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Don't people realize that


Nov 14, 2017
your mind, rent free
I can't stand the idea of demanding anything in return for my services and products. I want to create and give, create and give, create and give. All I want in return is the time, freedom, independence, dignity and basic food and shelter to be able to develop my talents etc. The whole idea of food, shelter and "spare time" being a price of good work is insane, they are the fuel, the foundation for good work. This world is backwards.

Of course I need help from others and fun things which aren't a necessity per se but I don't want to impose a way for anyone as to how they should help me. And that's how I believe I'll get the best quality help, whatever it may be. It will be something born from a place of creative genius instead of bitter survival. And that kind of a system would naturally bring like-minded people close to me to support me in what I want. For example I'd like to grow cannabis and give it away for free in a little coffee shop I would have. I would keep my shop open when I want to and no bureaucrat would have any say in how I run my shop, no right to come do their inspections etc. If that'd make someone think I don't do good work with integrity then by all means, they could stay as far from my shop as they'd like. And I'm sure like-minded cannabis lovers would share with me what they do with delight, let's say clothing, or they'd help me with recording music (which would naturally also be free for everyone). It's actually a dilemma I'm having right now, I love making music and I'd like to do a physical album but the idea of demanding money for my music is disgusting to me.

I'm convinced that when we aren't oppressed, our unique talents bloom naturally and we simply can't stop ourselves from sharing what we have to give. Call it optimal energy flow, inspiration, holy spirit or whatever. We all have something we have a natural passion about, things we are gifted in. Even if they are suppressed and hidden because of trauma from the authoritarian culture, our identity being scattered. I'm convinced that trust, respect and support work better for getting the best out of us and for creating a more harmonious unified society than the whip. I like how Peat said something about him being against the whole idea of there being separate work time and spare time.

Unfortunately a lot of people seem to think that energy is a chaotic destroying force rather than something which generates order. And that we need to suppress it instead of celebrating it for order in the world. 🙄 Again, this world is backwards.

Matthew 6
24 "Now no one can be slaving for two lords, for either he will be hating the one and loving the other, or will be upholding one and despising the other. You can not be slaving for God and mammon.
25 "Therefore I am saying to you, Do not worry about your soul, what you may be eating, or what you may be drinking, nor yet about your body, what you should be putting on. Is not the soul more than nourishment, and the body than apparel?
26 "Look at the flying creatures of heaven, that they are not sowing, neither are they reaping, nor are they gathering into barns, and your heavenly Father is nourishing them. Are not you of more consequence than they?

Luke 6
30 Now you, be giving to everyone who is requesting, and from him who is taking away what is yours be not demanding it.
31 And, according as you are wanting that men may be doing to you, you also be doing to them likewise.
32 "And if you are loving those loving you, what thanks is it to you? For sinners also are loving those loving them.
33 And if you should be doing good to those doing good to you, what thanks is it to you? For sinners also are doing the same.
34 And if you should ever be lending to those from whom you are expecting to get back, what thanks is it to you? For sinners also are lending to sinners, that they may get back the equivalent.
35 Moreover, be loving your enemies, and be doing good, and be lending, expecting nothing from them, and your wages will be vast in the heavens, and you will be sons of the Most High, for He is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.
36 "Become, then, pitiful, according as your Father also is pitiful.
37 And be not judging, and under no circumstances may you be judged; and be not convicting, and under no circumstances may you be convicted; be releasing, and you shall be released;
38 be giving, and it shall be given to you: a measure ideal, squeezed down and shaken together and running over, shall they be giving into your bosom. For the same measure with which you are measuring will be measured to you again."
I agree!


Thread starter
Sep 4, 2020
For anyone who did not get my message,I believe the current inflation is for a planned reason
I believe that they want to make money extremely inflated so it loses its purpose, loses the value
after that we will see online currency take over which will lead to digital currency, after that the elites will have full control over the people by creating social score systems,(ei;If you speak badly about elites or dont take vaccine for instance they remove part of your freedom)(worst case scenario you will need a chip to have your freedom)
This is just a theory of mine not saying its going to happen


May 25, 2020
When here is a lack of money, then here is a lack of food and other necessities, and then people fight each other very badly. It is basically a manner to make everyone fight everyone, and the winner is the one who made the inflation happen. Poverty makes people to become enemies.

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