Does The Cisterna Chyli Really Drain To The Thoracic Duct?

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    May 3, 2015
    It seems in orthodox anatomy, most of the lower body's lymph systems drain into the paraaortic lymph nodes then into the cisterna chyli and then into the thoracic duct and up the vertebrae from T12 to near T1 where it enters the bloodstream.

    Naturopath Dr Robert Morse contends that acidic waste products from the lymph could not go to the bloodstream and instead go to the kidneys so that the acidic waste can exit through the ureter, bladder and urine.

    This would mean that the lymph in the thoracic duct actually flows downwards. Also there must be some path from the cisterna chyli to the nearby kidney.

    The thoracic duct is only about 5mm across:

    File:Photo of Ductus Thoracicus in human mediastinum.jpeg - Wikimedia Commons

    If the duct from the cisterna chyli to the suprarenal glands on the kidney is wider than 5mm then Dr Morse might have a point.

    Does anyone know if Dr Morse originated this theory himself?