Does Coffee Prevent The Absorption Of Fluoride?

Sep 1, 2012
i know that coffee is chelator and prevents the absorption of iron....

i've read that magnesium and calcium prevent the absorption of fluoride

it is quite inconvenient to not be able to have a cup of coffee outside my house because i am concerned about fluoride

i may have answered my own question, but would coffee and some milk be sufficient to prevent the absorption of fluoride in tap water?

x-ray peat

Dec 8, 2016
somebody mentioned that boron removes fluoride from the body and I imagine if you drop a little in your coffee it would bind up the fluoride ions.


Jul 14, 2016
I really got my hopes up with this study: Removal of Fluoride Ions by Absorption onto Carbonaceous Materials Produced from Coffee Grounds

They modified coffee grounds with calcium and baked them (carbonized) further to increase the surface area. They retained unmodified spent coffee grounds for comparative purposes.

This was a serious study, and they took electron micrographs of the coffee grounds:

However, they noticed that unmodified coffee grounds did not remove the fluoride ion.

The amount of fluoride ions absorbed onto the CGs is shown in Fig.2. No absorption of the fluoride ions was observed for virgin CGs.

As you can see, unmodified coffee grounds (o) do not appear on this chart and are ostensibly all laid directly on the x-axis.

This is somewhat suspicious. One would expect some variation in the measurements had they actually took them.

These people here report a fluoride concentration of 0.17 ± 0.01 µg/g in brewed coffee: Determination of Fluoride in Various Samples and Some Infusions Using a Fluoride Selective Electrode

Micrograms per gram is synonymous with parts per million. This is less than city water.

This article here presents us with concentrations of the beans themselves:


So coffee does not seem particularly high in fluoride although I did see one article that gave that impression.

I cannot find a definite answer. There are too few studies on this. Perhaps a really dark roast will be able to remove some fluoride from water.
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