Doing Dishes In Cold Vs Hot Water


Apr 8, 2020
i always cleaning my dishes with my hands in cold water and soap.
A friend of my asking why i always used cold water, i didnt really had a answer on that, I don't know any better.
But later i was wondering if cleaning the dishes in hot water kills more bacteria than cold.

i did a quick search i found this website telling that cold water with soap kills germs just as well as hot water
Cold Water and Regular Soap Kills Germs Just as Well as Hot Water

what do you think?
Shall I continue with cold soapy water?


Mar 10, 2016
My method is to soak / clean them with hot-ish water, then rinse with the cool.
Sometimes mine sit for a few hours so the heat helps to loosen solids.
Very hot water near boiling, I believe, will lower the efficacy of soap.
Oct 8, 2016
Colorado, USA
They tell you to boil water for one minute in an emergency situation where the water might be contaminated. If that's what it takes to kill bacteria and other pathogens, then it doesn't matter if you use hot or cold water for the five seconds when you're cleaning a dish.

The purpose of dishwashing soap is to remove food from the dishes, not to sterilize dishes.


Mar 27, 2018
What I understood is that molecules move a faster the hotter the water gets, and this improves the cleaning process.

I can tell you my experience this is true, e.g. you aren't able to remove grease with cold water for instance, to me doing the dishes with cold water doesn't make any sense if you have the luxury of having warm water :)
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