible. This is why, as it will be further discussed, other sources of Methylglyoxal are used in the clinical trails.
    Other interesting articles to read:

    In conclusion, the anticancer effect of methylglyoxal has been known for a long time. But relatively recent work has shown that it acts exclusively against malignant cellular mitochondrial complex I and GAPDH to elicit its anticancer effect. It has been used on humans and found that

    • methylglyoxal is potentially safe for human consumption and able to destroy cancer cells in vivo
    • a methylglyoxal-based anticancer formulation was administered orally to diverse groups of cancer patients in India
    • In first group (14 months, January 2000-February 2001) 24 patients were recruited and complete remission was observed for 11 patients and partial remission for 5 patients.
    • In the second group (60 months, October 2000-September 2005) 46 patients were recruited and complete remission was observed for 18 patients and partial remission for 18 patients.
    • In the third group (42 months, May 2005-October 2008) of the 23 patients complete remission was observed for 11 patients and partial remission for 7 patients.
    • The treatment was found to be especially effective for adenocarcinoma of urinary bladder, breast, uterus, esophageal and gastrointestinal tract cancer.
    • Several vital biochemical, radiological and other parameters were tested in patients who received treatment for a long time to assess the possible long term toxicity of methylglyoxal treatment, if any, and the results implicated no toxicity as per the parameter studied.
    • All the results showed great promise of methylglyoxal treatment and demands further improvisation the methylglyoxal based therapeutics. (Ref.)
    • Due to its mechanims of action it could complement anticancer strategies involving Chemo, 3BP, DCA, Artemisinin, and any other pro oxidant drug.
    Methylglyoxal as anti cancer treatment in Humans: Clinical trials

    A methylglyoxal-based anticancer formulation was developed and a three-phase study of treating a total number of 86 cancer patients was carried out. The results appear to be promising. Most of the cancer patients benefited greatly and a significant number of patients became free of the disease. Contrary to the effect of existing anticancer drugs, this methylglyoxal-based formulation is devoid of any toxic effect and reasonably effective against a wide variety of cancers. (Ref.)

    Here are the result from one of the study 46 patients:

    Previous in vitro and in vivo studies had shown remarkable anticancer effect of methylglyoxal. A recent toxicological study with four different species of animals has shown that methylglyoxal is potentially safe for human consumption (Ghosh et al, 2006). We have developed an anticancer formulation with methylglyoxal as the principal ingredient. To test the efficacy of this formulation, 46 patients suffering from different types of malignancies in different stages of the disease were randomly chosen: brain –2, head and neck –2, gastrointestinal –11, lung –6, gynecological –6, breast –3, urological –4, hematological –2, prostate –2, gall bladder –1, pancreas –2, others –5. The effect of the formulation on overall survival, regression of the tumours and general well being of the patients were analyzed. The follow-up of the patients ranged from 4–56 months. The results of the study show that 18 (39%) patients had complete remission, 18 (39%) patients had partial regression and/or stable disease condition, whereas 8 (17%) patients had progressive disease. In addition to the measurable improvement of the majority of the patients there was remarkable improvement in the quality of life of nearly all the patients. There was no significant adverse side effect in almost all the patients. The significant antitumour effect of methylglyoxal against a wide variety of cancer suggests that all the different types of cancer may have common altered site(s). Our next task will be to further improve this treatment and to evaluate its efficacy with a large number of patients. http://www.cancer-therapy.org/CT/v4/B/HTML/17. Talukdar et al, 205-222.html

    Clearly, the results are great as they indicate 78% response rate, including 39% complete remission.

    Anecdotal stories

    • a patient in the Netherlands keeping his cancer under control from 2001 to 2005 with MG. Doctors recognizing the patient would not be there in 2005 without MG (Ref.)

    Methylglyoxal (MG) is a highly reactive dicarbonyl compound and a potent glycating agent, mainly generated as a by-product of glycolysis through a spontaneous degradation of triosephosphates. In cancer, since the glycolytic pathways is highly active there is a lot of Methylglyoxal being produced. That is even more during the administration of DNA disrupting agents such as some of chemotheraphies (see next paragraph). Figure below shows how Methylglyoxal is produced inside the cell.

    Figure is from: Analysis of methylglyoxal metabolism in CHO cells grown in culture

    [​IMG]The cellular response to antitumour drugs that modified DNA or disrupt DNA metabolism is to activate processes of DNA repair, including poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase. This depletes cells of NAD+ such that glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase activity is depleted and triosephosphates, glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate and dihydroxyacetonephosphate, increase. Methylglyoxal is formed mainly by triosephosphate degradation and since triosephosphates is increased strongly during the DNA repair, a consequent dramatic increase in methylglyoxal formation is expected. The increase of methylglyoxal will be negative for cancer cell potentiating for example the cytotoxic effect of the antitumour agents. As a result, to block methylglyoxal, the cancer cell will over express of Glo1 (Ref.)

    Indeed, it has been shown that in mammalian cells, MG is detoxified by the glyoxalase system, an enzymatic pathway consisting of two enzymes called glyoxalase 1 (Glo-1) and glyoxalase 2 (Glo-2) and is based on reduced glutathione (GSH). It has been shown that Glo-1 expression and activity is increased in many human cancer types such as colon, prostate, melanoma, lung, and breast and that Glo-1 overexpression is correlated with cancer progression and drug resistance (Ref.).

    Accumulation of Methylglyoxal in cancer cells are known to lead to the inhibition of Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) (Ref1, Ref2, Ref3), an essential enzyme acting in the glycolsisis pathway. GAPDH inhibition depletes ATP profoundly depriving the cancer cells of energy. Note that 3-bromopyruvate (3BP) is also inhibiting (GAPDH) (Ref1., Ref2.).

    Next to GAPDH inhibition, Methylglyoxal induces mitochondria-dependent apoptosis Methylglyoxal induces mitochondria-dependent apoptosis in sarcoma. - PubMed - NCBI

    One of the potential anticancer mechanisms of MG may be related to GABA A receptor. This is because MG seems to be an activator of GABA A receptor (Ref.). And GABA is known to show anti cancer activity via the GABA A receptor (Ref.1, Ref.2).

    As a side note the activation of GABA A receptor triggers an influx of Cl- ions (Ref.).
    Dose and Administration:

    MG oral administration:

    According to the clinical trial above (Ref.):

    • 30mg methylglyoxal/kg of body weight/day
    • this was divided in 4 administration/day (i.e. 7.5mg/kg/administration)
    • each dose was followed by a tablet of chewable vitamin C containing 400 mg of sodium ascorbate
    • Taking the drug on an empty stomach is NOT recommended
    • Each patient also received orally a mixture of the B vitamins twice a day: B15mg, B6 2.5 mg, B12 5 mg and B5 7.5 mg. This mixture is usually a standard composition of vitamin B complex available
    • The duration of treatment at the same or at a reduced dose was determined by evaluating the response and general condition of the patient
    Now here is how to translate the above dose into what the chemical suppliers are selling:

    • Sigma and others provide 40% MG concentration in water
    • The density of MG is 1.17g/ml at 25C; this means that each ml of 40% MG contains 468mg MG
    • Since the dose suggested for a day is 30mg/kg, a person of 50kg will need 1500mg MG/day
    • Since each ml of 40% MG contains 468mg MG, the 50kg patient would need 3.2ml of 40% MG each day
    • As a result 0.8ml of 40%MG has to be administrated 4x/day
    • As suggested in the clinical trial, each of the 0.8ml will be administrated with 60ml water (i.e. in a small glass of water) after meal
    Note: in addition to Vitamin B and Vitamin C suggested in the clinical trial I would also add Curcumin capsules (8g/day or lower if this is not possible) to inhibit glyoxalase 1 and possibly increase the effectiveness of MG treatment. Here is a patent that is suggesting the same Patent US8163796 - Treatment of cancer by oxidation-reduction potentiation of cancerostatic dicarbonyls

    15.05.2016: Update on formulation and dose: I was just informed by one of the readers in contact with dr. Ray that in case of very aggressive cancers she is now suggesting 40mg/kg/day dose. Here is a quote of the info I received: “40 mg/Kg/day. 5 ml of her formulations has to be taken with half a cup of water/fruit juice after meal/snack four times a day, followed by one 500 mg chew-able Vitamin C (2000 mg daily total), and two tablet Polybion after lunch and dinner.

    23.05.2016: Update on formulation, dose and administration following conversation with Prof. Manju Ray:

    • Methylglyoxal (MG) used is available commercially as 40% aqueous solution
    • We now use 40 mg/kg/day in four divided doses
    • For example a person of 50 kg will need 2000 mg MG in four divided
    • 40% methylglyoxal means 40 gm/100 ml (irrespective of density)
    • Take 100 ml of 40% solution, add 300 ml of water (preferably distilled water)
    • Total vol of diluted solution is 400 ml
    • 400 ml contains 40000 mg,
    • so a person of 50kg that needs 2000 mg/day will use 20ml of this diluted solution every day, in 4 devided doses, each of 5ml
    • Mix 5 ml of diluted solution with 50-75 ml of water or fruit juice and give the patient to drink
    • Such a dose should be given 4 times daily in 5-6 hrs intervals
    • After each dose of methylglyoxal, 1 tab of chewable Vit C = 500 mg should be chewed (not swallow)
    • tablet of Polybion after lunch and dinner is OK
    • Curcumin is OK
    • My addition: Creatine supplement is a must 30-60 min prior to MG administration (see below why)
    When reading the patent on Methylglyoxal I found the following statement:
    “Moreover, it was observed that creatine present in cardiac cells completely protected the animal from any possible deleterious effect of methylglyoxal treatment on cardiac mitochondria (Sinha Roy et al., 2003).” Patent US20110118327 - In vivo assessment of toxicity and pharmacokinetics of methylglyoxal Also another similar statement is here: “Furthermore, creatine can protect cardiac mitochondria from the deleterious effects of some anticancer compounds” http://publicationslist.org/data/theo.wallimann/ref-253/Ray-CK_Creatine_anti-cancer.AAS-2011.pdf
    Although in the clinical studies they did not used Creatine, following these statements, I would clearly make sure that (maybe 30-60 minutes) prior to each MG administration there is a Creatine supplement administer too.
    Next to supporting MG treatment Creatine alone seems to have both anti cancer and anti cachexia effects (Ref.)
    Update on 21-June-2016:
    MG IV administration:

    Based on recent discussions with prof Manju Ray here is a dose that makes sense:

    – 10mg/Kg MG body weight/day (sterilized with a 0.2um sterile filter as discussed in other posts on this website)
    – divide this in two administrations and administer each in 12 hours interval (e.g. one to start at 9:00 a.m. and the other to start at 9:00 p.m.)
    – each administration contains 5mg/kg in 250ml NaCl and is given in 3 hours
    Update 22-June-2016:
    Koch formulations administration:

    “A successful product if taken sublingually will be tasteless at first. Then within a few minutes a slightly astringent (cotton mouth) feeling will be experienced followed by a metallic taste. Many will go on to experience a transient warm flushed feeling several minutes later, and/or feelings of increased pep and mental alertness. Those subjects having allergic symptoms will usually experience relief within a few minutes. If one or more of the above occur, the product should be considered good. The product need not be injected, but can be administered sublingually or by aerosol.”How Koch Catalysts Were Made

    Koch formulations are:

    It is recommended to be given

    • 1 Vial per day for 10 days- then –
    • 1 Vial per week for 10 weeks- then –
    • 1 Vial per month for the balance or until vials are gone. (Ref.)
    Other sources are suggesting

    • 1 Vial each day during 14 days
    Regardless of the approach, the Vials are alternated, e.g. first day one vial Rhodizonsaure, second day one vial Carbonylgruppen, next day again one vial Rhodizonsaure and so on. (Ref.)

    In acute conditions 1-3 times daily 1 ampoule (of 2ml) injected intramuscularly (im) or subcutaneously (sc). (Ref.) The vial can be administrated sublingual but is is preferred via injection, i.m. or s.c.

    More about the therapy in German: http://www.windstosser-museum.info/museum/manuskript/aufklaerung/25.pdf (use google translator to translate)

    Chitosan formulation:

    Here is an e-mail I received from a friend from Cancer Compass (Jcancom) on a new formulation:

    Dear Daniel:

    An even more recent patent that you sent me was using at most 0.5mg/kg/day methylglyoxal in a chitosan encapsulation. This would be even better. The instructions they give seem easy to do. I wonder whether this formulation could be bought somewhere? Patent WO2015049689A1 - Sustained release formulations containing methylglyoxal and their therapeutic applications


    Here are a few articles on the same MG-chitosan combination:

    I will soon have a look at the encapsulation of MG with chitosan since this is probably a much better route of administration, and chitosan is available and cheap. As soon as I have news on this I will update the page.

    Synergy and Antagonism:

    Creatine: New paper published in 2016 from dr. Roy, suggesting Creatine as supporting MG treatment: These data strongly suggest that creatine supplementation may gain importance as a safe and effective supplement in therapeutic intervention with the anti-cancer agent MG. Creatine supplementation with methylglyoxal: a potent therapy for cancer in experimental models. - PubMed - NCBI

    Glyoxalase I inhibitors: inhibition of GLO1 leads to the intracellular accumulation of methylglyoxal. The natural extracts Naringin (Ref.) and Curcumin (Ref.) are known to act as GLO1 inhibitors.

    Ascorbic acid: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16112157 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1995489

    One of the potential anticancer mechanisms of MG may be related to GABA A receptor. This is because MG seems to be an activator of GABA A receptor (Ref.). And GABA is known to show anti cancer activity via the GABA A receptor (Ref.1, Ref.2). Therefore, combining MG treatment with GABA supplementation may increase the chance for a successful treatment. GABA is a commercially available supplement.

    Dichloroacetate (DCA):
    MG triggers GABA A receptor activation which in turn triggers an influx of Cl- ions (Ref.). Intracellular Cl- on the other hand is expected to reduce DCA’s anti cancer activity as it will reduce the efficiency of the DCA-induced GSTZ1 inactivation process (Ref.). As a result, I would not combine MG with DCA.


    Based on an anecdotal report, a patient receiving MG got seven / eight weeks after he started with the methylglyoxal high fever, (41degrees). He stopped for one week MG and started again with no other issues. (Ref.)

    Overall, the potential beneficial effects of methylglyoxal far outweigh its possible toxic role in vivo, and it should be utilized for the benefit of suffering humanity. (Ref.)

    When reading the patent on Methylglyoxal I found the following statement:
    “Moreover, it was observed that creatine present in cardiac cells completely protected the animal from any possible deleterious effect of methylglyoxal treatment on cardiac mitochondria (Sinha Roy et al., 2003).” http://www.google.com/patents/US20110118327 Also another similar statement is here: “Furthermore, creatine can protect cardiac mitochondria from the deleterious effects of some anticancer compounds” http://publicationslist.org/data/theo.wallimann/ref-253/Ray-CK_Creatine_anti-cancer.AAS-2011.pdf
    Although in the clinical studies they did not used Creatine, following these statements, I would clearly make sure that (maybe 30-60 minutes) prior to each MG administration there is a Creatine supplement administer too.

    MG preparation:
    Methylglyoxal can be bought from Western or Chinese chemical suppliers under CAS number 78-98-8. It is usually found as 40% Methylglyoxal in water solution. Here is an example of a supplier: https://www.scbt.com/datasheet-250394-methylglyoxal-solution.html

    MG Clinics and Hospitals:
    The Indian hospital from enclosed reference (Ref.) was still running clinical trials in May 2016. Patients can access MG at the following address in India: Lokmanya Medical Research Centre, Chinchwad, Pune 411 033

    It seems that a Mexican clinic at Providence Pacific Hospital administered methylglyoxal to humans at the begging of 2000 but I can not find more info on that.

    Methylglyoxal, also called pyruvaldehyde or 2-oxo-propanal (CH3-CO-CH=O or C3H4O2) is the aldehyde form of pyruvic acid.

    Update on 21-June-2016:

    Prof Koch’s formulation:

    Yesterday, I was informed by a friend from Cancer Compass (thank you Jet) that various sources of information indicate that Dr. Koch shared his homeopathic data and formulas with a Dr. Eric Reinstorff in Germany (now deceased). But that Dr. Dieter Reinstorff in Hamburg, Germany (Eric’s son) is still manufacturing, distributing it, and using Koch’s homeopathic reagents.

    Indeed, here is an interview (from 2005, in German) with Dr. Reinstorff referring to his work with Prof. Koch. As a result, he started up a small pharma company („REIKO“ Pharma Vertriebsgesellschaft GmbH, „REIKO“ comes from Reinstorff-Koch) owning 3 different products based on Koch’s formulations: Carbonylgruppen, Rhodizonsäure, Parabenzochinon. The products seems to be manufactured by Adjupharm GmbH in Germany while being advertised at the following website http://wulf-rabe.de/molekulartherapie.php. The products are available at most German pharmacies without prescription:

    In USA, it seems that the above vials are available too but 10 vials would cost 300$ http://www.arrowheadhealthworks.com/KochTMT.htm


    In vivo assessment of toxicity and pharmacokinetics of methylglyoxal

    A pharmaceutical composition and treatment method to reduce the proliferation of cancerous or tumor cells, in which the combined active agents are methylglyoxal, ascorbic acid, creatine and melatonin.

    Oral formulation of methylglyoxal and its imino acid conjugates for human use https://www.google.com/patents/US20030087951

    The invention relates to an oral formulation of methylglyoxal and/or its imino acid conjugates for human use and methods for preparing the compositions. Particularly, the invention relates to compositions comprising methylglyoxal and more particularly, imino acid conjugates of methylglyoxal. The present invention also relates to formulations of methylglyoxal and imino acid conjugates of methylglyoxal that can be used for the treatment and suppression of malignant diseases including but not limited to the cancers of Colon, Prostate, Pancreas, Lung, Oral cavity, Glioblastoma, and Leukemia.

    Sustained release formulations containing methylglyoxal and their therapeutic applications https://www.google.com/patents/WO2015049689A1?cl=en

    A novel nano drug composition for the treatment of cancer comprising 0.125-0.5 mg of methylglyoxal as conjugated to nanoparticles of chitosan, its derivatives, or other polymers; 25-100 mg of ascorbic acid; 75-300 mg of creatine; and 0.125-0.5mg of melatonin, wherein all constituents are meant for each kg of body weight.

    Treatment of cancer by oxidation-reduction potentiation of cancerostatic dicarbonyls https://www.google.com/patents/US8163796

    A novel treatment regimen is described for the control and elimination of cancer cell populations including cancer stem cells. The disclosed protocol consists of a pretreatment step followed by a treatment step. The pretreatment step sensitizes cancer cells to apoptosis by altering their intracellular oxidation-reduction state via reduced glutathione depletion. The treatment step involves the sequential administration of a cancerostatic dicarbonyl compound to induce apoptosis. The use of nanoparticle delivery systems further enhances both the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of the pretreatment compounds and the cancerostatic dicarbonyls. Since the pretreatment and treatment compounds are carefully selected and delivered, normal cells are not affected and side effects are kept to a minimum.


    Protein and nucleotide damage by glyoxal and methylglyoxal in physiological systems – role in ageing and disease http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2649415/

    Glycation of proteins, nucleotides and basic phospholipids by glyoxal and methylglyoxal – physiological substrates of glyoxalase 1 – is potentially damaging to the proteome, genome and lipidome. Glyoxalase 1 suppresses glycation by these α-oxoaldehyde metabolites and thereby represents part of the enzymatic defence against glycation. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi pioneered and struggled to understand the physiological function of methylglyoxal and the glyoxalase system. We now appreciate glyoxalase 1 protects against dicarbonyl modifications of the proteome, genome and lipome. Latest research suggests there are functional modifications of this process – implying a role in cell signalling, ageing and disease.

    Methylglyoxal enhances cisplatin-induced cytotoxicity by activating protein kinase Cdelta. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11707430/

    Importantly, co-treatment of cells with the reactive carbonyl MGO and cisplatin increased apoptosis by 90% over the expected additive effect of combined MGO and cisplatin treatment. This same synergism was also observed when ROS generation was examined. MGO and cisplatin increased PKCdelta activity by 4-fold

    Effects of methylglyoxal and glyoxalase I inhibition on breast cancer cells proliferation, invasion, and apoptosis through modulation of MAPKs, MMP9, and Bcl-2. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26618552

    Collectively, these data indicate that MG or inhibition of GLOI induces anticancer effects in breast cancer cells and that these effects are potentiated by combination of the 2.

    Triple negative tumors accumulate significantly less methylglyoxal specific adducts than other human breast cancer subtypes http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4170620/

    Interestingly, the activity of glyoxalase 1 (Glo-1), an enzyme that detoxifies MG, was significantly higher in triple negative than in other subtype lesions, suggesting that these aggressive tumors are able to develop an efficient response against dicarbonyl stress. Using breast cancer cell lines, we substantiated these clinical observations by showing that, in contrast to triple positive, triple negative cells induced Glo-1 expression and activity in response to MG treatment.

    Inactivation of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase of human malignant cells by methylglyoxal. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9450641

    The effect of methylglyoxal on the activity of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GA3PD) of several normal human tissues and benign and malignant tumors has been tested. Methylglyoxal inactivated GA3PD of all the malignant cells (47 samples) and the degree of inactivation was in the range of 25-90%, but it had no inhibitory effect on this enzyme from several normal cells (24 samples) and benign tumors (13 samples). When the effect of methylglyoxal on other two dehydrogenases namely glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) and L-lactic dehydrogenase (LDH) of similar cells was tested as controls it has been observed that methylglyoxal has some inactivating effect on G6PD of all the normal, benign and malignant samples tested, whereas, LDH remained completely unaffected. These studies indicate that the inactivating effect of methylglyoxal on GA3PD specifically of the malignant cells may be a common feature of all the malignant cells, and this phenomenon can be used as a simple and rapid device for the detection of malignancy.

    Nanofabrication of methylglyoxal with chitosan biopolymer: a potential tool for enhancement of its anticancer effect. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25999714

    Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy revealed the presence of imine groups in Nano-MG due to conjugation of the amino group of chitosan and carbonyl group of MG with diameters of nanoparticles ranging from 50-100 nm. The zeta potential of Nano-MG was +21 mV and they contained approximately 100 μg of MG in 1 mL of solution. In vitro studies with Nano-MG showed higher cytotoxicity and enhanced rate of apoptosis in the HBL-100 cell line in comparison with bare MG, but no detrimental effect on normal mouse myoblast cell line C2C12 at the concerned doses. Studies with EAC cells also showed increased cell death of nearly 1.5 times. Nano-MG had similar cytotoxic effects on A549 cells. In vivo studies further demonstrated the efficacy of Nano-MG over bare MG and found them to be about 400 times more potent in EAC-bearing mice and nearly 80 times more effective in sarcoma-180-bearing mice. Administration of ascorbic acid and creatine during in vivo treatments augmented the anticancer effect of Nano-MG.

    Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase: a promising target for molecular therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22964488

    Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most highly lethal malignancies ranking as the third leading-cause of cancer-related death worldwide. Although surgical resection and transplantation are effective curative therapies, very few patients qualify for such treatments due to the advanced stage of the disease at diagnosis. In this context, loco-regional therapies provide a viable therapeutic alternative with minimal systemic toxicity. However, as chemoresistance and tumor recurrence negatively impact the success of therapy resulting in poorer patient outcomes it is imperative to identify new molecular target(s) in cancer cells that could be effectively targeted by novel agents. Recent research has demonstrated that proliferation in HCC is associated with increased glucose metabolism. The glycolytic enzyme, glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH), a multifunctional protein primarily recognized for its role in glucose metabolism, has already been shown to affect the proliferative potential of cancer cells. In human HCC, the increased expression of GAPDH is invariably associated with enhanced glycolytic capacity facilitating tumor progression. Though it is not yet known whether GAPDH up-regulation contributes to tumorigenesis sensu stricto, emerging evidence points to the existence of a link between GAPDH up-regulation and the promotion of survival mechanisms in cancer cells as well as chemoresistance. The involvement of GAPDH in several hepatocarcinogenic mechanisms (e.g. viral hepatitis, metabolic alterations) and its sensitivity to a new class of prospective anticancer agents prompted us to review the current understanding of the therapeutic potential of targeting GAPDH in HCC.

    Anti-Cancer Strategies of Methylglyoxal http://www.ijpr.in/Data/Archives/2015/july/2006201502.pdf

    Methylglyoxal a simple carbonyl compound containing a reactive aldehyde and a ketonic group which stops the growth of cancer cells without poisoning normal cells. It is also called as Retine. These are very small molecules that are highly potent in controlling cell division. This compound inhibits the enzymes required for cancer cell and infected cell to grow by respiration and does not harm normal cells. As cancer cells require large amount of energy to multiply which was provided by ATP. Methylglyoxal inactivates the enzyme Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate Dehydrogenase (GA3PD) needed for the ATP production in cancer cells and there by starves the cell to death and normal cells remain unaffected. As it is a carbonyl group, it inhibits the mitochondrial respiration followed by Glycolysis and Kreb’s cycle which play a major role in the production of ATP and supplies the energy to infected cell up to demand. It also play a role in binding of oxygen at cellular level and preventing the proteins to desaturate and inhibits the production of free radicals. Hence suitable energy and oxygen are unavailable to cancerous cell to grow, leading to death of the cell. It was believed that “If cancer cell cannot grow, it dies by itself”. It desaturate the proteins of malignant cell at cellular level by means of its ketoaldehyde group with an aminoacid of a protein causing the death of cell

    The results clearly indicate that Nano-MG may constitute a promising tool in anticancer therapeutics in the near future.

    Cancerostatic Action of Methylglyoxal http://science.sciencemag.org/content/160/3832/1140

    Creatine supplementation with methylglyoxal: a potent therapy for cancer in experimental models. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27138627

    In conclusion, it may be stated that the anti-cancer effect of MG is enhanced by concomitant creatine supplementation, both in chemically transformed (by 3MC) muscle cells in vitro as well as in sarcoma animal model in vivo. These data strongly suggest that creatine supplementation may gain importance as a safe and effective supplement in therapeutic intervention with the anti-cancer agent MG.

    Curcumin inhibits glyoxalase 1: a possible link to its anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor activity. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18946510

    The results described herein provide new insights into curcumin‘s biological activities as they indicate that inhibition of Glo1 by curcumin may result in non-tolerable levels of MGO and GSH, which, in turn, modulate various metabolic cellular pathways including depletion of cellular ATP and GSH content. This may account for curcumin‘s potency as an anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor agent. The findings support the use of curcumin as a potential therapeutic agent.

    Curcumin inhibits advanced glycation end product-induced oxidative stress and inflammatory responses in endothelial cell damage via trapping methylglyoxal http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4732849/

    Methylglyoxal (MGO) inhibits proliferation and induces cell death of human glioblastoma multiforme T98G and U87MG cells. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27133062

    We have also revealed that MGO induces senescence of U87MG but not T98G cells, but further studies are necessary in order to clarify and check mechanism of action of methylglyoxal and it Is a positive phenomenon for the treatment of GBM.

    A novel mechanism of methylglyoxal cytotoxicity in prostate cancer cells. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23333621

    The results suggest that this physiological compound merits investigation as a potential chemo-preventive/-therapeutic agent, in differently aggressive prostate cancers.
  34. A big thank you, burtlan and Cliff!
  35. Dr. William Frederich Koch USA/Brazil, Drs. Erich & Dieter Reinstorff, Germany - Continued Research

    From above in this thread, (back at the beginning of May 2016):

    Hello again my friends...

    I left this site for a while since May 2016 when my Koch/Reinstorff posts disappeared.

    I came back to look something up and noticed that my stuff was back "on the air".

    Well, here's what has happened since then:

    In August of 2012, I had a dark spot on my arm visually examined by a dermatologist’s assistant and was told it was simply keratosis. The spot grew over 400% and some lymph nodes nearby became swollen and tender. I became alarmed and had a biopsy done in April of 2016 by my regular doctor. She called us to her office in a hurry, and I immediately knew there must be something bad. My wife turned white as a ghost as the doctor delivered the verdict: Melanoma!

    I sat there calm and collected and exclaimed that I had no fear of cancer and that I could cure myself of any cancer with the help of God with the same homeopathic reagents that healed me of cancer in Germany in 1996.

    My doctor seemed to doubt my claim and angrily chided me saying that the only way to handle this was surgery and even chemotherapy depending how far it had spread in the four years since the first (mis)diagnosis.

    While working in Germany in the mid 1990’s, I began having difficulty swallowing, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and given only a few more months to live if I didn’t quickly undergo surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. In Germany you can elect to undergo “standard” or “alternative” treatments by law, and their health insurance will pay for either. I prayed fervently to God and searched for an alternative treatment and was led to “The Dr. W. F. Koch Molecular Therapy” that was continued by Dr. Erich Reinstorff and Dr. Dieter Reinstorff (son) in Germany after Koch’s death in 1967. Having been completely healed of esophageal cancer by Dr. Dieter Reinstorff’s reagents after 4 months of treatment, I became a translator for his research group until his death in 2012. I was able to collect much information over the years.

    In May of 2016, I had Koch’s reagents sent to me by friends in Germany, and began to inject them again as 20 years before, 4 times a week according to protocol. A significant visual improvement was noticed by the physicians involved in the melanoma within 4 weeks. There are no side effects with the Koch treatments such as the horrors one hears about in drug, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. Koch’s only requirement was a strict vegan diet for 3-6 months, and I never felt better in my life during this period. (The Gerson Diet is a good example).

    Despite the visual improvements during the course of Koch’s homeopathic reagent treatment, my wife, my doctor, a dermatologist and a surgeon friend of mine repeatedly insisted on having the melanoma removed surgically. In October of 2016 I reluctantly relented and the melanoma and lymph nodes were removed surgically and biopsied and it was determined that the melanoma had regressed by over 75% at that time! All physicians involved were astonished and concurred that had I continued the Koch treatments another few months, it would have undoubtedly gone into complete regression. It wasn’t surprising to me though, I went through this once before. In 1996 all traces of the esophageal tumor had vanished as is always the case.

    Now, here's something new... I've had painful rheumatoid arthritis in my left knee that at times required a cane to walk since 2014. That cleared up during the injections. Is it a coincidence? Not according to Koch's "Christian Medical Research League" report showing a multitude of other ailments that Koch's reagents cured.

    About 6 weeks ago, I developed painful osteoarthitis in my right shoulder that was increasingly limiting my range of motion. I had an industrial accident with that shoulder 30 years ago. I began injecting a series of Koch's reagents, and for the last 2 days I have been pain free and the range of motion slowly restored.

    The reason I'm writing this right now in the middle of night is because I can't sleep, I woke up to the "pungent" smell of oranges out on the kitchen table! Back about 12 years ago, I lost my sense of smell, and when I started injecting Koch's reagents, this sense of smell suddenly and astonishingly came back!

    Coincidences ? -- your guinea pig will continue to report ;)
  36. Dr. William Frederich Koch USA/Brazil, Drs. Erich & Dieter Reinstorff, Germany - Continued Research

    Melanoma self-treatment through homeopathy – Cliff Myles

    (Same protocol used to cured me of esophageal cancer in 1995)


    1. Strict adherence to Dr. Max Gerson cancer theraputic diet for 4 to 6 months.

    2. Colonics / colon cleansing min. 3x week for the first month.

    Injection protocol: (Seven week repetition)

    Sundays S.C. (in abdominal skin fold)

    1 ampule (2ml) Rhodizonsaeure compositum (ADJUPHARM, Germany)

    1 ampule (2ml) Glyoxal compositum (HEEL, Germany)

    Sundays SC in (4) equal .25 ml peripherally, adjacent around tumor site

    1 ampule (1ml) Helixor P level 1* (HELIXOR, Germany)

    Mondays S.C. (in abdominal skin fold)

    1 ampule (2ml) Ubichinon compositum (HEEL, Germany)

    1 ampule (2ml) Parabenzochinon** (ADJUPHARM, Germany)

    Tuesdays S.C. (in abdominal skin fold)

    1 ampule (2ml) Coenzyme compostum (HEEL, Germany)

    1 ampule (2ml) Carbonygruppen SSR** (ADJUPHARM, Germany)

    Wednesdays SC in (4) equal .25 ml peripherally, adjacent around tumor site

    1 ampule (1ml) Helixor P level 1* (HELIXOR, Germany)

    Thursdays S.C. (in abdominal skin fold)

    1 ampule (2ml) Rhodizonsaeure compositum (ADJUPHARM, Germany)

    1 ampule (2ml) Glyoxal compositum (HEEL, Germany)

    Fridays S.C. (in abdominal skin fold)

    1 ampule (2ml) Ubichinon compositum (HEEL, Germany)

    1 ampule (2ml) Parabenzochinon** (ADJUPHARM, Germany)

    Fridays S.C. in (4) equal .25 ml immed. adjacent around tumor site

    1 ampule (1ml) Helixor P level 1* (HELIXOR, Germany)

    Saturdays S.C. (in abdominal skin fold)

    1 ampule (2ml) Coenzyme compostum (HEEL, Germany)

    1 ampule (2ml) Carbonygruppen SSR** (ADJUPHARM, Germany)

    * Higher potentiation levels of Helixor P (viscum album) would be preferable.

    ** Parabenzochinon and Carbonylgruppen are not isotonic, therefore painful when injected I.M. Procain 1ml injected with these two lessens pain.
  37. Dr. William Frederich Koch USA/Brazil, Drs. Erich & Dieter Reinstorff, Germany - Continued Research

    So, what are the Koch Molecular Therapy reagents? William F. Koch was an American, devout Christian and a brilliant chemist who later went on to become a medical doctor. Koch’s father died of cancer a few years before, and Koch continually prayed to God to show him how to help the world battle serious diseases. During the studies for his Ph.D. in Chemistry he discovered through many experiments in free radical chemistry that almost all viruses and cancers could be reversed by certain highly diluted substances. Later as he obtained his M.D., Koch opened up a cancer clinic in Detroit in 1919 and “hopeless” diagnosed cancer-case patients flocked to him from all over the U.S. after being given up by their doctors after surgery and radiation treatments. Koch would cure these “hopeless” cases within 3 to 6 months. Chemotherapy wasn’t developed until after WWII and exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry.

    Koch’s astonishing successes alarmed the medical establishment and pharmaceutical firms who stood to lose an enormous fortune to Koch’s discoveries. Time after time they tried to force Koch to reveal his formulas, but Koch wanted to keep his inexpensive discoveries to help the world. In 1949 after a huge battle where 20,000 confirmed cured cases were presented, a Federal Court threw out the lawsuits that the medical establishment and the FDA attempted to bring against Koch.

    Still determined to shut him down, Koch’s enemies and the U.S. Govern- ment eventually succeeded in forcing Koch to move his research to Brazil and Germany and banned his therapies in the U.S. No laboratory methods at that time (1949) could analyze the highly diluted substances – they claimed it was just water and charged Koch with quackery and fraud.

    Koch was exonerated in 2015 when students and faculty at the University of Arizona analyzed “Glyoxilide”, one of Koch’s reagents, with a new laser spectrographic method and found that it DID indeed exist!

    I pray that President Trump and his new sweeping Administration recognize the injury done to Koch and re-examine his legacy.

    On February 10, 1983, Hon. Bill Chappell, Jr. aptly exclaimed in the House of Representatives about the efforts of the homeopathic profession

    “The Government agencies of this great country and the several States have for many years been searching for ways to improve the health care systems here in the United States of America and at the same time to control the spiraling costs to the patient. I am certainly pleased to note that at the same time many civic-minded citizens are taking action of their own to achieve these same goals.

    …I would also like to point out that such actions by concerned private citizens are in keeping with the intent of the Founding Fathers, the Congress, and the Supreme Court of this great country, that all of the people shall have a freedom of choice in how to best care for their own health or choosing a health care provider and that there be no monopolistic profession, business, or occupation established by law thereby abridging the public right to these freedoms.

    …This action will long honor the name of homeopathy’s creator (Samuel Hahnemann) and will be the beginning of many benefits to the better health of the citizens of this great Nation and other nations of the world.

    …Distinguished homeopathic physicians have been appointed as the
    first members of the Homeopathic Educational Advisory Commission
    and are renowned examples of the standards of future members of the commission.
    …(Among them) Prof. Dr. D. Reinstorff, University of Hamburg, University of Vienna,
    and director of the Institute for Molecular Medicine, West Germany”

    In 2016, the FDA approved another of several chemotherapy for melanoma. The average cost over a 6-12 month treatment is around $250,000. The side effects are alarming. I essentially cured my melanoma with the Koch/Reinstorff therapy (in the opinion of my doctors) - for around $175.00, a healthy diet and happily, - with no side effects!

    ‘Clifford Myles’
    P.O. Box 511
    Ellsworth, ME 04605
    ssr2000 (at) usa (dot) com
  38. Thank you for this post. This is fantastic.

    Cancers regularly regress and disappear. It is routine. I'm not taking away from your documentation younposted. Reinforcing it. I know at least 25% of prostate tumors disappear in their own for example.

    Very inspiring. I can't say what I would do but intellectually, I probably would not have the tumor removed. In theory anyway.
  39. My wife, my doctor, a dermatologist and a surgeon friend of mine all kept pounding on me to have it removed surgically until I relented in October. Every one of them were astonished -duhh- ! Careful and thorough biopsy of the surgically removed area revealed over 75% regression of the melanoma at that time, all physicians involved concurred that if I had continued the injections another 2 or 3 months it would have completely regressed! The surgeon took the results to a skin cancer symposium a few weeks later but met with some skepticism of course.

    Dr. William Frederich Koch USA/Brazil, Drs. Erich & Dieter Reinstorff, Germany - Continued Research
  40. Cliff Myles - QUOTE from above:
    "Now, here's something new... I've had painful rheumatoid arthritis in my left knee that at times required a cane to walk since 2014. That cleared up during the injections. Is it a coincidence? Not according to Koch's "Christian Medical Research League" report showing a multitude of other ailments that Koch's reagents cured.

    About 6 weeks ago, I developed painful osteoarthitis in my right shoulder that was increasingly limiting my range of motion. I had an industrial accident with that shoulder 30 years ago. I began injecting a series of Koch's reagents, and for the last 2 days I have been pain free and the range of motion slowly restored.

    The reason I'm writing this right now in the middle of night is because I can't sleep, I woke up to the "pungent" smell of oranges out on the kitchen table! Back about 12 years ago, I lost my sense of smell, and when I started injecting Koch's reagents, this sense of smell suddenly and astonishingly came back!

    Coincidences ? "

    Bear in mind that the following documented cases are just a fraction of the tens of thousands of cases Koch and asscociates treated and/or cured.


    by William Frederick Koch, Ph.D., M.D.
    1961, Vanderkloot Press, Detroit, MI

    Complete book in PDF format:

    The survival factor in neoplastic and viral diseases : an introduction to carbonyl and free radical therapy : a study of the phenomena of the free radical, ...

    This fascinating book reviews the theory and practice of the therapy
    discovered by its author. Numerous cases and clinical trails are reported.
    These were treated by the author, by associates, or by corroborators.

    The following is provided to be an index of the results as presented
    in the main text only. (Excluded is the table of results reported
    by Dr. Hendricks on page 29 and reproduced on another page.)

    Abbreviations are defined below:
    Q = parabenzoquinone, purified and diluted to one microgram per cubic
    centimeter in pure water (6X), usually injected as 2cc IM.
    D = diphenoquinone (6X).
    S = a mixture of organic compounds of variable chain length, composed
    chiefly of carbonyl groups (but it may also contain ethylene groups)
    all pi bonds being conjugated, usually diluted to one picogram
    per cubic centimeter in pure water (12X), usually injected as 2cc IM.
    ? = one of the Koch catalysts but the identity of the particular type
    is not clearly stated in the text.


    breast human Q 2 129-131
    S 2 131,264
    Q+others 1 278-279
    breast mouse S 14of20 31
    S 11of20 31-32
    cervix human S 2 63,69
    colon human S 1 109
    leukemia human S 3 116-118
    liver human ? 1 94
    Q 1 101
    lymphosarcoma human S 3 125-128
    palate human S 1 122
    pelvis human S 1 273
    retinoblastoma human S 1 58
    sarcoma mouse S 8of12 32
    S 16of20 33
    sarcoma human S 3 113,118,124
    stomach human S 4 47,101,103,208
    sympath- human S 1 61
    testicle human S 1 60

    fibroma/uterine human ? 1 132
    psoariasis human S 2 203-205
    thyrotoxicosis human S 3 40,47,49

    acetonemia cattle S 95-100% 211
    arteriosclerosis human S 1 196
    coronary thrombosis human S 1 273
    diabetes mellitus human S 7 244-249,275
    eclampsia human S 1 46
    epilepsy human Q 1 252
    S 2 253,274
    insomnia human Q 2 279
    motor abnormality human Q 1 208
    neurosis/compulsive human Q 1 207
    psychosis/delusions human S 1 208
    retinopathy/diabetic human Q 1 276
    testes/undescended human S 1 60

    aftosa cattle & pig S 90-100% 157-9
    cholera hog D not S 91 of 110 155-157
    distemper dog S 80% 154
    S 1 251-252
    hepatitis human Q 1 149
    S 3 150-152
    measles human Q 1 74
    pityriasis human S 1 203
    polio human Q 1 145
    S 8 139-145,146-148
    S 1 272
    rabies cow S not Q 11of13 152-153
    varicella human S 1 249

    brucellosis cattle ? 80% 211
    72% 212
    gonorrhea human Q 1 188
    Q+S 1 189
    Staph. aureus human S 2 183-184
    syphilis human S 1 159
    tuberculosis human S 6 160-182,254
    bronchiectasis human S 1 185-188
    gangrene/diabetic human S 1 275
    mastitis cow S 27 72-74
    ? 80-90% 211
    sinusitis human S 1 54
    Q 1 207

    malaria human S 1 272

    asthma human S 1 185-188
    multiple site/agent human S 1 205-207

    arthritis/rhematoid human Q 1 215-216
    arthritis/osteo- human S 1 214
    Bright's & migraine human S 1 202
    corioretinitis human S 1 54
    multiple sclerosis human Q 1 277-278
    S 1 278
    nephritis human S 1 45-46
    rheumatic fever human Q 1 217

    Statistics of the Christian Medical Research League

    (This report covers a reported 19,532 cases treated)

    The following is the percentage of reporting doctors who administered
    Glyoxylide in the treatment of:

    Cancer 95% -
    Tuberculosis 50% -
    Polio 32% -

    Conditions for which reporting doctors administered Glyoxylide, listed
    in the order of doctors prescribing:

    Skin Diseases
    Heart Diseases
    Cerebral Thrombosis
    Parkinson's Disease
    Undulant Fever
    Rheumatic Fever
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Hodgkin's Disease

    The following percentages of tabulated results are based upon 19,532 cases covering the conditions listed above and about 30 other conditions in which Glyoxylide was administered:

    Beneficial Results: 86%
    Recovery ( 51%)
    Improvement ( 35%)

    No beneficial Results 14%

    Note: A large number of the cases reported in the above summary were treated by other physicians employing standard therapies with no visible improvement before they were given Glyoxylide including many considered “terminal” cases.

    Reporting doctors recommended Glyoxylide in the Treatment of the following conditions. Listing is in order of recommendation:

    Chronic Diseases,
    Undulant Fever;
    Coronary Thrombosis,
    Heart Diseases,
    Hodgkin's Disease,

    Other conditions for which one or more doctors recommended that Glyoxylide be prescribed are not listed.

    Reporting doctors recommended Glyoxylide in the treatment of both acute
    and chronic disease with special emphasis on acute viral conditions which were reported to recover within the period elapsed from onset to treatment.
    For example: Elapsed time 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours or 72 hours, with
    recovery expected in equal time. Chronic conditions require longer periods, and recovery will follow cycles of 3 days, 3 weeks etc. until recovery is complete.

    The above was made by the Christian Medical Research League, Distributor of Glyoxylide from Dec. 1, 1948 through Sept. 1959, at which time the league was dissolved. (Report)
  41. During the decades after Dr. W. F. Koch transferred rights to Drs. Erich and Dieter Reinstorff, the latter two physicians noted that combinations of certain of Koch's reagents could be more effective than just a single substance. Thus their development of Rhodizonic Acid Compositum (Rhodizonsäure Comp.) with four constituents, including Glyoxal and Methylglyoxal where these were compatibly combined. Parabenzoquinon and Carbonyl Group SSR could not be combined with any other, and must be injected seperately.

    Due to deteriorating environmental influences, highly processed foods and other "Civilization's Damage", Drs. Reinstorff concluded that it took much more of the reagents or repetitive administration to achieve the same results as Koch did before and shortly after WWII.

    During my sojourns at Dr. Dieter Reinstoff's office while translating, I learned that several of Koch's reagents were highly effective against AIDS/HIV among other conditions such as autoimmune and other disorders (Susac's Syndrome, etc.) that developed or were discovered after Koch's times.

    Last summer I reported to several laboratories involved in the search for vaccines for the Zika virus:

    "Thank you P**** K*******, Technical Information Scientist at J****** Labs.
    As I explained, in the mid 1990's while translating medical research papers for The Research Group for Molecular Therapy, Dr. Dieter Reinstorff, Chairman, I had an opportunity to read some correspondence between an American doctor and one in Nigeria dated 1954, where the latter had thanked the American for shipping him a serum that worked "miracles" for a mosquito-bourne virus named "Zika". The name Zika stuck in my mind, as my father worked in Zaire in the mid 70's and told of us a virus outbreak they were worried about at that time because of babies born of infected mothers had small heads.

    Dr. Reinstorff passed away a few years ago, but I have several ampules of the 3 types of serums that he produced. The only problem is, I don't know WHICH of the 3 serums worked on the Zika virus. BUT, I know that it is the same serum that cleared up induced Breast Cancer C57 and Sarcoma S37 in lab mice within a few days in experiments.

    I realize that J****** Labs doesen't have ABL human pathological research facilities, but if you could pass along the info to someone who could use it, this might just be a key to cracking this Zika problem.

    Sincerely, Clifford Myles
    ssr2000 (at) usa (dot) com"

    The information was passed on to several other labs, but no one seriously inquired about it from me.
  42. Many thanks, Cliff & burtlan!!

    It's funny when this forum is the saner choice rather than the prevailing culture.:geek: (In the best ways.)

    Headline: "NIH admits to supporting quack*watch to source its prospective research funding agenda."
  43. One of the greatest heath problems facing several regions in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world, especially here in the northeastern USA is Borreliose and Lyme's disease.
    Lyme disease - Wikipedia
    Borrelia - Wikipedia
    Spirochaete - Wikipedia

    It has reached epidemic proportions and current medical treatments have not been adequate to cure the disease. I personally know
    a dozen people dealing with the crippling and painful conditions brought on by the disease.

    Borreliose Burgdorfi (also Lyme's) is a spirochete. In Koch's publications, he mentions that
    one of his reagents did a particularly splendid job of clearing up the toughest of spirochete infections.
  44. Do you know which one? Perhaps this would apply to all three given their similarities. And was this by oral ingestion? :)
  45. In his book "THE CHEMISTRY OF NATURAL IMMUNITY", page 81, Koch states:

    "The carbonyl group when flanked by an acetylene radical**, as in propargylic aldehyde exerts tremendous but not always controllable catalytic powers. It has however eradicated the worst Vincent 's infection, Noma and spirochetal infection for me. On the other hand, carbonyl flanked by amino groups are quite inactive, as in the amino acids,-a provision which protects proteins from catastrophy. Therefore in the production of acquired immunity general proteolysis and desamidation may go on extensively to satisfy a local carbonyl deficiency, caused and perpetuated by a local polymerization or other inactivating catalysis. Acquired immunity is therefore a clumsy application of natural immunity principles."

    https://ia902705.us.archive.org/14/items/TheChemistryOfNaturalImmunityWilliamKoch/The chemistry of natural immunity William Koch.pdf

    ** Acetyl group - Wikipedia

    Koch generally injected his reagents I.V., I.M. or S.C. It is best to inject them as I.V. if you can get a nurse or practitioner to cooperate.
    The Carbonyl Group SSR reagent is non-isotonic, therefore rather painful to inject I.M.
    I personally always inject Koch's non-isotonic reagents (usually in a 2 ml ampule) I.M. or S.C. together with 2 ml of 0.5% procain solution taken up
    in a 5 ml syringe with a 25 ga needle. The injections are then fairly painless.
    Some protocols recommend aspirating a bit of one's own blood into a syringe with the reagent, then return I.V. push slowly over a minute.
    This is risky if you don't recognize clotting or air bubbles in the syringe as a professional would be looking for.
  46. Hello burtlancast... This post for is for the complete intact index to williamfkoch.com

    Koch's family's website hasn't been maintained since 2003.
    The indexes have been severely hacked and mostly useless. Someone inserted Cialis ads in the index columns.
    Back before this happened, I was fortunate to have copied and preserved the original index which I will place here:

    William F. Koch Ph.D. M.D. official research page. (index badly hacked)


    Original functional links here as of 2/8/2017:

    Scientific Therapy and Practical Research

    A Biography of Wm. F. Koch, Ph.D., M.D.


    On the occurance of methylgaunadine in the urine of parathyroidectimized animals


    Chemical consequences of the removal of the parathyroid glands


    Toxic bases in the urine of parathyroidectomized dogs


    The physiology of the parathyroid glands


    Tetany and the parathyroid glands


    A new and successful diagnosis and treatment of cancer


    Cancer – its function and cure


    The prevention of cancer


    Cancer supplementary points


    The AMA and Wayne County Medical Society’s deception


    Blood chemistry in malignancy


    The function of cancer


    Ethelene keto and quineine groups


    Pathogenesis and Immunity as conveyed by ethylene and carbonyl groups


    Natural immunity via aerobic glycolysis


    The chemistry of natural immunity – full book


    The basic chemistry of our diet


    Relation of focal infection


    History of the development of the Koch synthetic reagents


    Chemistry’s victory over disease


    Principles of the Koch therapy


    An efficient single dose treament of diabetes


    Clinical demonstration of the laws of chemical structure that determine immunity


    Koch’s explanation of the function of his reagents


    Neoplastic and viral parasitism


    The Dr. Koch concept for the scientifically knowledgeable


    The functional carbonyl group in pathogenesis and it’s reversal


    The Koch treatment of cancer


    The Koch chemical formula


    Is a cure for cancer possible by antitoxin and serum treatment


    Can cancer be cured by non-surgical methods


    The cancer situation


    Cancer its cause and prevention


    Periodic medical examination and cancer


    Cancer – summary international


    The Koch cancer cookbook


    Dow Chemical, MIT and other letters concerning Koch and Glyoxal


    Acquired immunity to tuberculosis


    The use of peroxide diformaldehyde…


    Neoplasms, infections and allergies


    Reversing trend in rheumatic fever and coronary thrombisis


    Phagocytosis of the tuberculin bacillus


    The cure of coronary thrombosis


    Important facts about the Koch treatment


    Scientists see leprosy cure in TB vaccine


    Remarks on glyoxylide therapy


    A least common denominator in antibiotics


    “Farmers victorious”


    The prosecution of Dr. William F. Koch


    The new science in the treatment of disease


    Glyoxilide – editorial


    Nature of action of Koch reagents


    The incredible federal trade commission


    The Koch treatment – US Congress


    The big lie


    Martyr for the truth


    National Cancer Institute – smoking doesn’t harm health


    Dedication for Koch


    Birth of a science














    The Koch treatment on dairy cattle


    Canadian dept of agriculture investigation


    Memorandum Canadian government


    Michigan dairymen speak out


    Good progress against Bang’s disease


    The history of glyoxylide use in dairy animal experimentation


    Koch therapy in British Columbia


    Dr. Willard Dow, Dow Chemical – statement


    Catalytic agents in tuberculosis infection









    Scientific theory and practical research


    Hopefully, Koch's family's website will remain on the internet... if not, I have downloaded it for reconstruction or reference.

    How in the hell quackwatch.com, the AMA, medical societies, the Pharma-mafia and the FDA can STILL continue to label Koch one of the worse snake-oil peddling charlatans in history is beyond me... This wonderful person was a genius who cared !
    Oh, wait... "FOLLOW THE MONEY" :moneybag::syringe::microscope:
  47. recommended diets are anything but Peaty.

  48. "Dr. Peat himself does not endorse any one diet. He has expressed confusion at the idea that there is a “Ray Peat Diet”. Ray puts forward ideas, and while you can make some pretty straight forward inferences about what to eat and what not to, everything is up for discussion and there are no rules, only principles.

    **One of Peat’s most important recommendations is to take measures to avoid endotoxin, the harmful molecules present in pathogenic strains of gut bacteria. He rightly points out that often metabolic and hormonal dysregulation begin in the gut, with the harmful byproducts of bacterial overgrowth."
    - The Ray Peat Diet, Explained

    **This is also the main principle of Koch's protocol diet, and especially the type of food
    essential for the healing of diseases by Koch's reagents.
  49. Hmmm... I noticed that your quoted article was posted about 3 weeks after I posted my first
    Koch glyoxal / methylglyoxal information here with my e-mail address listed :

    Dr. William Frederich Koch USA/Brazil, Drs. Erich & Dieter Reinstorff, Germany - Continued Research

    The day after my initial post, someone e-mailed me an inquiry about where to obtain Koch/Reinstorff's reagents in Germany and where to find protocols.
    I gave the individual a good portion of the information shown in the article with links, including injection schedule, Reinstorff information and interview, the Semmelweiss protocol, Adjupharm and Medizinfuchs links. Interesting... whoever it was must be reading my posts. ;)

    Spread the word, everybody ! - We will have cancer, virus infections and other diseases on the run ! :)
  50. Very Strange :D


    Our bodies contain 16 different mineral salts. If our food does not supply these, disease results. The source of mineral salts is fruits, green vegetables, the skins of fruits and tubers and the germ and hulls of the cereals. Therefore, we must eat whole cereals, eat the skins of fruit and vegetables, and save and drink the pot liquor in which the green vegetables are cooked. Don't throw any of it down the sink.

    The protein requirement of adults is very small, therefore, but little if any meat should be used. A pint of milk a day will give all the protein that is needed. So do not pile up proteins by eating meat, eggs, baked or stewed dried beans, and drinking milk at the same meal. Too much protein tends to constipation, acidosis and other forms of toxemia.

    The carbohydrates (starches and sugars) and fats are energy and heat foods. Starch and sugars should be used as they occur in nature‑whole cereals and tubers, sweet dried fruits, unrefined cane and maple sugar and honey. Fruits rich in fat are nuts, alligator pears, peanuts and olives. These are wholesome. The best animal fat is cream and butter.

    (a) The diet should be bland‑No condiments, spices, strong acids, alcohol, wines or citrus acid fruits, such‑as oranges, lemons, grape fruit, tomatoes, food containing lactic acid (sour milk or butter milk).

    (b) The diet should below in protein, very little or no meat, fish, eggs, dried beans or dried peas.

    (c) No refined sugar, processed or emasculated cereals or foods made therefrom such as white flour, processed corn meal or breakfast foods should be used.

    (d) Care should be exercised not to serve proteins (foods that require acid digestion) at the same meal with starches (foods that require an alkaline medium for digestion) or to serve at the same meal starchy foods and fruit acids.

    (e) The bowels should have two daily evacuations, use an enema if there are not natural movements. May use mineral oil as a laxative, but no cathartics.

    (f) The diet should consist of fresh and cooked fruits: apples, pears, sweet prunes, pineapples, mild acid berries in season and melons: vegetables (green) such as lettuce, celery, cucumbers, green peas, string beans, green corn, kale (avoid spinach and cooked cabbage); tubers such as potatoes, carrots, turnips; sweet milk and cream; porridge and bread from whole cereals. For sweets use dates, figs, honey, maple syrup and brown sugar.

    Never use fried foods. Never eat burned foods. Always avoid acid forming foods. Always eat generously of raw foods. Do not tolerate in your diet bad mixtures. Be sure to select foods that will stimulate alkaline metabolism.

    All acids, spices, condiments, alcohol, cathartics; drugs of any kind, depressants, stimulants, tonics, are absolutely prohibited.

    A fast of seven to thirty days is not uncommonly prescribed by progressive physicians. Fasting is not accompanied with any sense of discomfort after about the third day. A reasonable fast for persons who are overweight may be suggested from a study of the following table of average weight. Persons who are much under weight because of toxemia lose but little weight under full fast, and often gain in weight under the detoxication diet outlined above.

    It is calculated that we eat from twice to three times as much as we need. The excess spells disease. Therefore, a period of starvation with the drinking of plenty of pure water until the body weight is brought to normal will not decrease the strength or energy, but will make you feel better, sleep better, be free of dreams, think keener, will make you better able to compete with your adversary; in short will make you "healthy, wealthy and wise." Try it. Thereafter eat in accordance with your needs one or two meals a day, chew very thoroughly what you have to, eat, and you need not worry about disease, for you will have the health God intended for you. God does not punish you with disease, your ignorance and gluttony do that. ??? ------This is very strange in my opinion?

    While referring to the unsaturated compounds that offer a hazard to health, one should mention the acrolein produced by heating animal fats as in roasting meats or frying potatoes. These acrolein polymers produced by dehydrating the glycerin fraction of the fat give the food a welcome flavor, but they are exceedingly injurious to cancer patients. The poly-acrylic aldehydes are now known to step up the action of the well-known carcinogens a million fold even when used in very minute amounts. Boiling fats in water does not produce this change. Fried foods and roasted meats are, therefore, to be avoided for this additional reason.

    The value of the lipoids in metabolism is well known now. The natural unsaturated, fatty acids aid in the auto-induced oxidation of toxic materials as the carcinogens. (1) People who use a diet of natural fats have the benefit of the protection they offer. It might be stated that the very first confirmation by scientists outside our group to our Hypothesis that the natural immunity is a matter of auto-induced oxidations, came with a demonstration that the fatty unsaturated acids, such as linoleic acids, when undergoing auto-oxidation could induce the destructive oxidation of carcinogens. We have shown for many years that the unsaturated derivatives of sugar metabolism did this very thing, and that the ordinary fatty acids, by possessing a hydrogen atom of high activity alpha to a Carbonyl group, subjected the carbon chain to de-saturation alpha-beta to this Carbonyl group and hence, the breakdown of fatty acids to a two carbon withdrawal at each step. Thus even the saturated fatty acids became unsaturated in their oxidation and the burning there of for function aided the natural immunity. (2) In this way we pointed out that the unsaturated products of sugar oxidation and the fruit acids of apples aided the oxidations of function and that the colder the winter where the apples grew, the better acceleration was expressed. The citrus fruits, on the other hand, tend to lower the body temperature no matter what the interpretations of citric acid behavior may be. This is largely due to the terpenes they offer. Ascorbic acid present in such fruits tends to oxidize the terpenes, however, and here again Nature presents the first recognized product of sugar oxidation which scientists outside our group have found to undergo auto-oxidation which induces destructive oxidations in carcinogens. (3) The fruits of the North and of the Tropics both serve the oxidation mechanism in a protective way. So, while the Eskimo obtained their protective fat acids from the fish oils, the temperate and tropical zone inhabitants are offered protection in their fruits and vegetables, as well as the fats of animal origin. It is not surprising, therefore, that the members of the family that develop tuberculosis are for the most part those who eat the lean meats only, while those who escape, eat the fats as well. This is an observation we made as early as 1925 and have verified ever since. ----- Very non-Peat?

    The Eskimos rarely develop cancer. The largest part of their diet is fat and this contains full quantity of unsaturated fatty acid. The lesson to be taken from these facts is that the fats sold for the kitchen and table today, that do not become rancid, are of no help to the health of the body. The preparation of a fat so it will not become rancid is to saturate the unsaturated groups with hydrogen. Generally a nickel catalyst is used. But that makes no difference, perhaps. The destruction of the double bonds in the fatty acid greatly lowers its chance to undergo autoxidation and thus to induce the oxidation of toxins or aid its own oxidation for the production of energy. Everyone should pay particular attention to this, for when the fat is reduced so as to not be able to form peroxides and no longer tastes rancid in consequence, it is difficult to burn in the body and will pile on in undesired places. But worst of all, it is bad for the complexion. Since the auto-oxidations that natural un-saturated fatty acids are intended to produce in germ toxins are no longer possible in Spry and Crisco, so the germs that injure the skin have no such health factor to contend with and can mar the complexion with a much freer hand. Adding oxygen to become the peroxide makes the fat rancid. Therefore, one must buy fats that are not rancid yet, but can come so on exposure to air. It is the process of becoming rancid that is the change that is helpful; not the rancid fat. Thus in the body, the taking up of oxygen to become a peroxide induces other unsaturated atomic groups that are unable to do so themselves to take up oxygen and to become burned also. So it is not only the fat you buy that we are considering, but fats in other foods as well as germ and metabolic toxins that un-saturated fats help to get rid of and convert into energy. But man was originally a fructiverous animal.

    The primitive mother placed the baby in the grass in the shade of the tree. The ripe fruit fell and rolled by and the baby took after it. The next position of the fruit was at the baby’s mouth where it was sucked upon or bit into as its mellowness permitted. Nature went from the breast to tree ripened fruit. The habit of the baby to chase a ball probably is instinctive from such origin. The lesson to be taken from the observations is that, if meat is to be eaten as food, the fat should also be used. However, fruits offer a still better protective mechanism with less chance to block oxidations through the action of the intestinal flora.??? ---- Strange???

    The whole fruit should be eaten; skin and all when dealing with pears and apples or peaches and plums, but the skins of the citrus fruits and the oils they shed should be carefully avoided because of their terpene content. Wild, unripe mangoes are deadly poison because of their terpenes. They protect the fruit from pests, and are a lesson again that the tree ripened fruit is the product Nature wishes us to use. But for cancer patients’ mangoes and other terpene fruits must be avoided.

    The effects of coffee were reported as carcinogenic by Russo in 1942.The roasting or burning produced the carcinogenic tars, in his opinion. This is, no doubt, true but there is an additional factor. It is the presence of Trigonillic acid and other sulphides, which give it the flavor people like. These in the intestinal tract are converted by the flora into more vicious substances since the flora of different individuals differs, as does the prolonged dangerous effects of coffee on the different individuals. However, the flavor giving sulphides act as oxidation inhibitors and protect the vicious intestinal flora. This in itself is good reason not to use it. Dr. Wm. Hale of the Dow Chemical Co. has contrived a neat way of destroying the injurious sulphides by oxidation with Chlorophyll. This takes the pleasing flavor away and the stimulating effects are felt only. Those who have used his coffee extract reported this to me. The old fashion rye coffee may still present the carcinogenic tars, or may not, experiment only can tell, but it does not carry the injurious sulphides, which may after all be the most important toxin coffee.

    The lesson to be taken is that peas, lentils, fish, meat, eggs, almonds, nuts and any other source of excessive amounts of Arginine should be eliminated from the diet, as we have been doing for the past third of a century.

    The position of calcium as an essential in the consideration of the diet in every disease, and especially in cancer, cannot be doubted. The cell bodies of cancer cells do not stain well in hemotoxylin, and other specific stains for calcium show that the protoplasm is very poor in calcium.
    It must be concluded; therefore, that the calcium is needed to keep the tissues from going malignant and to eliminate cancer cells as fast as they die. When it is not supplied, the autolystic process is held up and over growths of angioblastic tissue for the purpose of removing the dead cancer cells will continue being formed, producing tumors as large as, or maybe larger than the original growth but all in vain. The production of such vascular tumors is very depleting to nutrient material. The patient shows loss of strength and weight, together with the increase in the size of the tumor, and an interference to function may be serious through pressure. This gives the picture of progress of the disease when the real situation is basically a deficiency in calcium, while the disease cause has actually been removed, and if calcium were supplied properly, all would go well.


    There is another function of calcium besides playing a part in the oxidation mechanism of function and in the digestion of dead tissue material for its elimination. This other function is the protection against the action of the toxins. It is of two types.In the first place, the calcium tends to preserve a state of dispersion of water in the lipoid phase within the cell protoplasm. Water-soluble substances of toxic nature do not readily enter through the lipoid membrane that has formed by diffusion of fat to the surface of the cell. The lipoids form a wall of protection. Through the action of carcinogens, the tissue cells while becoming cancer cells, demonstrate a lipoid in water phase and lose their lipoid content and hence, whatever lipoid traces may remain are also found in a water phase. Thus water-soluble substances, be they food or toxins, find easy entrance and the cell is readily stimulated or further poisoned. For this reason, cancer cells are more readily killed than normal cells, and likewise, they multiply more rapidly and are more dangerous to the rest of the body. The supply of calcium in good quantity offers them something they cannot use, but may help them anchor lipoid material and reverse their dispersion to a water in lipoid phase. The monovalent cations of sodium antagonize this protective action of calcium. Hence, the diet should take this fact into consideration by feeding less sodium while giving more calcium. Hydrochloric acid is needed to fix the calcium and should be prescribed regularly in the usual way.
    ------1 Peaty (and another similarity is clean bowels....but totally different aproach to that of Peat) :D


    In connection with the utilization of calcium, silicon is important. It is my duty to emphasize the value of whole grain cereals, and especially whole rye, for this reason. Rye is generally grown in a soft sandy soil that does not support much else. This was easily tilled with the crude farming implements of the ancients. It naturally became the principle grain until the large plows or tractors could be put to work on the heavy clay soils. Then wheat became the grain of predominance. Commercial rather than nutritional considerations brought on this change. However, there are still some localities where rye is the principle product and food. Russia and the Balkans, in general, grow and eat much rye. Compare their health with that of the rest of the world. In the small country Belgium, I had the opportunity to look into this matter. The peasants ate rye bread. It was the whole grain well ground. The bread tasted delicious and one could eat and eat this black bread and butter to one’s fill without wanting anything also on the menu. The peasants were a hardy example of physical health. Cancer and tuberculosis were rare among them. In the same country are the middle class of commercial and professional society and the upper social classes who ate white bread, wheat of course. They were the most unhealthy cancer laden people I have ever seen. The great variable between the peasant and the rest of the populace was the diet and chief of this was the rye bread. The long life of the ancients and of the Balkan races today is attributable, in my opinion, to the whole rye rather than the sour milk and garlic they are supposed to eat.

    The factor in rye, one at least, which is of utmost importance in my mind is the fact that the roots take up pure silicon compounds from the soil, which are brought to the surface of the grain where the sun does its miracle and produces oxysilicon catalysts which are comparable to our carbonyl compounds and serve as oxidation chain initiators. You will recall from your chemistry, that carbon and silicon belong to the same group of elements in the Periodic System, and in some respects can be interchanged.

    The hydrosilicons are well known as comparable to the hydrocarbons as lubricating oils. In the crude way then there is interchangeability. But in the more refined sense also we have the siloxin compounds, which are used to sensitize photographic plates to the red and longer rays of light. The carbon compound photosensitizers have competition here. In nutrition, however,carbon is far superior in so many ways as a builder of living objects that there can be no displacement except in certain particulars and the one outstanding case is that of the silicon compounds in the surface of the rye, altered by the sun’s rays to serve in oxidation catalysis. It is my opinion, that the locality for their service is within the intestinal tract in an important way for they may not be too well absorbed from the intestine, and here they can aid the oxidations in germs to keep them from being toxic and correct the pathogenic trend in viruses. However, silicon is essential to the tissues. Oxidation catalysts of this order should hold specific positions in the tissues too. At any rate the grand total of observations points to their importance in the body as a whole. In the face of the importance of whole rye products the struggle to obtain them is increasing with each year. Deceptive advertisements for denuded white flour does a large part in keeping people from healthful diet and their added vitamins is worse than a joke. When we wish to lower the resistance of rats to make infecting them easy, we just feed them white bread for a short time. The millers know that placing some whole wheat or rye about their factory will keep the rats from eating into the white flour sacks looking for food.

  51. @ nicolabeacon...

    That diet you quoted is essential for the success of the Koch Molecular Therapy.

    Dr. Koch, Dr. Reinstorff and Dr. Max Gerson all used that type of diet in their therapies.

    The avoidance of all animal products is instrumental - meat, cheese, milk, eggs etc.

    The "acroleins" mentioned, produced by frying foods with oils, was specifically warned
    against by all these doctors during the therapies.

    Thanks !
  52. He also said that those recommendations are good for all people for the prevention. There is some similarity in the principles but large difference is in quantity of animal proteins. Peat thinks that protein should be 100 or more grams per day. I am not yet sure about that because i think that quality and full protein utilization by the body depends on many things and on hormonal profile in overall.I do think that carbohydrates and clean bowels are the most important.
  53. The Koch diet cookbook shows butter and whole milk and sweet cream on the menu. These are animal products so it's not strict avoidance, except in the restricted phase, surely.

    Too tired today to look further but I went through all the pages on the site, the other day, looking for the rationales of the food choices and there are quite a few references littered around as to the why's.

    A google search reveals rich picking for those with the energy
  54. Yeah he explains importance of calcium and protein but explains that we need enough energy from carbs and proper utilization of them not "large quantity and mindless stuffing" .not in ridiculous amount. Especially for milk.
  55. Thanks.

    I'm certainly going to read more in depth when I can. He's writing in an era when this kind of diet plan was being recommended a lot by health writers but he appears to be giving better reasoning for it.
  56. I was allowed to eat yogurt, cottage cheese, and a little fish a couple times a week in addition to the protocol diet after 4 months of therapy, and by that time I could swallow much better again.

    Heh... I went to the same radiologist for a barium fluoroscope exam for diagnosis and after healing for the follow-up.
    He accused me of having a twin brother and trying to pull the wool over his eyes for the lack of scars on my torso. ;)
    No one EVER gets healed of esophageal cancer without surgery, radiation treatments and chemo in his medical system, he astonishingly proclaimed !
  57. There's a whole pack of these ignoramus out there.
    But slowly they are being found out.

  58. Hi you said you tried protocel. How much was it?
  59. Thanks for the news. So glad your on the mend but why so many injections when Koch only gave one?
  60. From what I heard the ZIKA virus is practically harmless. The birth defects in S.America were caused by a larvacide sprayed from the air to try and kill the genetically modified mosquitos previously released by Mosanto which had mutated and were indeed breeding again, Was not supposed to happen! This is probably why they weren't really interested in anything really.
  61. Hi Cliff Ive been trying to find the post you wrote about buying Glyoxide in Germany and cant find it anywhere can you help please?
  62. Quote dannibo: Thanks for the news. So glad your on the mend but why so many injections when Koch only gave one?

    Back in the 1920's to 1940's there wasn't as much air and other pollution as well as sprayed and artificially fertilized foods as there was after WWII when a chemical revolution really took off. Koch and Reinstorff appropriately called it "Civilization Damage".
    As a result, there were so many more carcinogens dispersed into our environment that it took more injections to accomplish the same results.
    This is the main reason that a strict vegan diet of organically produced foods is necessary as well as avoiding exhaust fumes, lotions, crèames and perfumes - anything with chemicals should not come onto or into your body during Koch Molecular Therapy. Fresh and unpolluted oxygen-rich air is of utmost importance.

    Quote dannibo:
    From what I heard the ZIKA virus is practically harmless. The birth defects in S.America were caused by a larvacide sprayed from the air to try and kill the genetically modified mosquitos previously released by Mosanto which had mutated and were indeed breeding again, Was not supposed to happen! This is probably why they weren't really interested in anything really.

    Well, any fault thrown onto Monsanto is always welcome ; - ) BUT - no, unfortunately it is the virus that is at fault. In Africa for instance, there had been numerous epidemics since the 1940's with no spray programs in place.

    Quote dannibo: Hi Cliff Ive been trying to find the post you wrote about buying Glyoxide in Germany and cant find it anywhere can you help please?

    Click==> Dr. William Frederich Koch USA/Brazil, Drs. Erich & Dieter Reinstorff, Germany - Discussion Thread

    It can be purchased at most apothecaries in Europe and GB without prescription, Adjupharm produces Rhodizonic Acid Compositum., which is composed of Rhodizonic Acid 25%, Glyoxal 25%, Mehtylglyoxal 25%, and Trichinoyl 25% in D8 - this is the one I use, as it has four of Koch's components combined.

    HEEL Gmbh produces Glyoxal Compositum which is composed of Glyoxal 50% and Methylglyoxal 50% in D10

    There are a few apothecaries which will send them as health supplements to the U.S. as they are "99.99% water"*** with only 1 part per million/billion/trillion
    of the FCG active chemical molecules (D8, D10, D12 etc.). The 2cc ampules run on average $2 - $3 apiece (in boxes of 10 ampules) plus S+H of $20 usually.

    ***Believe it or not, that is all it takes to start a chain reaction toward healing with these substances and why the medical establishment were terrified of Koch's discoveries back in the 1920's. No one in modern medical history was so smeared and persecuted by the AMA, FDA and pharmaceuticals than Dr. Koch.
    Dr. Willard Dow, founder of Dow Chemical Co. came to his defense in Federal Court, exclaiming Koch was a "modern Pasteur" that was way ahead of his time.
  63. I ordered SSR From Germany and they arrived today. Took my first one a few minutes ago and was waiting for the cotton mouth, the metallic taste etc. The feel good factor. Result... Absolutely nothing. I am so disappointed.
  64. Quote dannibo: I ordered SSR From Germany and they arrived today. Took my first one a few minutes ago and was waiting for the cotton mouth, the metallic taste etc. The feel good factor. Result... Absolutely nothing. I am so disappointed.


    Wow, I never got my reagents that fast from Germany before, maybe I ought to switch to your source !
    Did you get all 3 reagents or just the Carbonylgruppe SSR ? You say you "took" one... how, I.V., I.M., S.C. or orally ?

    Generally, let me remind you that you may not get ANY therapeutic results from this therapy unless you are on a strict "Gerson" type diet (plus colon hygiene), or the almost identical diet (plus colon hygiene) that Koch outlines in "Case Management") https://archive.org/stream/TheSurvivalFactorInNeoplasticAndViralDiseasesWilliamKoch/The survival factor in neoplastic and viral diseases William Koch#page/n219/mode/2up

    Also, I remind you that I have repeatedly stated that I have nothing to sell, promote and/or recommend. I place all of this here as information for
    continued research into the subject. Everyone should consult their health care provider prior to embarking on self treatment.

    Well dannibo, I never "tasted" any metallic sensations in my mouth with the series of injections (of all 3 of Koch/Reinstorff reagents) it took to heal me of esophageal cancer in 1996, - (or even the melanoma for which I injected the 3 abovementioned reagents last year). In reviewing case histories, many people don't get these "metallic" taste sensations at all. As for the "feel good factor", I never "felt" anything either until well into the therapy when I was able to swallow again without much difficulty beginning about 4 weeks after the first injection.

    One thing I did notice however, a half hour after the first injection of Rhodizonic Acid Comp. back in May of 2016, my sense of smell suddenly returned after
    diminishing to near total absence some 15 years prior
    . As I left the office of my nurse friend who accommodated me with a butterfly I.V. for the first week's series of reagents, I proceeded through the parking lot to my car and exclaimed to my wife that I could smell flowers and pine trees. She looked at me surprised and told me to turn around. There, not more than 20 feet away, stood a stately white pine tree with a gorgeous wildflower garden ! This "recovery" of my sense of smell tapered off in a few days, but returned strongly with each injection of a preparation containing Glyoxal.

    Just to verify this further, in mid-January I began injections again for another condition and the same reaction for the sense of smell occurred. (I discontinued the injections the end of September 2016 when I found that the melanoma had gone into regression). I began the series of injections again when an acute bout of arthritis flared up in my right shoulder. I would say the pain was on the "scale" of about 7-8, and the range of motion decreased to 40%. I suffered with this for several weeks after pitching a lot of firewood around here on my farm, and I could not get an appointment quickly with an orthopedic surgeon that I know. Remembering chapter XXVI of Koch's book - The Survival Factor In Neoplastic And Viral Diseases William Koch - on arthritic conditions, I began injecting Rhodizonic Acid Comp. (for Glyoxal) as well as Parabezoquinone and SSR, as these were variously indicated in some case histories. Within a week the pain had diminished to a very dull sensation and the range of motion has returned to about 95% !!. When I did get to the orthopedist, he was surprised not only with the results of my shoulder, but also with the melanoma which he knew about earlier. He was intrigued with the chapter in Koch's book that suggests joints and cartilage can be reconstructed, and had me go for a baseline MRI to compare with in 12 to 18 months. Although this is unheard of among orthopedists, he is curious of the outcome, possibly with the addition of collagens and hyaluronic acid a joint might be improved - time will tell and "the proof is in the pudding".
  65. I can't find the quote now but the cotton mouth is in reference to oral use.
  66. Many people have emailed me asking more explanation of Koch's own adaptation of "free radical chemistry" that he learned in the early 1900's as a student of Moses Gomberg (FRC founder) at U of Mich., that he used in developing his catalyst reagents. Especially the "double bond" and electron exchanges on the molecular level that result in a chain reaction in the body within the cells as an intracellular reaction as opposed to the intercellular methods used by conventional medicine in antibodies, chemo etc.

    This video is rather general and doesn't address Koch's FCG molecules directly, but it explains the similar reaction and electron exchanges on the molecular level which enabled Koch to cure many diseases in a totally different way than mainstream medicine, by attacking diseases on the most very basic level - MOLECULAR
    He mentions at minute 3:00 in the video the havoc that free radicals can wreak upon the cells in your body through imporper nutrition and other factors that can cause cancer and other conditions.

    Simply by switching some electrons around as illustrated in the video, Koch busted the toxins which enabled pathogens to thrive in the body. This is explained in the video as "the initiation step". Not only in humans was Koch successful, but enormously successful in veterinary use as well. No other branch of medicine ever did that before Koch's time - he was so far ahead of everyone else.
    When "mainstream medicine" realized what Koch had discovered they were terrified of losing billion$
    and smeared Koch to kingdom-come to discredit him.

  67. Don't know, I have never used them orally for therapy, it takes up to 10 times or more the amount to be effective that way, some have said.

    I.V. is the fastest way, I.M. or S.C. is effective but enter the bloodstream slowly... I simply give myself an injection in some pinched-together skin on my abdomen
    like any diabetic would do for insulin. It is virtually painless with Rhodizonic Acid Comp.

  68. This is from the bioredox site.

    A successful product if taken sublingually will be tasteless at first. Then within a few minutes a slightly astringent (cotton mouth) feeling will be experienced followed by a metallic taste. Many will go on to experience a transient warm flushed feeling several minutes later, and/or feelings of increased pep and mental alertness. Those subjects having allergic symptoms will usually experience relief within a few minutes. If one or more of the above occur, the product should be considered good. The product need not be injected, but can be administered sublingually or by aerosol. If burning, itching, or irritation of mucous membranes is experienced then the concentration is too strong and further dilution is required.

    Note that it says sublingually, not swallowed.

    @dannibo did you hold it sublingually? I don't know which agent they're talking about above. I only assume it means all.
  69. Hi Cliff I just got the SSR carbonylgruppe . The reason I was saying about the mouth feeling was because I stumbled across a Dr. Hesselink.. Look up bioredox.mysite.com/FRRDhtml/F.... He is a big fan of Koch and obviously synthesised his groups and it was he who quoted that this would happen when you took it orally. His site is fantastic for info and he seems a very genuine man.
    I understand there will be no therapeutic advantage if you don't take the diet, I was just expecting some reaction. Do you know if the Germans use lab water or as Koch did distill 3 times. Thanks and hope you're well.
  70. Water fasting FTW.

  71. Oops I should read all quotes before replying. Lol
  72. Yeah Dr. Hesselink ! - I had a full one hour conversation with him last July about Koch and Reinstorff. He is probably one of the handful of actual medical people (MD's) that still fully understand Koch's biomedical molecular work. He's one heck of a chemist to boot. If I ever had a question concerning Koch's chemistry, he would definitely be a go-to person.
  73. I searched trying to find how to contact him but all I got what I think was a doctor who looked like him only older with a guitar. Made me laugh thinking this was him but anyone who plays guitar is ok with me. People don't seem to understand the unique way of beating a disease that takes years to show. Everybody wants a quick fix and I think that's what the Pharma companies know. No pain no gain. I'm going on a fast starting Monday as long as I can stand it. I have heard that after three days it's easier.
  74. Wellll, do a sensible fast, not one that's gonna land you in the hospital or the morgue-- I did fresh organic carrot and fruit juices + distilled water + a little honey for energy... - and YES, the first 3 days are wicked tough, especially the afternoon of day 2 !! -- after day 3 your will won't break so easy and you've got it licked.

    You nailed the whole problem on the head "A QUICK FIX" -- expecting people to balk at expending more effort or "discomfort and inconvenience" they may dislike on an alternative regimen is what Big Pharma is counting on.

    But those who have come off of Chemo and Radiation just to have problems return will gladly forego the nausea, pain, loss of hair, and weakness etc. etc. for something else if they could get it.

    During all the time I was injecting Koch reagents, I never experienced one side effect. There were "Herxheimer" - type reactions 3 1/2, 7, 14, 28 and 56 days - (see the pattern?) - afterward, - and they felt like mild flu symptoms for a day or so. You could mark on a calendar the next "Herx" day like a cruise-line schedule, -- strange phenomena.

    You shouldn't fast more than 3 days anyway without some guidance of your health care provider ! If they get too nosy about why, just tell them for "religious reasons" - nobody will argue that. After the fast, a Gerson or Koch type diet is safe for the molecular therapy.

    Diet ==> William F. Koch Research Site
    Koch "Cook Book" ==> William F. Koch Research Site

    You can buy "The Gerson Diet Cookbook" from Amazon, Gerson Therapy Recipes with Detailed Cooking Instructions: Christeene Lindsay-Hildenbrand: 0609722823791: Amazon.com: Books
    but this info is free ==> The Basic Gerson Therapy Recipes

    Some more about fasts and diets: The cancer diet *
    *Quote: "... a bad diet during a cancer treatment has destroyed many alternative cancer treatments."
    In the alternative health field, “fasting” has a very different definition than that used by many people.
    In alternative medicine, the “fast” or “fasting” generally means that a person can drink water and a limited amount of other drinks and foods.
  75. If you can get your healthcare provider to give you the Koch reagents I.V., this is the best method. Don't attempt to do them yourself !!

    If anyone should choose the I.M. or S.C injection methods for self-treatment (after checking with their healthcare provider !!)
    -- here is where I get my syringes and needles for about $17.50/pack of 50 (one-use disposable): Everything you Need For Less

    Learn how to give the I.M./S.C. injections carefully from your healthcare provider. If you are injecting Rhodizonic Acid Comp.,
    they are relatively painless. The Parabenzoquinone and CarbonylGroup SSR are rather painful and are better when taken
    with one cc of 0,5% procain or lidocaine drawn into the syringe which may require a prescription to get.
    So I get a 3cc or 5cc syringe with a 5/8" long 25 gauge needle for my self-treatment.

  76. Well, while grubbing around on the web about possible other causes of Zika in Brazil you raised questions about,...

    - get a load of this :

    The Lethal Suspects for Microcephaly in Brazil, With Zika Virus at the Bottom of the List
  77. NOTE - This thread and ==> Dr. William Frederich Koch USA/Brazil, Drs. Erich & Dieter Reinstorff, Germany - Continued Research
    -- are for information only !

    Neither The Ray Peat Forum nor the group administrators, nor I, accept any responsibility for any information or opinion given on these threads and any information or opinion accepted by a forum participant is done so at that participant’s own risk. Nor is any of the information represented here, to be considered an adequate substitute for competent medical advice or services. Further, The Ray Peat Forum members unless otherwise stated are not licensed health professionals.

    Always consult qualified health practitioners regarding all decisions relating to your health.
  78. The USA has 25,000 cases of Microcephaly per year and some docs have put it down to vaccines and pesticides. They have the highest incidence of Microcephaly anywhere in the world so if you add it up ZIKA is not responsible. Even on the CDC website they describe ZIKA as a weak virus with about 20% of the United States showing mild cold or flu like symptoms and the other 80% no symptoms at all in a healthy person. Seems Pharma and Monsanto are practicing Genocide to me. Worst is the Govt are bound to know this. Makes you ill at the criminality.
  79. CDC ? :barf

    "Vaxxed exposes a huge scandal at the CDC, where a long-time researcher, William Thompson, confessed (2014) that he
    and colleagues committed gross fraud
    in a study of the MMR vaccine.

    Thompson admitted the evidence showed the vaccine led to a higher risk of autism in children—but that finding was intentionally buried,
    and the vaccine was given a free pass.

    Of course, mainstream reporters have been mercilessly attacking Vaxxed, and a segment of the U.S. population
    finds it impossible to believe that the CDC would ever commit this kind of fraud

    "The CDC will lie about anything it wants to. It will boldly go where no person interested in real science will go.
    It will completely ignore its mandate to care about human health, and it will get away with it."

    ==> One more reason never to trust the CDC

  80. Keep in mind, the crenation test. When the solution is 1% NaCl it is hypertonic and the blood cells crenate when functioning. Now, compare this to the original non-tonic D6 bzq and D9, D12 etc remedies. When injecting pure water into muscle, this will cause some of the cells in the immediate area to literally explode, spilling their contents of protoplasm, etc. into the surrounding area. in the presence of the SSR molecules, some of these SSR molecules will react with the ruptured cells' contents, and the products of such reactions are likely the desired actors. This explains the greatly reduced efficacy of the commercially available isotonic "Koch" reagents and why repeated administrations of same are required. Only by the person being properly prepared via sufficient ileo-cecal cleansing, and meticulously restricting diet to eliminate substances which inactivate the recovery, can one expect to achieve results using only one or two administrations of the SSR. The periodicity of the recovery must be cautiously and patiently observed, repeat administration is never done while improvement is seen. The recovery process is cyclic, and negative phases are expected.
  81. I was wondering where you got this quote, can you please give me the source. Thx
  82. The reaction of cells in a non-tonic solution is well known, the crenation test is well known. Dr. Koch wrote about the periodicity of recovery in many of his published works, same is for which molecules must be eliminated from diet. There are bonafide chemical-based reasons for avoiding strawberries, grapes, terpenes, tomatoes, etc. Recommend you to read all of his publications, he describes it so I don't have to. One needs to take what he taught and build on it. For example, what is the difference between folic acid, methyl folate, and folinic acid ? Why is one of no effect at all ? We learn this from "The Least Common Denominator" article, from which it is readily apparent that the amino group in folic acid is not conjugated to the carbonyl, and is hence not activated as it is in the latter two or in bases such as guanidine, methylguanidine. Accordingly, folic acid is itself unable to bind with the body's FCG of the reticulo-endothelial system for purposes of necessary electron transfer to the energy receivers including pyridoxal pyrophosphate. Hence the good reports in alleviation of some types of anemia when using proper active forms of B9 by charge transfer which restores zeta potential to the blood colloid. It takes a good time investment to read the materials of Dr. Koch and his colleagues but is worth it because you obtain a big picture, instead of having just bits and pieces. Attention should be paid to his discussion on the shortcomings of the Krebs cycle and how it fails to account for a great deal of energy liberated during normal metabolism, that is the real payout.
  83. Hello Chris,

    Thank you VERY much for contributing to the Koch reagents conversation.

    I was Dr. Dieter Reinstorff's translator for years, he and his father Dr. Erich Reinstorff continued the Koch Therapy internationally after Koch passed away.

    I really wish I could find a source Glyoxal and Methylglyoxal in non-isotonic form.

    It seems that the German "Kommision E" (German equiv. of the FDA) required it to be manufactured
    as Isotonic in the late 90's.

    - Cliff
  84. Thank you. Yes it just makes sense to ask what is the unterscheiden btw. isotonic vs. pure H20, for it gives a clue as to differences in functioning btw the isotonic and non-isotonic. We ask what happens with the pure water and recognize that cell walls immediately rupture, thereby providing their contents to be reacted with whatever else foreign matter is present. In these cases, the foreign matter is maybe glyoxal, me-glyoxal or whatever. Then, knowing the high oxidation potentials of the materials, it is evident they are powerful dehydrogenators and will react immediately with the contents of the cells' mitochondria FCG. The isotonic solutions will not cause this to occur. I was able to pick up Fieser & Fieser Organic Chem. textbook from amazon for about one dollar, this is the book Dr. Koch often referenced. In there, the Fieser's discuss how many many of these quinone type molecules are active at concentrations of just part per 250 Trillion. This tells us, Nature is a not really a homeopath, but only stingy with valuable material. I do not believe always it is necessary for glyoxal, etc. I have seen lymphedema go away literally overnight when thamine B1 is taken in a late stage person. I think also, if we look at methyl folate and folinic acid we see their ability to move electrons from the FCG and hence these vitamins are able to help in restoring charge to the zeta potential of the blood colloid, provided however the person is not deficient in boron, since boron is necessary for parathyroid function, and... you remember what happens to blood when parathyroid hormone is not produced, it coaguates, losing z.p. as Dr. Koch discovered in his early years. Many also observed immediate improvement in blood when daily supplementing Cobalt chloride, in extremely dilute amounts. I also believe Manganese very important, per the writings of EM Josephson MD with reference to thymus function, which must be balanced with B1 thiamine. This all agrees with Dr. Koch statements about the five divalent paramagnetic cations Mn, Co, Cu, Zn, and even Sn. As our soils have been repeatedly re-farmed and these nutrients not replenished, what has happened is the masses are chronically deficient in a plurality of essential materials. Thus, if Dr.Koch were running around today and "saving" people, I would expect the same persons to re-develop their condition, becuase they have not removed the root cause, which he explains in his diet concerning the "forbidden foods" which even includes strawberries, something most people would regard as "healthy". These matters are complicated furhter by erroneous vitamins, such as "folic acid" which is a molecule in my opinion I would expect to block the FCG function.
  85. One possibility might be for an MD to administer pure water into the muscle, and then immediately thereafter also inject the SSR or mixed glyoxal/meglyoxal into the same area. This would provide the ruptured cell contents to be present from the cell walls' rupturing, and also the active dehydrogenators.
  86. FCG = functional charge group?
  87. it is functional carbonyl group. They occur in triads, so it is easy to understand why the products of putrefication being diamines are highly effective in their inactivation. I would explain more but it would require writing extensively and I think you will find it has already been written by Dr. Koch himself and I couldn't explain it better than he had :)
  88. Archive org and Hathi have plenty of his books for free
    Internet Archive Search: creator:"Fieser, Louis Frederick, 1899-"
    Full-text Search Results | HathiTrust Digital Library
  89. Speaking of books, does Cliff know what happened to Koch's first book,

    "Cancer and its allied diseases; their common toxic cause, their cure by immunization" ?

    It's only available in 3 national libraries.
    The Koch family website doesn't have it.
  90. Do you think the 1 4 parabenzoquinone would need pure water to react as well
  91. Dear Mr Whewell,
    Thank you for your input on this forum, I have found your posts most interesting.
    Would you care to elaborate on, or point me in the right direction for, these statements please?

    - What is it about thiamine specifically please?

    - Did Dr Koch mention anywhere what happened when parathyroid function was over-produced, such as in people with kidney disease for example?

    Thank you for your time.
  92. How do you know these homeopathic solutions aren't merely helping by doing nothing - while the patient recovers naturally with food, rest and without toxic medications?
  93. William F. Koch Research Site
    "We have recommended bone broth for its calcium content in the past, and it has been used safely in some patients. But we soon learned that all patients could not take even this, and we saw too many develop indole and skatol in the urine after its use. We therefore discontinued this effort to supply useful food materials in a way that satisfies the cravings for meat of a good part of our patients."

    This is an interesting observation. You would expect gelatin/collagen to be very therapeutic, yet it wasn't the case. The increased indole/skatol is bizarre since it contains no tryptophan. I wonder if the starchy structural sugars that are more difficult to digest, which some of them happen to be attached to amino acids are responsible for this. Or perhaps anything that escapes digestion will provide substrate to encourage the diversion of tryptophan from plant foods. Oor actual meat residues. Either way digestion must be compromised.
    But regardless of that, plain broken down collagen can still provide some arginine and lysine.
    It's interesting that some commercial collagens taste very sweet, while others taste funky; I could never identify what's responsible for the difference.
  94. No reason to stop at Koch, the diamines he was referring to are most likely polyamines (putrescine is a diamine proper)—produced from lysine, arginine, through the action of certain bacteria. Not all bacteria have enzymes for this, but many do. There are literally thousands of such studies on polyamines and cancer—from analytical to experimental, and from clinical to epidemiological—which can help a person understand how polyamines effect growth. I have read a few such studies, and they are conclusive. Polyamines are necessary for cell proliferation, increase mitosis in a dose‐dependent manner, and are increased in a way that mirrors the cell cycle (by an increase in enzymes such as ornithine decarboxylase, which proceeds it). You can find mRNA studies showing ornithine decarboxylase increased in cancer, interindividually, as well as proof of said increase between two areas of the same person's body. There are even theoretical, physical chemical articles detailing and modeling how polyamines interact with DNA directly—an observation dating back to the '60s. Although the exact nature of such interactions are necessessarily highly complex, they do occur. High affinity binding of polyamines with DNA can be proven by simply gel electrophoresis shift assays and autoradiography with ¹⁴C‐polyamines. William Koch was certainly correct, as well as his insistence on using methylglyoxal.

    Methylglyoxal reduces proliferation in the same way that polyamines increase it, begging the idea that they could somehow interact. While true that aldehydes and amines form a Schiff base—which could disable polyamines directly—methylglyoxal is well‐known to turn arginine into imidizalone, preventing it's subsequent transformation into polyamines. Also, methylglyoxal guanidine complex is routinely shown to be a powerful inhibitor of polyamine synthesis (methylglyoxal bis guanylhydrazone (look it up!)).
  95. So would supplementing lysine probably not be a good idea?